16 January 2011

Londons calling

Hello lovely people! I am back from my wonderful day in London. everytime i go there i want to live there even more then before and there was no change in that today, I NEED to live there it's amazing. I visit it a lot as my family live in earls court. I don't understand when people say they 'don't like London' I mean how can anyone say that? the atmosphere there is amazing. Okay I'll stop! all you need to know is that i AM living there soon (hopefully lolz)

so on to the point! I spent a lot of my christmas money today i think i have £20 left. I went to convent garden then around Soho then Carnaby street then of course Oxford street. And this is what i bought!
these are the two things i got. Well actually i got 3 but i'll show you the other one in a bit, I got a new pair of cut off denim shorts! I decided to go for a light colour because i already own a dark denim pair, they cost me £28 from Urban outfitters! I was so tempted to buy a pair of heels in there but i said no because it was inpractical. The other purchase is a skrit from Topshop! I never wear girly skirts like this but i loooooove it. I think it cost £35 i'm going to wear it tucked into a baggy white t-shirt. I love it!
this is the other purchase, My new shirt from topshop! I love it too. I was tempted to get the creamy colour but i seem to like this kind of copper colour better so i bought this one. it's so versatile and will go well with anything i think it cost me £35 aswell. Yay for London! I love the new things i got. I didn't get THAT much but i did only come with £100 and i have £20 left which I'm hoping to spend on a sheer beige shirt from New look. so all is good
pretty crap pictures there. I don't have any good ones of my outfit! but it's what i wore in this post HERE
god i re do my outfits waaaay too much. But i'm not the sort of person who can afford to have a different outfit every day of the week! i went for more comfort then style today though, cosy jumper and a scarf aswell.

right I'm off! my evening is going to be spent watching dancing on ice and drinking well deserved cuppa. 17 going on 75 i think?? I'm at college tomorrow so I'm excited to wear ma new clothes, thanks again for all the lovely comments and stuff. It means a lot

update- I got an email from London Fashion Models and it says i have been invited to 

London Fashion Week Networking Event (Jan 28, 2011)

Just wondering if anyone else has heard anything from them? I'm not sure if it's real or anything. If it is i am chuffed as i have never been invited to an Event before,  this is the website so take a look HERE

(After posting i realised that on the website it says you have to be 18+ to enter the venue. Well thats a bummer seeing as I'm 17!)


  1. That topshop blouse is perfect :)


  2. hope you had a good time :)

    i love your buys, that shirt is stunning

  3. i don't understand it when people hate london either? bizarre! i love that little skirt! excellent purchases, though (:

  4. I need some shorts like that in my life! They are lovely :) i really miss london :( x

  5. i looooove london too so many ppl everywhere all dressed so uniqly. . . .we should share a flat haha!lovely clothes iv been eyeing up the topshop batwing blouse for a while now x

  6. Aaah I'm glad you had a lovely time in London, Rose (: I'd love to get a sweet little apartment in London when I'm older! Absolutely love that Topshop skirt, can't wait to see how you style it! Love your Topshop shirt as well, you pull of the batwing shape really well. Hope you've had a lovely evening! xxx

  7. your new shirt is gorgeous :) and i don't see how anyone can't like london! x

  8. Oeeeh, I like your clothes!
    And indeed, you look like Twiggy!

    Start dreaming on www.dreamingthedayawaywithluca.blogspot.com

  9. I also love London however when I took a trip up there it was to visit exhibitions and art gallaries so I didn't have much of a gander around the shops! Although the atmosphere was amazing! I'd love to live there however the rent per week is sickening!

    I love your shorts! I wanted a pair of those myself however when I tried them on they looked abit odd on me; I find it hard to wear denim in general I think!

    I WANT THAT BLOUSE! - It's on my wishlist on topshop, it's so floaty! That colour looks nice on your may I add, the other colour they have in it is beautiful too but a my skins pale I think the pink will compliment it more, as it does with yours.

    Great post, keep'em comin'!

    Katie. x

  10. love your blog !!

    i'm following :)

  11. love the shirt, im hoping to get a similar one from new look tomorrow.
    cute blog, now following :)
    would love you to visit mine xxx

  12. Those urban outfitter shorts are to die for comes the summer again and you won't get me out of them just like last year.
    Molly (Hats Off)

  13. I have that topshop shirt too!!! I got it a couple of months ago and am still completely in love with it, it looks great on you :) i just found your blog and am now following on bloglovin' your outfit posts are great!


  14. i love london!

    and loveee those shorts!



  15. Love the floral skirt and I especially like the sound of the way you're planning on wearing it, i've been looking for a good pair of denim cut-offs for a while, and these look great, may have to have a peek in Urban Outfitters!

    I can't believe you want to live in London when Brighton is so amazing, I live in a really small city and would love to live in either Brighton or London or anywhere else tbh!

    I really like your blog, so I'm your newest follower! :) xxx


  16. I loooove london! You got some good bits! The coppery shirt is such a gorgeous shape :)

    Maybe email the company and explain that you are 17 but would like to come.. we usually make exceptions at events I organise!

  17. love the sheer shirt, it's like a cape too =)

    Hannah xx

  18. i've never been to london... i hope to go so very much! and i really love your new floral skirt and silk shirt! the collar on the shirt is lovely.

  19. I recently bought a similar shirt in Topshop, it's lovely. I really like sheer materials! x

  20. Cute stuff!


  21. Yay for London and shopping I was there today too! Although, I'm there everyday for work ha, but it's not the same as spending the day in central shopping lol! And what great buys you found! Love the blouse it looks fab :) x


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