30 January 2011

Sunday blog week 18

i normally only do 1 photo on my Sunday blogs but i thought I'd do something different today. I thought I'd do a 'Day in photos' Even though this has been one of the most boring Sundays I've had in a long time (actually i'll rephrase that..It's been one of the most boring WEEKENDS i've had in ages) this art work is killing me! anyway here are some photos of my boring weekend. 
(i just realised I'm wearing my college name badge. ignore it! i just have to wear it for college)
Firstly i thought I'd show you my outfit i wore the other day. I'll admit i cannon't remember when i wore this! But i found it on my camera and i know it was sometime this week so i thought I'd show you it. I wore my Topshop shirt which i am in love with. It's such a lovely colour! and goes well with the tones of my clothes i think. If you get what i mean! then i wore it baggy over a body con skirt and a pair of sheer tights. then my trusty denim jacket and American Apparel hoodie! a simple outfit!

the horrible horrible work i've been stuck doing all weekend. well this is the stuff i've finished! still got a whole lot more to do. First one if my initial designs. It was a quick 5 min drawing for each one set by the tutor i prefer doing quick sketches as i'm not very confident with my drawing so they seem to turn out better when i have no control over what i'm doing if you get what i mean. I have to draw something there and then instead of pondering about how it looks and rubbing out ect. so i like doing that. not the best deisgns i've ever done they are quite boring in my eyes but oh well! i added a ink wash to them aswel to make them stand out more. give me your thoughts on them please! the second sheet is a quick drawing sheet too. some of them we're 7 seconds. I quite liked doing this. I liked doing blind contour drawings and drawings with my other hand as i don't have control on what I'm drawing and it ends up being a more free and better looking drawing. 

bit early to start buying sunglasses? that was my initial thought but why the hell not! they we're only £2 from Primark and i thought if i don't get them now they will be gone in a week! i love them. I don't normally suit sunglasses cause i have a big forehead and they don't seem to sit right on my nose hahah. but i like these! I can tell I'll be wearing them to death in the summer

This is my new piercing! I did it myself on saturday (thats how bored i was with my art work) I know have six piercings! do any of you have any piercings? if so tell me

Very very sunny in Brighton today! But it's the weather that is very sneaky. you think it's warm but when you step outside you freeze to death. Well seeing as i haven't been out today i don't think it matters to me! I'm hoping to get out the house for a bit before i rip up all my work sheets due to boredom and craziness (urgh i hate work) I'm supposed to be going for a coffee with my best friend but i think i might just meet her for a walk and a chat! thats always the best thing to take my mind off work. So my evening is going to consist of drinking tea and drawing shoes. Oh and a bit of P.s I love you, I'm preparing myself for it as i have never cried so much at a film before..This is one is SO sad.

Thank-you all for the comments! I know I've been a bit distant this week and my posts haven't exactly been good. I'm sure I'll be back to normal Monday if i get my work load done and have a new clean slate. YAY! but thank you again for the follows and comments it means a lot! 

oh and i apologise for not doing a video! i keep promising one and then i let you all down. I'm sure I'll get one done soon just depends on things. but i do really want to do one ( i hope i don't sound like a man on videos, I normally hate the way my voice sounds) 

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  1. HOw did you pierce your ear by yourself?? did it hurt? What did you actually do? i might try


  2. You pierced your own ear - wow that's brave! I'm allergic to piercings so I have to wear clip on earrings and no nose ring for me :(!

  3. I have my ear pierced there!!! (I also did it myself)
    I also have my ear done in another place, but its kinda of hard to explain!

  4. i wanted my ear pierce exactly where your is, how did you do it :)?!

  5. Cuute sunglasses, and i like your drawings :) I either draw quick swift lines not always drawing everything but sometimes maybe just giving the impression of the shape, or if I feel more confident with it I just go overly messy with continuous line :)

    I could never pierce myself ahh I have my ears, scaffold, labret and tongue pierced - all of which were numbed before though :P

    I'm in London which was kinda sunny today but exactly the same as with where you are - absolutely freeeezing as soon as you step out!

  6. I can't believe you pierced your ear yourself! Ouch! I have 10 piercings, 3 in each lobe, the top of my left ear, rook in my left ear, nose and bellybutton.

