08 October 2010


Is it just me or does everyone find getting piercings addictive? I love the thrill of it. I mean i wouldn't go as far as getting say my..eyebrow pierced. but i love my piercings i have now. I don't have an outfit post for today so i decided to show you all my piercings. Maybe your not that interested. but it's something that i love and it's about me so it might be good. you can all get to know me more! (cheesy sentence there)
so here i go. My first piercings where of course my ears. I don't think i know anyone my age who hasn't got their ears done! i don't normally wear earrings but recently i have been. I also recently pierced my seconds! and i have my helix pierced. I think it's called helix, or just the cartilage of my ear done. I did both those by myself. well my cartilage was done by my best friend Lily at a festival. NOT i repeat NOT a good idea.
my other piercing is my nose! i loooove love love my nose piercing. even though it was a pain for a long time! but now it's all good. I got it done just over a year ago. I got it done on my birthday so i always know when it was!

Boring post i know. but i thought I'd show you some stuff about me!


  1. I haven't been able to bring myself to get a tattoo because I'm sure it will be REALLY addictive! I have 3 holes in each ear but I hardly wear earrings anymore. I find them such a hassle :D

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  2. I love piercings too!
    I have 2 on one ear, 3 on the other, my nose and my belly! but I think that's it for me.. next step is a tattoo! lol

    nice blog :)

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  3. I love piercings too but I think I have to stop for a little while or my mum will kill me. I have 2 in each ear, my tragus and my belly button. I would ideally like my top bit of my ear done and possibly my tongue but I keep swaying with that idea. I don't think this is a boring post its pretty and unique :)

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  4. nice

  5. Ha, I don't even have my EARS pierced, so can't really comment! Do think some piercings look great, but I'm just a proper wuss. x

  6. I had both my tatoos done on my birthday :) Lovely piercings, I've always thought about getting my nose pierced xxx

  7. im just boring and have my ears pierced but i do love piercings on other people

  8. i love your nose piercing, i want one so much!
    i only have three in each ear, and bellybutton.


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