14 January 2011

Friday Friday Friday!

I can never think of titles for these posts, oh well!
Sorry for not posting yesterday I've just not been inspiried or anything, was a bit down yesterday and the weather really isn't making it any better! I do feel a bit out of sync not in the blogging world but with just..Well this may sound stupid but i don't have internet on my phone anymore and i'm not coping well! I need my phone fixed. So yeah! i haven't been on twitter and haven't spoken to people on twitter for ages, I love speaking to bloggers! so if you are a blogger and like to chat like me then please go follow me on twitter.

Anyway, today was boring thats all i can say! College was the most boring day ever i did absolutley nothing except cut and stick things into my book. I ended up just leaving at 3 because i was so bored, and the good person (lolz) had a day off today so it wasn't fun without him!. Now I'm bored and stuck at home doing nothing, The weather today is horrendous..now i'm one of those people that love winter i could even say i prefer it to summer (maybe thats a bit far) but today i HATE winter. Please rain just go away! I cannon't cope with it. so me being me i decided to go for a playsuit and sheer tights? Not a great idea when it's gail force winds and rain. oh well! one day I'll learn!

had to do that. I thought it looked pretty good haha!  a little square of random pictures

1. Me and my cat
2. Me and my cat, again
3 once again me and my cat (a pattern forming?)
4. oh something different, I have myself a moleskine. I'm thinking off using it as a kind of illustration book that i have to do for college, with fashion illustrations and designs and all stuff like that.

Nice bit of plaster action going on there. I cut my finger at college OKAI

so there you go thats what i wore today, I did have a bet with my friend that i would wear jeans but y'know i didn't of course! I'm not confident or comfortable wearing jeans so i just don't. The playsuit is my trusty H&M one that i bought off my friend seeing as it had sold out EVERYWHERE and i really wanted it. It's actually a size 12 so about 3 sizes too big but oh well i belt it so it's fine. then the cardigan is my friends too i borrowed it for today cause i was in the mood to wear something big and comfy and the jumper ticked all the right boxes. I do have a headscarf in but you can't really see it. I need to find out a good way off wearing a headscarf because i don't do it right. Hmm anyone know any good tips?
I did find out some really awful news earlier, I know it'll be fine but i have a gut feeling that it wont. who knows i just need to hope for the best

My Friday night is a boring one, I was meant to be going out but because of lack of funds and well... Laziness i decided against it, I'm just going to go meet my friend a talk then go home again. Oh well i like lazy fridays i get so tired after college i just don't know what to do with myself apart from drink tea and sleep! what are all you lot doing this friday night?

oh before i go! I have recently (well today in fact) discovered a great blog everyone go look at tattyboots it's a really lovely Fashion blog that has just started out!

Have a lovely weekend Girlies! I'm going to London (which i have mentioned a lot of times already) on Sunday so i hope to get some great bits! 

Anyone else going to London this week?


  1. so jealous you're going to london!
    sounds like a perfect friday night too me hon!
    love your playsuit >:)

  2. Ugh we have the same weather here and I'm supposed to be meeting friends for dinner but the weather is really putting me off! I don't wanna get wet and have my hair blowing everywhere. :(

  3. naww. your cats so cute! (:
    & i'm exactly the same. I have not worn jeans or any form of trousers in about 2 years, Not once. I just feel they make me look....frumpy? oh, i dont know the word to describre it! lol.
    Love your playsuit! i have a cream one, but i'm in desperate need of a black one!


  4. i think your hair bow looks really cute.
    have fun in london!

  5. Your hair bow is so cute! love it!
    n'awww your cat is a beautiee<3
    and i love your playsuit x

    new blog, please follow:) x

  6. I havent worn trousers for about 2 years, i dont even own an pair. I am on the hunt for the perfect pair of skinny jeans and harems though...
    Love what your wearing today. It looks fab :) x x

  7. I absolutely love your headband, and what an adorable cat!

  8. looking lovely girl! cute cat too, even though they make me sneeze xx

  9. Haha, I keep saying I'm going to wear my jeans and then I put them on and think... 'no' and put my tights on! and love the playsuit!!! I have one in navy but it's way too cold to wear it, I wish I could brave the rain like you!

    I tend to do that when I'm at uni; sit there and stick things in my journal! I prefer working at home and then bringing things into uni, I prefer a good natter when I'm there!

    I think you wear head scarfs well! They do really suit you, I might try one out for myself; they can really make an outfit much like a hat/scarf!

    I tried to get an early night as I was in work this morning at 7am so thats a very boring friday night! also Enjoy London, it's a great place! I'm sure you'll return with objects of prettyness!!!

    And I gotta say thank you for the shout out! I wasn't expecting it, when I read it I had a huge smile on my face! I will have to return the lovely gesture as your blog is a favourite of mine!

    Katie. x

  10. thanks for your sweet comment, can you see my pics now?! my new comp is confusing me!

    The Flower Girl



  11. i love your blog! i just stumbled across it and its amazes :)) x

    hannah x

  12. these pics are adorable, your cat is so cute!!
    Hope you have a great time in London dear! xx

  13. I love your blog! You have such a cute style!!
    Following you now :)
    Boho Market Blog

  14. Your cat is so adorable ... Lovely blog, you're so pretty, too!

  15. love love loveee your playsuit!xxx


  16. really gorgeous pictures! really love your style too! following

    hope you'll visit/follow

  17. Ah I love your outfit here :) Hope you had a good time in London! xoxo

  18. Your outfit is so cute!
    I wish I had a cat, I have two yappy little dogs.

  19. haha ! Love the plaster :L

    follow me (:


  20. such cute photos with your cat :D also tattyboots is a fave blog of mine also :D xx


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