23 January 2011

Sunday blog week 17

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001. First of all I would like to apologise for being a bit boring this week! I haven't posted regularly and the posts i do do aren't really that exciting, I wasn't really getting into blogging last week! It was a stressful week at  college (when is it not!?) so yeah. But i am back to my normal self now so i will be posting regularly from Monday

002. So my weekend has been a good weekend which is a surprise. Cause on Friday i thought nothing was going to happen but it ended up good! friday i stayed round my friends house just for a catch up. then i spent my day doing nothing and trying to get my work done. Which i have to say was unsuccessful! then last night i went to my friends and then loads of people turned up and it ended up pretty good! Feeling a little rough now. Vodka and red wine..NOT a good mix. And i have a lot of bruises from somewhere or something i don't remember. Oh well life goes on!

003. This week is a new start at college, We're going on to do a design/3D project, Which means it's not more life drawing!!! WOOO so happy about it. And the project is a shoe project so it's right up my street! Defiantly want to do something with shoes when I'm older. My mum is dying for me to be a shoe designer but i doubt it'll happen! I'd rather do more fashion and textiles then shoes. Even though that is fashion. I don't know! I'm rambling

004. I'm getting my mop of hair cut today. Finally! It's in desperate need of a cut it's all dead at the bottoms with split ends. I'm not getting much off the length cause i like how long it is at the moment but I'm getting my fringe cut shorter so that it's not longer behind my ears. I prefer it shorter

005. i wrote this post saying that i got 200 followers and then i lost a follower. Maybe i should stick to not saying anything about followers, Cause you know what..It's not all about that! I don't mind if i have 1 follower or 1000 i just like to think people listen and read what i write and relate to me. thats what it's all about! I personally think.

006. I'm also hoping to do a video soon! I love watching blogger videos they are really entertaining! It might be a weird think to say but i love finding out what people sound like in real life? If you get me! It's good. So I'll hopefully get that done this week. I know i say this every week but i find it hard doing one (I'm ALOT shyer then i thought) and my family are always in so I'd rather do it without them cause they might think I'm a bit weird talking to my laptop so hopefully that'll happen this week. Any suggestions on what i should do the video about? Otherwise I'll probably ramble on like i always do about nothing and it wont be much of an exciting video.

If you read all that then i salute you. Thank you all again and I'll hopefully be back to my less boring self on monday! I promise

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I just want to say how sad it is that Irene has felt the need to delete her blog!! she was such a lovely girl and i loved reading her posts and speaking to her. She always had the time to comment on my blog and was such a nice person to me. Some people are just horrible aren't they? Lets hope she comes back soon :(


  1. For your first video, why not do a what's in my bag? Its easy and fun!, and great for us nosey lot :) Keep up your great blog, its a joy to read!

  2. haha yeah i know from experience vodka and red wine not good! lol
    you should def do videos!

  3. Aaah your hair is so incredible Rose >.< I'm so jealous, mine looks crapola at the moment! Your college projects sound so good, I miss my fashion and clothing BTEC course at college so much aha. Vodka and wine is never a good mix, I re-learnt that lesson for the thousandth time on Thursday night ;) Well done on 200 followers <3

  4. Looking gorgeous as usual, your hair looks lovely!

    I think doing a video is a great idea, I love watching them.

    Totally agree with you about Irene too, she was such a sweetie, and it's horrible that there is so much hate around online at the moment causing people to delete their blogs, it's so unfair!

    Hope you have a great week! xo

  5. Your blog is great! I'm following and would love it if you'd follow back ;)


  6. You look amazing, love your hair!

    Agree with you about Irene its a shame she felt she had to shut her blog down due to the unnecessary hate! :(

  7. im so jealous of your hair, the colour is really nice and i love how long it is! my hair used to be that long, can't wait till it's all back again :) thankyou very much for the mention too :D xo

  8. you have such dream hair! like a mermaid :) xo


  9. Ooh yes, definitely do a video soon :) I know exactly what you mean about wanting to know how people sound in real life! Maybe you could just introduce yourself or something? I love ramble videos anyway so I'll watch it regardless!
    Congrats on the followers! x

  10. Great post! I absolutely love your hair, cant wait for mine to get that long. I got so excited when i saw me in the 5 to follow, thank you! Also agree about irene, i love her blog. Shame there are haters out there. xx

  11. Oooh shoe design! When you finish them you'll have to post them so I can have a butchers!!! I love looking at designs, esp bloggers.

    Your hair is lovely may I say although I know what you mean about getting a trim, its one the best things to do if you're growing your hair so I try to do it on a regular basis.

    You're right on the followers, people just do it out of spite I think or for a laugh but it doesn't matter, its nice to know people appriciate what you have to say, thats how I look at it. :)

    Oooh the video sounds like a cool idea, I find it interesting to see their accent because I never think they sound like what they actually sound like.. if you get my drift haha! Urm.. maybe blog about your favourite item of clothing or an outfit post to make you more comfortable. I'm shy on camera too, however after a while you just get comfortable with it I suppose!

    I loved Irenes blog! I'm not sure whats actually happend but I just hope she comes back. Sometimes it may be hard to ignore things so I understand if someone has upset her. I just hope it doesn't let it get the better of her.

    Thank you for including me on the 5 to follow, i never expect it! :D

    Katie. x

  12. you have the most beautiful hair! obsessed!! :)


  13. I really do love your hair, I wish mine was as long x

  14. Lovely blog, you have a new follower!

  15. can you please show us all your shoes?? i just put an order in for the new (i think they are new) janis shoes from topshop in black-lovely they are,

    Thanks bella :)

  16. I am a fairly new blogger, but I love your blog, check out mine if you have any spare time X

  17. Gorgeous long locks :) Life Drawing is the very reason I didn't do A level Art
    It would be mine

  18. Your hair looks amazing :) I also quite fancy stealing your cushions, they're gorgeous!
    Just to let you know, I've awarded you the stylish blogger award here:

    Have a nice day :) xx

  19. Such a pretty pic, good luck starting back at college. I'm starting Uni again tomorrow, I'm already behind on the reading lists!! Congrats on reaching 200 followers x

  20. just found your blog!! its lovely, can't wait to get a good read at it!! have a lovely day x

  21. I can't draw to save my life, so I'd love to be able to do life drawing! The shoe 3D project does sound exciting though! :D.
    I wish my hair was as long as yours! Mines at a really annoying length where its not long and its not short!
    I know what you mean, I love hearing what bloggers sound like... it's always nothing like I imagined they would!
    Love your blog!

  22. she's back :D
    i don't find your blog boring, i like finding out what people have been up to, even if it is just going to college lol :)
    and definately do a video

  23. ooh can't wait to see a video from you!xxx


  24. Love your blog!
    Immie x

  25. Soo envious of your long hair!!

  26. Excited to see your new do! Even when I just barely get my hair trimmed, I feel like there's so much missing! I'm a loser. Anyway, yay to college stress!

  27. great hair


  28. I'm so jealous of your hair! It's absolutely beautiful :) It's like mermaid hair, but without the wet/fishy thing going on, ahaha :D

  29. your hair is so pretty! i wish mine would grow longer!


  30. I want your hair!! haha



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