18 January 2011

Sunday blog week 16

I apologise now! I forgot to do a Sunday blog because i was in London and i posted about my purchases. And then i have been ill since. so i am doing it now!

001. I am ill! and not happy about it, I have a horrible cold and can't really breathe out of my nose. Urgh i hate being ill it's so annoying and it's so awful having days off college because it means i'll be so behind on my work that I'll have to catch up then get behind on the other work it's like a on going circle of doom. 

002. the photos were taken today on my day off, I got so bored i took them! I wasn't going to post today but i thought you deserved a post since i haven't since Sunday! i was meant to get all my work done today but of course i didn't. I just ate toast and drunk tea ALL day and now I'm dreading  going back to college due to the work load, Oh well I'll never learn will i!

003. I haven't really worn my new clothes out yet, Well on Monday i wore my new shirt and i loved it, so comfy and i love the colour. A good buy i think! but tomorrow i think I'll wear my new skirt. I'm off to a museum tomorrow with all my college friends for our project so it'll be a relaxing day of just drawing. We're going to the booth museum If you don't live in Brighton you probably wont know what it is, But it's full of stuffed animals and bones. EW EW EW i hate it in there

004. so i haven't really got anything interesting to write about today, I seem to be just rambling on about nothing. Tonight I'm going to sit drinking lemsip (blergh i hate it.) and watch my big fat gypsy wedding. Love that programme! lets hope i can stay up for it i seem to be falling asleep already. Even though i did have a 3 hour nap earlier.

005. So i hope you've all had a lovely week so far! it's going quite fast it's Wednesday tomorrow! and it's almost the end of January, where the hell are the days going. I don't like it! i know a lot of people are saying they want winter to be over, but I'm defiantly more of a autumn winter girl then a summer one. I don't know why! I just prefer all the clothes and colours of A/W oh well! I think this summer will be good. I'm meant to be going to a few festivals, 1 is Big Chill and then i might be going to Reading too. Is reading worth it? I'm more into the whole chilled festival vibe, just sitting on the grass with friends listening to good music not the whole moshing and stuff. hmm i'm not sure! Reading is SO expensive. Tell me what you think! or if any of you can recommend any small unknown festivals i might like?

thank you all! I'm almost at 200 followers so I'm hoping to do a giveaway but lack of funds is kind off stopping me, I really do want to though!

Love, Rose 


  1. Sorry to hear that your ill, i hope your feeling better soon!
    + i know what you mean about how january is literally flying by!! xx

  2. Shame that you're ill! get the hot water bottle out and stack up on tons of tea as I agree lemsip is pretty vile!

    I went to V Fest this year and it was sssseriously intense! I loved it! The only thing I didn't enjoy was taking my stuff up and from the camp; I walked around 40 mins to find a camping space and it was tipping down so you can imagine the sludge! Get one of those camping bags if you can where you can fit your sleeping bag and all other stuff to your backpack so its alot easier to travel.

    Ohhh thanks for reminding me of the gypsey wedding programme! I watched it last year and seriously lol'd out loud! Only 15 mins till its on.. result!

    Hope you feel better soon love.


  3. Ah the Booth Museum, I remember countless trips there when I was at college, it used to smell so bad. x

  4. aah i totally feel your pain with the cold/flu thing, just hope it doesn't get worse for you!!

    big chill festival looks so good! last year i went to a festival called 'y not'. it was soo good, not many big mainstream bands played but it was so lovely just to potter about and just chill out. :) xx

  5. Ugh I hate colds! Hope you feel better soon lovely (: Eeek, I'm also saving my new purchases aha, I don't quite fancy debuting them yet, although once it gets a tiny bit warmer, I totally plan on wearing my sheer blouse out! Well done on the followers Rose <3

  6. i enjoy reading your posts like this and having a nosey at your life:) i agree that the stuffed animals freak me out too! but have fun at the museum darling xxx

  7. never been to reading but leeds is amazing I've been the last 3 yrs! if you want chilled it can defo be chilled, its what you make it :) xx

  8. i went to reading last year and the year before, and going this year! I love it, its not all about moshing they have some really good bands and the line up is always amazing :)you could always just go for a day or something, the whole camping thing does get a bit much after a couple of nights and you just want your bed. :P ps get well soon :) xoxoxo

  9. i went to green man festival. it is a teeny festival in wales. mumford & sons, darwin deez, laura marling, flaming lips, billy bragg, doves, jonna newson, avi buffalo, chew lips and summer camp were there last year. its good if you like that sort of music and folk music x

  10. i'm going Reading fest Rose!

    you must go, its so good x

  11. Went to Reading last year, was a mud bath. I expect there will be more sitting around if it's sunny and you don't sink two inches every time :) Big Chill sounds good, but you have to go to Reading at least once. Was brilliant!
    It would be mine

  12. Aw bless you we can be maths sufferers together lol! Gosh I hate that subject sooo much it's so confusing! ha! And, your nose piecing looks so cute on you! Ah I really want to get it done, I will try and be brave :) Oh boo poor you I hope you feel better soon! And festivals eee how exciting :) Although I heard that Reading had sold out...? I went to Beach Break festival last year and it was so amazing that I think I'm going again this year too lol! But I've heard that the Big Chill is also really good! Exciting! x

  13. You have such a lovely blog I love to read all your stories.. I wish I could write this much... Now I'll be the follower numb 192! I also get so excited everytime someone follows.. haha Keep us updated w the new clothes x)


  14. very jealous of your lovely long hair.

    I'd love it if you could check out my site:


  15. Haha good luck for the museum girl! I couldn't recommend any festivals because I don't live in the UK, sorry!

  16. I want to Glastonbury festival last year and had the best time of my life!! You look HOT in those shorts. Love Sia x

  17. i know what you mean about the circle of doom, especially when your an art student! hope you can break the cycle ;)



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