15 October 2010

Hello! I feel out of sync with the blogging world. I haven't read any blogs or been on a laptop for 3 days! I've had ridiculous amount of work to do for college so have been spending all day at college till about 5/6 then coming home and doing work all evening till about 10/11 then sleeping..and the same the next day! it's been hell. and i still haven't finished half of it. So a fun weekend planned for me! not. 

So i apologise for being so vacant right now but I've had to much work and haven't had any time to even think about blogging! but today I'm having a day off with work so here i go!

I was looking through the topshop website earlier at all the 'new in' stuff. And i realised i kept thinking oh wow i like that and that and that. so i thought I'd show you some of the things i want but most probably can't afford

Petite Peter Pan TunicLong Sleeve Peter Pan Collar TunicHorn Button Tapered Trousers
Knot Tassel ScarfConcealer Duo in LightKnitted Stitch Open Cardigan
Nails in SketchJersey Leopard Peter Pan Collar DressBold Sunflower Tunic

1.Basic Peter Pan Collar Tunic £28.00
2.Horn Button Tapered Trousers £40.00
3.Basic Peter Pan Collar Tunic £28.00
4.Knot Tassel Scarf £16.00
5.Knitted Stitch Open Cardigan £38.00
6.Concealer Duo in Light £7.00
7. Jersey Leopard Peter Pan Collar Dress £35.00
8.Bold Sunflower Tunic £28.00
9.Nails in Sketch £5.00

wow i have alot of things on my wish list. And the annoying thing is i have no money! NEED a job now..anyone who lives in Brighton wanna give me a job? would be much appreciated. anyway thank you for still following me you 34 people! it means alot  seeing as I've been very distant at the moment. My assessment is on Tuesday so hopefully after that I'll be settled and less stressed and the blogging can begin, Also in the half term I'm in Cornwall for a week. so it looks like i probably wont be blogging that week either. gah this is bad! I don't want to leave you all. But i might have my macbook by then so i could bring it with me and you can follow my tweets on http://twitter.com/#!/roseedl


  1. Glad you're back! I know what you mean about the workload though, I've been taking an hour out to keep up with blogging because it really relaxes me! I have that Peter Pan tunic ;) Absolutely love it! xx

  2. i love the leopard print collared dress! really tempted to buy it.

    hope your assessment goes well! :) xo


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