25 January 2011

Well isn't this fun

I can already tell this is going to be a boring post. I'm not in the mood right now I have a lot of college work to finish off and it's getting stressful. We had a massive talk today about the progression onto the second part of the course I'm doing (Subsidiary diploma if anyone wanted to know, Well it used to be called National Diploma) and soon I should be going on to do a extended diploma in art and design level 3. This is scaring the shite out of me. Wont go into it but I'm terrified and i don't want to be split up into different classes cause i love my whole group! Oh well.
Anyway on to the outfit! I wore my topshop baggy t-shirt for the first time today, It only cost me a tenner so i thought it was a bargain and now i have things to wear it with. I teamed it with my denim shorts and my spotty tights. Quite a gothic outfit i thought hahah! Didn't feel like me. But i did get compliments more today then i do normally? Hmm weird. I do love this top it's so comfy, Very see through (Which i realised just as i was walking out the door and had to put a vest underneath) Annoyingly my vest broke half way through the day so one of the straps has come off..Maybe I'll cut both off and it'll be a strapless top! I also tried a different place of taking my pictures. I did it in my bathroom! personally don't like it at all the lighting is awful anyway cause it's dark but yeah. I feel like i look much bigger then i am in real life in these photos. Urgh the more i look at them the more i want to delete them!!

Blogger just isn't being my friend today. It's not letting me layout my pictures nicely and it's really peeing me off!! I hate these photos (feeling really ugly and blergh today) so i didn't make them extra large like i normally do hahaha. I dunno if i prefer them small anyway! So today my skin is bad. Well bad for me! I haven't had spots in so so long for some reason! I always did have pretty bad skin but it cleared up this winter and today was just not a good day. Maybe it was due to the alcohol and cigarettes i had on Saturday? who knows but i defiantly wont be doing that again.

I'm sorry, I'm in such a meh mood. Can't really be bothered with the blog today :( I'm very sorrry and i apologise! I will be back to normal tomorrow as i have a relaxing self directed study day all day. So i will be able to take a lot of tea breaks and it wont be stressful! it'll be all good. I'm going to be up all night finishing designing some shoes for this project! Can't wait to show you some of my designs. There not the best they could be but i found it really fun! I'll take some pictures tonight to show you. Then I'm going to have to decide what to wear tomorrow. Is it just me who normally plans the night before? even though i normally change my idea in the morning.

thank you for all the comments and everything I appreciate it!


  1. your hair is gorgeous, wish mine would hurry up and grow :(
    hope you feel better soon :) x

  2. I've got work to do for tomorrow also; we have an idea/piece of work to talk to the class about however I'd much rather sit on here and skim through blogs ha!

    I know it's gonna be hard and I still get the feeling of being really scared and nervous however usually something good comes out of it. :) me and my pal have been split in different groups but I've come to terms with it as I just think to myself 'I'm going to be on my own sometime or other, I've got to be independent' - I still sit by my friend though but throughout the day we're not together.

    Your outfit looks lovely, I want those shorts so much :P hahaha! and you don't appear any bigger so stop worrying yourself. You've got long legs which I'm jealous of! I like the balance of the baggy tee and tight shorts!

    Just remember everyone has those blergh days, I had one the other week because I had a shit day at work ha! I think its just a natural thing so get into your pj's, get yourself a hot drink and sprawl out on your bed and listen to your favourite tracks (doing this now! :D) & have abit of time to yourself and don't think of the work - it'll get done. I find if I'm stressed I rush the work and think of it has a chure rather than a passion.

    Everyone gets spots too, I used to get them fairly bad; my forehead was just full of them at one point. I've found as you get older they go, I'm 20 this year and I still get the odd one here and there (i've got some now) but they do go as your skin changes over time. :)

    By the way your hair looks lovely and healthy! an very thick!!! lovely!

    Hope you enjoy doing your work, try not to stress about it as if you're anything like me it will send you even more crazy! Just do as much as you can!

    Katie. x

  3. i love your shorts!

  4. Hope you feel better soon!
    cute outfit! xx

  5. Ah we all have days like this, everything seems to go wrong! I totally know what you mean about wanting to delete a post becuase of the photos too, I get that all the time. Don't though, this is a lovely post with good photos.


  6. Feel better soon! I hate days like that. :] The outfit is great btw, simple but still cute.

  7. Love the outfit :) The shorts look awesome

    Stacey xx

  8. love your shorts, and can't wait to see your shoe designs!xxx


  9. Everyone has days like that, don't worry about it. Your very brave to still put up picture when feeling like that, I wouldn't be able to! You still look lovely anyway :) xx

  10. love the tshirt and those shorts are vair cute!


  11. I really like this outfit :) hope you feel better soon!xx

  12. lol, i used to plan ahead, but, like you said, it never works out in the morning!!


  13. really love the demin shorts on you!! if only my legs where skinnier!! love your hair too, its gorgeous! :) x

  14. lovely top and shorts combo :)

  15. i love the simplicity of this outfit! hope your day gets better :) following you! xoxo

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