30 October 2010

double blog

so as i said before I'm doing a double blog today because..well because i can! i felt like i should because i missed last week. and i wanted to show you my charity shops finds. which was sadly not that much.
I've also decided to lay out the post different, photos first then pictures? is that good. or is it better the other way around.

so on to charity shops. the ones in cornwall are just amazing! in mostly everyone you go in you'll find something. this was the first time we went charity shopping and i got 2 things in 1 shop. that would never ever happen in Brighton. they never seem to have good things. so what i bought was a knitted embroidery jumper. I love this bluey colour at the moment. i have a cardigan the same colour from beyond retro and i never take it off. so i am abit in love with this jumper. it's so comfy and big (but not too big) so yeah it's all good and i think it only cost me £3? BARGAIN. the other bargain i got was this tapestry bag. I already own a tapestry bag but i thought I'd buy another one. this ones great it's actually massive so i could fit so many good things in it for college. and maybe even fit my laptop in there. so it's great! i love the colour aswell. the one i own is quite light with brown straps but this is black so i like it. and again it only cost me £4. can you tell i love bargains? I've got the charity shop bug and i think I'll be doing it again. i just wish Brighton had better stock in their charity shops. i think you have to go there at the right time. but what time is that?! anyone got any tips on how to be a succesful charity shopper. let me know if you do.

so i hope you all have a lovely weekend and a good Halloween. I'm not dressing up or doing anything on actual Halloween seeing as i have college next morning at 9 and have alot of work to do  but tonight I'm off to white night. every year Brighton hosts white night, not really sure what it is seeing as i've never been but i think theres just loads of 'things' around Brighton open all night. so should be fun?


Thankyou for all the comments, I read them all!