22 March 2011

Two for tuesday

the title..God i wish i was getting a two for tuesday dominoes right now! but no I'm not. It's actually because i have two outfits to show you!

Today was a pretty shit day, College is annoying me. I just didn't want to be there today! and my friend wasn't in so it was pretty shit, I did get a white hot chocolate from moksha thought so i guess it wasn't too bad! have any of you tried the white hot chocolates? SO much better then normal hot chocolate. I didn't get much work done today but oh well I'm spending all day tomorrow finishing it and hopefully I'll get another  white hot chocolate anyway I'll get on with the outfits! firstly I'll show you what i wore today. It was SO warm in Brighton today it made me so happy. I was hot in a cardigan!
Shorts Vintage Levi from Urban Outfitters| Stripey top H&M| H&M black cardigan|
So once again i am wearing my stripey top! I told you it was glued to me. bit trampy isn't it? thinking off wearing it again tomorrow. Hmm probably shouldn't! I mean it's not dirty buuuut it's a bit trampy. Oh well! so yeah this was my outfit today. to be fair i did take the cardigan off most of the day as it was too hot to wear it! can you believe it.. yes it was TOO HOT! woo yay for the weather. this picture is a bit of shit one but the outfit did look better in real life i promise, I did feel very summery as well! Can't wait till i can wear this outfit with my Office gladiators and no tights! oh i can only dream right. so anyway the shorts are quite tight..i think i've put on weight on my arse! I'm the kind off person who has a small waist but i feel my hips and ARSE are huge, well thats what i think anyway. I am a bit conscious of my bum.

 outfit i need your thoughts on. I am thinking off wearing it tomorrow! and seeing as i have never worn these camel jeans i think i need to! it's mean to be hot again tomorrow so i think i can wear the outfit without a cardigan. What do you all think? not amazing photos and i haven't tried it out with shoes yet but tell me what you think! can i be trampy and wear a top 3 days in a row? Hmm. Oh i want to show you all my new earrings!

there actually my friends but I'm thinking off buying them off her! as i am in love. They we're from Urban Outfitters in the sale for £3! pretty good me thinks.

I've also re done my blog, cleaned it up a bit? what do you all think


  1. I like the space between your images if that makes any sense so yeah, really like the new style you've done for it!

    Whaaaaart... white choc hot chocolate??? I'm not a fan of hot chocolate but I keep thinking it'll taste like milky bars! and I love milky bars :P

    You don't have a big arse woman! You have a nice figure, and thin legs!!! You look tallish too so... jealous of that!

    I reeeally love those trousers! They fit perfectly with that top! I have a stripped top that I should wear more but it makes me shoulders look broad! also I've re-worn clothes more than 3 times during the week, I don't think anyone actually notices apart from my mum whose just like 'You've got far too many clothes and you're wearing that... AGINA!' - I think I just get too attactched to clothes and then I'll start wearing something else! I really like those earrings also! Your friend got a bargain for those bad boys!

    Katie. x

  2. Haa same here! I kept getting mind blanks, thank god for editing! The more I talked the easier it got though, so keep tryingggg :) I'd love to see you do a video!

    Loooveee the jeans by the way and the top goes perfectly with them.

    Chloe... x

  3. you should definitely wear these jeans tomorrow, they are so lovely and fit you really well! you have such long legs so everything suits you hehe

    xx Iris

  4. I love those jeans - definitely want a pair!

  5. I love being able to just wear a top and no cardigan, it means summer is getting closer! :). I love the stripey top, I say wear it and be trampy haha! xo

  6. i have those jeans, they look lovely with the top :) i find they lose there shape really quickly thouugh? xx

  7. i really love the second outfit, the jeans fit you perfectly! xxx

  8. wow, love your earrings!
    and your trousers! cute!
    Krissy xoxo

  9. i love both of these outfits. those earrings were a bargain too xx

  10. love the shorts! and nooo, i think you can get away with the top just once more ;) as it does look lovelyxxx


  11. i am absolutely loving the weather! i hope it lasts foreverrrrrrrrrrr hehe.
    it's not trampy at all. what i usually do is, i'll put the item away in my draw after i've worn it, then get it out one or two days later and wear it again. so i'm not out in it everyday and so i don't throw it in the wash when i've only worn it once.
    i think you can get away with plain tops though especially if you style them differently everyday, which is basically what you're doing. you can't go wrong with a stripy top can you.
    i love the camel coloured jeans, i wanted to buy a pair but the colour doesn't suit my skin tone, which makes me a very unhappy bunny. go ahead and wear that outfit tomorrow those jeans deserve to be worn.
    i'm quite concious of my bum too and my stomach especially. you're waist doesn't really look big though.

  12. I love the top, especially with the camel jeans, I think you HAVE to wear them tomorrow!!
    So jealous you've got so much sun, I've stopped wearing coats but still need cardigans, the extra few degrees you get makes me miss living down south!
    Also totally with you on the white hot chocolate front, a million times better than normal xxx

  13. i wish i looked as good as you in shorts :] and yes im always a tramp and wear same the same thing for ages..and i think i need a massive mirror in my room too.
    and omg you were only gone for three days but i was like WHY IS ROSE NOT TWEEETING :O xx

  14. LOVEEE those trousers looked at them today in topshop,knew i should of bought them :)

    nice blog
    kate xo

  15. Definitely think you should wear the striped top with the camel jeans! Loving your header!

  16. aww i love the outfits and ive got like 4 striped tops! aha theyre so good to just make a quick easy outfit!
    im in love with your hair!

  17. Love that you mentioned dominoes, ive been selling two for tuesdays all night ;) and both outfits are gorgeous! I wear my camel jeans a fair bit, they look good on you. xx
    ps. blog interview is up :)

  18. I love the camel jeans/stripey top look! You look lovely. Also abit jealous of that cross earring!
    xx p.s: I'm pretty much living in my striped top at the mo too :)

  19. I love the stripy tshirt, don't be ashamed. I wear things over and over again all the time! That's why I don't do many outfit posts!
    I really like the jeans, they're such a lovely colour! Love the earrings too. You've got really great style :) x

  20. I love hot chocolate, never tried a white hot chocolate but I think I'll give it a go now. Really like both outfits, the camel jeans are so nice on you. Don't even complain about small waist and big hips you crazy woman you have a lovely figure. I on the other hand SO have big hips and a small waist, it's so annoying x

  21. You shoud definitely wear those jeans ,they look so nice on your beautiful legs :)

  22. i hope hope hope you wore those jeans and the top! looks so gorgeous! and suits you i really love the whole cammel jeans thing! I got a pair myself at first i was like oh do i don't i? but then i think its one of the best things i did! I think there just that little bit more summery than regular jeans!


Thankyou for all the comments, I read them all!