18 October 2010

Whats in my bag

I'm one stressed Rose right now. I have so much work to do and i have just knocked over a pot of ink. over lovely clean white floorboards. not good, and now i have no ink to do my work! everythings going wrong. So i decided to take a break and relax, blogging does relax me.. it lets me get all my feelings out (cheesy) buut it does. Anyway i saw Lily Melrose's blog about 'what's in my bag' post. and i thought why not do that! i thought it would be a bit of fun so here we go

my beloved Urban Outfitters bag
Note book and fine liner


House key (excuse the chipped nail varnish!)

Hand cream by the sanctuary spa

my purse £16 Topshop 
Student ID badge

Have to say this was a 'not carrying so much' day. normally i have loads of stuff. i have to bring so much stuff to college it's unreal. surprised i haven't broken my back yet! 

I'm so sorry my posts are so boring and uninspiring. I'm finding college hard at the moment and i have so much work i just don't have any motivation. Lets hope i get back into the swing of things soon cause this is awful!


  1. love your bag!
    I hope you find the books in reply to my blog comment they are deffinitely awesome inspo!
    Jaymie x

  2. I love your bag, and these types of posts! I want your purse, I'm a big 'purse' gal, and love long ones with lots of sections! xxx

  3. That is one gorgeous bag! x



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