12 January 2011

Wednesday 12th January

fuck it's the 12th already! (excsuse my french) I cannon't believe that! Where does the time go.
today I'm feeling happy! I had a relaxing day today at college and left at 1 then just went shopping round town with a few of my college friends. I didn't get anything though! I was planning on getting a sheer shirt from new look but annoyingly they had sold out of the colour i wanted. I was not a happy person! I always wake up in the morning and think right I'm going to be adventurous and wear something different today.  But it just never happens! I just stick to the same old clothes that i feel comfortable in. I have to say i did almost wear Jeans today! but i took them off just before leaving because i didn't think they looked 'right'

(sorry for the awful lighting on some of the photos!)

so as you can see i went for the safe option here! I wore my trusty black playsuit which i have to say i haven't worn in ages. Forgot how much i loved it. I wore it with my new cardigan that i can't seem to take off my back. It's glued i tell you! bit trampy me wearing it so much but it's a cardi it's not like it gets that dirty! and i do wash it when i don't wear it so y'know (trying to justify my point here guyz) i wore it with my black spotty tights again. Worth the £2 i have to say! great value. They have a few rips but not as much as i thought they would considering there from primark. and i wore my new necklace out aswell! still can't believe it was £1.50 it's just oh so cute. The nail varnish i have on in the necklace picture is my new Barry M nail varnish! it's like a dark red colour, I would look at the bottle but my friend is borrowing it at the moment so i can't! oh and i wore my H&M belt today that i have had for yonks. I haven't worn it in ages though so i thought it deserved to be worn! 

Tomorrow i am determined to wear something different. I think i'll wear my jeans who knows. But if i do i'll wear it with the cardigan cause the colours go! ah dilemma. What do you all think? And I am excited as i am going to London Sunday and I'm sure I'll get some great things! I checked the bank today and i have £110 pounds to spend on clothes clothes clothes. Better spend it wisely 


  1. I do the same thing with the comfort factor... I always want to try something new but I end up sticking with the same old stuff I wear all the time. Hmph! I really like your bed frame, so pretty!

  2. Love the outfit! Just wear whatever you're comfortable in, you look great anyways - I love the colour of that little shrug ♡

  3. Love the outfit. I love playsuits but i dont own one !! Where is the best place to buy one as i really want one !!


  4. I'm the same, I always want to try wearing something different but I always got back to the safe option!

    I also just wondering what colour your American Apparel hoody is? I know your not wearing it in this post but I love the colour and I can't work out if it is 'peppered grey' or 'Zinc'. Thank you :) xx

  5. your telling me omg i am already in my 3rd day of school.. and i cant wait for a break.. lol.. u are lucky that you can wear tights because here in Toronto it snow soo bad that if you where what you will DIE..!

  6. lol yay, a happy day at college! ;) glad you're well. Outfit is on fireeee aswell haha, even if you are opting for comfort you still look beautiful, so STOP BEING SO FIT ha :) I think the nail polish is barry m raspberry (that you're on about) I have it too and it's a beautiful dark red! woo!xxx

  7. I always seem to be wearing the same clothes, I desperately need some new ones!

  8. love your blog!
    i have a new post up on my blog let me know what you think. ;)


  9. Just browsed through your blog and its lovely!

    I keep seeing that cardigan and thinking 'should I.. shouldn't I?' I think it's telling me to buy it... :P It looks lovely and I do that with clothes; I wear something for ages because I just love it so much! If their clean then its s'all good at the end of the day!

    I tell myself I should wear jeans more; esp in this weather! Although I never feel girly in jeans, I fell comfortable in tights and shorts/skirts/dresses!

    PS: I think you look like twiggy also, take it has a compliment! pretty.

    Katie. x

  10. love the texture of that knit x


  11. b-e-a-utifulll!! love the colour of your cardi & your necklace :) i really want some spotty tights, i just always forget to buy them! xx

  12. cute blog, I love the knit and cameo necklace. Hope you visit back, I've got a giveaway going on at the moment :)

  13. lovely outfit!

    standing on your bed aha :')



  14. nice photo! rly like your blog so im gonna follow you now!


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