30 March 2011

Lack of

trying to warm myself up with tea after i got rained on.
Hello everyone, I'm so sorry for not posting at all this week! I've been so busy with college it's ridiculous. I was going to try and be a good blogger this week but it hasn't worked! I've not posted since Sunday. And this post is shitty, blah oh well! I need to concentrate more on college right now but i am still reading all your blogs and things.

I'll update you a bit on my week as i hate leaving a post without much writing (i have to ramble..I'm sorry!) well to be true my weeks been pretty boring, eat sleep do art work and go to college thats what it's mostly involved. College is taking over my life! BUT on some very good news i got one of my projects back today and i got a Merit! FINALLY a fucking merit so i am feeling a lot better about myself. Maybe the whole 'believing in myself' actually worked. So yeah i know it's not amazing it's only a merit but for me thats good so i don't care!
i should be back posting regularly i want to do an outfit post tomorrow, the weather was so shit today in Brighton it was unreal i thought it was meant to be getting warmer but it's been raining ALL day so it's not been great. I've had one of those days where everything that could go wrong does..
firstly i tripped and stubbed my toe on the pavement this morning (in front of a lot of people) was not fun and now my toe hurts, then i got no work done at college cause i was distracted. THEN i was waiting with my friend and the pot of blue ink i left in my bag exploded everywhere so my favourite bag now has a blue stain on it. not nice! and it went all over my legs and knees as i lent my bag on my legs and now i look like i have either really cold knees as they are blue or i like to paint myself blue. THEN my light blew up so i am sitting in a dark room at the moment till my dad fixes it. and i cut my leg 3 times and it bled..YAY for my day!

I will stop boring you with my ramblings so goodbye.
one last thing I've been addicted to listening to this...go on it's amazing, In response to your comments i have heard the original bon iver cover. I was addicted to listening to that and now i've gone on to this. Fan girl or what? I've seen bon iver live they are truly amazing


  1. a bad day means a good day tomorrow :) x

  2. Ooooh I fancy a cup of tea big time! I've been stressed to the max too, just come back from setting up our exhibition for uni and I feel like a true tramp, covered in paint and not washed my hair in two days! CONGRATS on the merit too! Knew you would do it :) ouch about stubbing your toe, its the worst pain ever, esp if you do it around the house with no socks on.. bloody kills.

    That song is lovely, have you listened to the original version by Bon Ivor? It's so beautiful.

  3. really lovely pictures, i love your hair :0

    hope you'll enter my giveaway

  4. good luck with the college stuff, and congrats for your merit :) u did it! good for you x

  5. Just concentrate on your studies sweetie :) We'll all be here when you're back! Oooh, well done on the Merit! Ouch, hate stubbing my toe. One of the worst feelings! I adore Skinny Love but I am a true Bon Iver fan so I'd have to say Birdy isn't as good :O Good luck with your college work.

  6. Argh I trip up in the street all the time, I need to get my feet fixed, always makes me feel extremely foolish :). Well done on the merit, although I have no idea how it works I am sure it is great haha :). That song is lovely! x

  7. Well done on your merit :)
    I like the Birdy version, but I still prefer Bon Ivers I think (so jealous you've seen them!) xx

  8. i can't stop listening to that song! ive just downloaded the bon iver version! im in loveee!

  9. Your hair looks lovely, has your mum agreed to ombre-ing it? Hope you have better day tomorrow! Xxxx

  10. tea is the perfect rainy pick me up! hope you have a lovely weekend hun! xx

  11. Aww no! Sounds like a lot of days I seem to have :/ it's like when one thing goes wrong the rest follow! Nice one on the merit though.

    Thanks for your comment :) Btw if you really want my jumper then I've seen it on ebay millions of times for like a fiver haha. Sickening for me!

    Chloe... x


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