28 January 2011

Friday feeling

I always post on a Friday?? Probably because i don't have a life..Lol joke! well actually with all this artwork i kind off don't! It's taking over my life.
Sorry for not posting since Tuesday! I've been pretty busy at college trying to finish off my 3D project (Which i HATE. I am awful at 3D work) i thought I'd enjoy this project because it was a shoe project and I like designing shoes but the  fact that we had to recreate our shoe designs with some wood and wire was not a fun part. i hated that! but i'll stop moaning for a bit. I have the spend my whole weekend finishing it. All i can say is that i will turn in to a cup of tea by the end off it, tea always gets me through the work load i get.

I kind off don't have anything to say, I've had a pretty good week. Good things happened especially on Thursday. And then some bad things happened with my best friend..Even though we've got it sorted now! what it was was she mentioned to me about friends drifting apart and then went into a whole debate about how we probably will drift apart and how sad it'll be. I mean maybe we will but do we really need to think about that now? And we've said to each other we will do EVERYTHING to stop it from happening. even if we do go to different unis across the country from each other we WILL still be best friends. Has anyone else had this problem? I haven't even finished first year of college yet so i don't know why she brung up the fact we might drift apart. It made me sad! but it'll work out..We're best friends after all...

we did work it out and spent the day talking in starbucks with a coffee and a chai tea latte for me (I'm addicted i have to admit) so all is good! I didn't have any money though which was rather depressing i had about £4 so i spent it on a starbucks and a £3 ring from boots! heres what it looks like.
Yes, I know i need to paint my nails! ew they look horrible
So finally got myself some new jewellery. I needed a new ring and i looove this one! very gothic but i love it.

Sorry I'm being boring tonight I haven't really got much to say! I've not done any outfit posts for ages :( waah I'm sure I'll be back to blogging on Monday. I'm starting a Fashion Illustration project and i couldn't be happier. i hope this'll be fun!! Anyone recommend any good websites for fashion illustration where i can get some inspiration from? Right i have to get on with some art work *shoots self in head* ok that was a bit far but this art work is making me want to die! I hate it. but it needs to be done I'm hoping that if i get a Merit in my Fashion project and this one then my mum might buy me a pair of shoes I've fell in love with!! If i find them on the new look website i'll link you all. So i bettter get cracking and get this work done! thank you all for the comments and follows! you all make me so happy.

Oh and a massive thank you to Alice featured me in her blog post. It made me happy! so everyone go look at her blog too cause it is so lovely and so is she

Also I'm hoping to get a video done this weekend, not sure if it'll happen and i know i keep promising one! so who knows. I hope i can do one though i just need to find something to talk about hahaha. And I'm sorry to all the people following my blogshop. I have kind off abandoned it. I was going to sell my clothes but I'm not sure when it'll happen cause i've not got the time at the moment to sort it all out


  1. Tell me about it Rose ;) Although I've never been out other than for a meal at Uni on a Friday, just a pretty standard fact of student life in Southampz unless you want to bump into the scary locals! Oh I totally feel your pain, I chose to do a 3D shoe project based on the work of Alexander McQueen and Manolo Blahnik for my Graphic Art coursework, v hard work but so worth it: keep rewarding yourself with cups of tea and you'll be fine! I lovelove your ring :O £3?! xxx

  2. I love that ring! And it came from Boots? crazy xx

  3. lovely ring


  4. i saw 3 rings like this today, and i tried every one of them on. i just don't think they suit me, i have quite chubby fingers!

    i didn't even realise boots did jewellery?! its so pretty :)

  5. Love the ring,i have one in pink :)

    great blog


  6. Ooooh I hated working with wood at school and I had a go at uni last year and just though 'this isn't for me!' - so boring and my hands get so dry! I'd love to see your designs though, sounds interesting.

    I've gone through what you mentioned with your best friend/s, I'm still really close to my best friend Mel who came down the other day and even though shes in Bolton we still make time for each other but even if we don;t see each other for a couple of months we don't moan about it because we talk on msn/facebook. I have another friend who is still by me however we don't see each other much due to her working 2 jobs and I'm usually busy with uni and her idea of meeting would be to go on a night out and I'm more of the type to stay in, I hate night clubs, not my scene at all - i find them very boring. I reckon you and your friend will stick at it, I went though it and used to mention it to my friend and it really depressed us but it worked out fine! :)

    I love your boots ring btw, i didn't see that one!!! the gem on it is a beaut! Ahhh.. there's a website called Danny 'something' - no idea of his last name but he paints fashion models and all that jazz, if i find the url i'll show you, its a popular blog around this community, he designs t-shirts and bags too!

    Can't wait for the vid! hope it goes well and im sure you'll be your chatty self on it! :D

    Katie. x

  7. Boots do some gorgeous rings :-)
    I'm currently craving some h&m animal ones!

  8. Ring is so pretty, looks like the topshop and forever 21 ones. If you make the effort with your best friend you won't drift apart! You only really drift apart when you're not too bothered or too close mates x

  9. That ring is so nice! I've noticed Boots have some nice stuff in sometimes!

    Don't worry about drifting apart with your best friend. If you both make the effort, it shouldn't happen. And if it does, you'll be making so many new friends at uni you won't even notice. I drifted apart from my best friend at the end of year 13 (she'd gone to a different college anyway, I didn't talk to her for about a year and now we're just as good friends as ever. I still don't see her because we're other ends of the country and when I'm home she's always busy because she's training to be a midwife (I saw her last April then didn't see her until Wednesday!) but we text all the time so everything's good :)

    I love your blog, I featured you on mine :) x

  10. Love the ring!! I have an addiction to them, I always forget to actually wear them though haha X

  11. i love your rings!

  12. I love the ring.

    It's natural that you won't see each as much when you're at different unis but it doesn't mean you'll drift apart. It will take more effort for your friendship to work but think how excited you'll be to see each other when you're home in the holidays and do all the things that you used to.

  13. gorgeous ring, I've got one like this from forever 21 in chicago. A girl can never have too many rings


  14. art work is not cool, spent my whole saturday doing it :(

    ooh can't wait to see this video!xxx


  15. hey love :) good websites for fashion illustration, you probably look at most of these already but i'll list them all in case! :)


    enjoy :) xoxo

  16. I had to do 3D art in school and I hated it!

  17. great ring. x

    p.s. I'm having a valentine's giveaway on my blog if you'd like to check it out. xx

  18. aw haha brighton is amazing though! especially for illustration! i sooo nearly applied there and the graduate work looks incredible. what course are you doing at the moment? i'd say definitely apply to LCF in the future if you want to do fashion it's the best place ever, such a good atmosphere and really fun projects too :) xxxx

  19. ahhh I so love this ring! amazing:))

  20. Hi there! Love your blog-check mine out if you have a minute!

    Can't believe that ring came from Boots-I would never think to look there for jewellery!



  21. i love your ring- can't believe its from boots!

  22. i was gonna buy this ring - gutted i didnt now !


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