    I love those Primark sunglasses, I bought some a bit like that from Claire's on Friday. Sunglasses never fit me either because I have a small head!

  7. love your topshop shirt :)

    i have too many piercings, six in ears and bellybutton. i want my nose done though!

  8. Ooo I love your new piercing! That's another one I want to add to my five, although can't believe you did it yourself - you're so brave eek hehe! Aw have fun watching P.S I love you, it's such a good film and I deffo cried buckets ha. Good luck with all your coursework too :) x

  9. god that coursework looks so hard, i'm a rubbish drawer!
    LOVE your piercing! i'm allergic so have none:/
    would love them in crazy places on my ears!

  10. love that piercng, i want one there
    i've just got normal lobe ones and a cartilage piercing that my friend did and my mum doesn't know about...

    love your outfit too rose!xxxx


  11. ahh you did that piercing yourself?? Was it not agony?? I'm so rubbish with pain. It looks good though x

  12. Love this new style of sunday post :)and i love your drawings!

    Stacey xx

  13. i love your drawings, they're really cute.. for lack of a better word! how did you pierce your own ear? i'd be terrified haha xo


  14. love the sunglasses! your drawings are great and you are a brave braveee girl piercing your own ear there haha, my cousin did my firsts and i screamed like a bambino! granted i was a child but still, traumatised a little over the pain xx

  15. i know you may think it looks slapdash but i am absolutely in love with your drawings! i can't draw shoes to save my life, so i consider that quite a talent! <3

  16. thankyou for the link m'dear:D
    those glasses are really nice! and a total bargain, well done ;)
    ooh piercing your own ear sounds awfully painfull! eek! hope you had a good weekend :) xo

  17. oh wow, you're so brave doing your ear yourself! haha. i got my one and only single ear piercing at 19 and thought it was horrible, haha! xx

  18. Really like that colour shirt you're wearing paired with that skirt - lovely! I'm liking pencil skirts more but still feel abit uncomfortable with them being so 'figure' hugging, I'm abit of a pear shape so my hips/bum seem to stand out alot more and I'm not used to showing it off haha!

    Great pair of shades you grabbed yourself! I never suit sunglasses and my eyes are my favourite part of my face so if I cover them I feel abit on the ugly side haha!

    Stop saying your work is rubbish woman lmao, it's good! I love quick sketches, they look lovely and can imagine lady gaga wearing some as they look rather quirky! Just stick at it :)

    I've only got my ears done, never fancied anything else to be honest! I'm not one for tattoo's either.. I haven't got a rebel side :P It looks really nice though, I wish I had that edge to pull off more body piercings!

    I know what you mean about the weather!!! The suns shining outside and then I step one foot out the door and BAM... the cold wind hits you and you're depressed - I'm so fed up of wearing layers now, coving myself in my coat witch is full of wool from my annoying scarf lol!

    Hope you have a good day tomorrow love x

    Katie. x

  19. i love doing quick drawings, so much better than all that thinking about it shiz!
    I have 10 piercings, five in each ear lobe, but need more!

  20. i love the sketches and sunglasses :)
    and wow - can't believe you pierced them yourself - i would be far too scared!

  21. I love where you've pierced your ear! Once I get the money together I've got so many piercings planned, but I never thought of doing it myself - did it hurt a lot more than usual? And did you have any problems with infection or anything?

    Thank you! :)

  22. urghh im jealous of you , im not allowed any more piercings except my single ear ones.
    but this weekend my best friend is going to pierce my double :) im so excited loll

    i awarded you a Versatile blogger Award :)
    check it out in my latest post :) xo

  23. pretty blog ;)
    my weekend was also work filled :( mainly babysitting and food tech work tho
    i have no piercings at all! mum wont let me ahahahaa,
    much love

  24. I love the new piercing, i'd be far too scared to try that myself. Have to admit I had a snoop around Primark to try find those sunglasses they look so much like the Rayband clubmasters! and tortise shell too! :) x

  25. Oooh I absolutely love your topshop cape blouse, I really want one myself, the colour is just gorgeous!

    Great sketches btw.

  26. Love your piercing! Where is your earring from? I pierced my ear myself but know I'm worried about infections? Your drawings are amaze! X


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