07 October 2010

Shopping trip

Because I was having a few bad days this week i decided to spend my dosh. On clothes of course..
I bought the knitted jumper in Topshop last weekend and decided today to take it back because i wasn't liking it that much. so here is what i bought!

this dress I've wanted for ages from Topshop. My friend has it and i felt abit mean for  getting it but who cares. I wanted it before her! it's a size 6 but it seems to be baggier then i thought it would be? hmm not sure. but i love it. going to wear it with thick wollen tights and my denim jacket, Can't wait!

This top i was going to buy in Topshop when i went to London too. I needed a plain vest and this ones good. It's got the burn out detail on it too so it's really good. and a lovely colour. I love the zip at the back too. i wasn't sure if i should get the blue colour or this one. but i chose this one. I apologise for my face/hair I'm knackered and just tied my hair up.

theese are the pack of rings i bought, they cost me a pound!! yes a pound. I couldn't  believe it. very happy.
but the only problem is that when i got home i realised there a large. Which doesn't really fit so thats abit annoying :( but if i put the silver one on after another one then that holds it in place so i guess it's okay and they were only £1 so it's okay!

i brought this cute little bracelet too! I don't really own much jewlerry so i thought it was really nice. It's so cute and small. It was pretty cheap aswell. i think a fiver? or a bit more. I am loving Topshop right now!

So those were my purchases. I also bought a nose ring aswell! but not from Topshop. I will post a picture if i ever get brave enough to put it in. In my local Topshop (Brighton) they have just got the makeup section! And i couldn't be happyer. it's not that big but it has some great stuff. I'm loving the lipsticks and all the nail varnishes. I think I'll be stocking up on new colours for the winter makeup. I would love to try more lipsticks out. cause I've never really been brave and confident enough to ever wear it! so maybe that could be a little task for me this winter. I'm actually getting excited about winter. I thought I'd hate it  but i actually really like the  cold weather at the moment. Maybe it's just so i can wear my new winter wardrobe. but i love wrapping up warm in my new fur denim jacket with a big scarf and boots! I feel alot more confident now then i did in the summer for some reason.
In other news. My moaning over college has now gone thankfully! I think i was just having a bad day. But I don't want to drop out anymore I do love it. And i don't know why i was thinking about leaving!?. I admit yes it is hard and it's exhausting me. but its what i need to do to get where i want so i better stick at it!

I couldn't be happyer. I am now up to 31 followers! I logged in and pow lotsa new followers. I love it! keep them rolling. Thankyou all for the comments and follows. it means alot.


  1. Lovely dress! Really suits you :) x

  2. I find all of the Topshop hook and eye tunics a bit ill-fitting on me! I basicallyyy have no boobs so I think that is the main problem ;) Really love the colours of this tunic, it's gonna love lovely with thick socks and your Urban Outfitters boots!

    I've totally bought into Topshop's stackable rings as well, they're so adorable and fun to change around.


  3. Thank you lovely! the dress is so pretty! love the accessories too.
    I hope I find the trousers in my store tomorrow! :)

  4. Hi hun, lovely blog you look so cute xx


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