24 March 2011

Hello sun

Hasn't it been a lovely day today! well...for the people that went outdoors! I was stuck inside getting on with some ebay stuff and finishing off my college work. Which i have to say i didn't do much off! I was meant to go swimming with my friend then i decided not too go cause i need to save my money. and my friends pissed of with me. UGH! things fucking piss me off sometimes. ANYWAY I'll show you my outfit that i wore today, got dressed for nothing right?
T-shirt H&M| Cardigan Topshop| Shorts Urban Outfitters| Tights Primark|
Even though i got dressed for nothing, I actually really like this outfit! I'm in my good old breton striped t-shirts. It's a must have right? I think I'll be wearing this tomorrow for college. I'm not sure if it's warm enough for no tights or not..Today it defiantly was but tomorrow is meant to be a little cooler! so I'm not sure. but I'm loving this weather! it's so lovely. shame on week days i am stuck in a studio 9-5 so i don't get to see much of the sun. But at lunch i can spend an hour in a a little tiny park next to my college so guess thats nice! might try and get a tan soon as i am scarily pale.

Bit of a bad mood right now, I was in such a good one earlier and then blergh..Oh well! I better get on with some work as i got a task sheet set today over the internet (due to not being in college) and I've not done any of it yet! woops. Oh and before i forget i have added some more things onto ebay, would be so grateful if you could all take a look as i need to save some money to buy a new phone! thanks lovelies

Edit - why am i always moaning in these posts? I am very sorry. One day i will do a post without one single moan in it. but i am British so i guess it's what you expect. I AM A HAPPY PERSON I PROMISE!


  1. this outfit's really cute, can't go wrong with a stripy top! i love the cardigan. hope you cheer up :) it's so annoying when one thing suddenly gets you down, it happens to me far too often! x

  2. I love this outfit! You have the perfect figure for it!
    Hope you feel better soon, x

  3. Arhh sweet dont be moody, not your fault you didnt fancy a bit of backcrawl haha!!
    Love the outfit and now obsessed with your little cardi, the colour suits you so well...


  4. love this outfit, especially the shorts!xxx


  5. Blimmin' heck, I need to get my eBay'ing self into gear soon! I have a huge bag of goodies to be sold, but I'll probably opt for a blog sale instead. Gorgeous outfit Rose, you can't go wrong with a Breton top ;) Good luck with your work tonight lovely! xxxx

  6. Gorgeous! I love those shorts, I definitely must find (or make) a pair! xo

  7. rose your legs are amazing, i wish you could come model for me!
    love this outfit xx

  8. you have such nice legs!....not being a perve or anything ahhaa!...might have said this already too? hehe!
    love your cardigan! so pretty!
    Krissy xoxo

  9. Cute outfit, and a trusty Breton top is truly a girl's best friend (plus it doesn't get cross if you don't fancy swimming). Chin up and enjoy the lovely sunshine x

  10. Stripes and denim cut-offs are a killer combination. I feel your pain about the pale thing too! I went a bit over-board with the fake tan today though :P

  11. you look simpy amazing.

  12. This looks amazing! I wish I had your figure!!
    Oh and about the twitter thing, I have it, but haven't started using it!! I don't have a clue about it!! XXX

  13. The shorta are perfect : ) love it !

    i´m following..

  14. Great outfit, that cardie is so nice! Envious of it, also I need to whip out my shorts also! I'm loving this weather too, and I was in the studio all day today too, was gutting. Got out at half 4ish, but then the sun had gone in.

    I moan from time to time too, we're woman, we can't help it :P

    Katie. x

  15. hello! I stumbled upon your blog earlier today, and thought you were just so lovely, I had to follow you. i've been really enjoying browsing through your blog! I'm new to the beauty blogging world, so if you could give my blog a look, I would appreciate it loads. any comments/suggestions would be encouraging!

  16. shorts and cardigan. super cute, love it.

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    and visit my store, xo
    xo, zebra and meerkat.

  17. I love the downtown feel of this outfit! Love the jean shorts with the sheer tights.



  18. cor blimey! your legs are amazing, so long and slim. i've said this before, but you are so darn pretty, lucky thing. i love your shorts!

    thank-you for always commenting on my blog. xxx

  19. oh my goodness, loved your header!
    & I have the same camera (: xx

  20. lovely outfit. love your topshop cardigan <3


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