15 March 2011

I think i might cry

Firstly, sorry if you follow me on twitter. Your having to put up with my rather depressing tweets, I literally in the worst mood! It's all because i broke my camera, who knew a camera could make someone cry hahaha, lol I'm childish..Or maybe just over emotional! but it was my aunties camera so i kinda feel fucking awful for braking it. And I just made £40 on ebay and i was so happy i could go buy some new clothes as i am in need of some. But now I'm going to have to spend it on getting a new camera lense and they are £50 at the cheapest...Oh well! it's my own fault for dropping the camera. ANYWAY lets get on to something less depressing ( just realised you didn't reeeally need to know about the camera) Oh well.
Cardigan Vintage|playsuit H&M| Scarf H&M| Belt Primark| Tights Primark| Ring Miss Selfridges|
so this was my outfit for today, I went for the rather boring outfit that i felt comfortable in because well...It's  comfy! my trusty playsuit that i think sadly should be thrown away. Oh well i love it too much to care that the straps broken. I wore it with my big blue cardigan that is just so comfy i could sleep in it. and my scarf! Love the fact it's kind of warm enough to go out without a coat and not freeze to death, bring on spring! or summer i guess. The ring is from miss Selfridges it was only £3 or something as it was broken but oh well! Tomorrow i have a day off! which i couldn't be happier about. I'm going to have a lovely lie in and then get cracking with some work. I'm doing my typography project and we have to make a whole alphabet in 3D forms. I chose kitchen things and i am going to do things with tea as i am such a tea freak! I'll explain better tomorrow as i will probably post a picture of what I've been doing! then I'm off out for late lunch and a Starbucks with the best friend as it's her birthday! I feel terrible for not getting her a present but I've been so busy with college that i haven't got round too it I'm also feeling a bit down as we haven't really been as close as we normally are this week. Do you ever get that with your friends? Blergh oh well! And know the fact my cameras broken i kind off can't afford it. My families really struggling with money at the moment! Oh well I'm sure it'll get better. It's also my Dads birthday tomorrow so we should be going out for a meal later in the evening! might take the opportunity to dress up..
Just thought I'd add. I'm going to add some more things to ebay tomorrow! so keep an eye out. Got some good things coming on to the ebay shop hopefully! thanks to any of you who bought anything off my ebay last week! it really helped


  1. the outfit looks great! simple outfits are mostly the best :)
    enjoy your day off.


  2. the ring is lovely!
    aww your poor camera, dont worry, cheer up,
    splash out on a new one hehe!
    have fun at starbucks (yummmm!) and HB to your dad!
    Krissy xoxo

  3. This is a lovely outfit. I'm sorry to hear about your camera and hope you feel happier soon :) xx

  4. Great all-black outfit! I love the scarf, it looks so cosy. Sorry to hear about the camera. If it makes you feel any better, I dropped my own last year and broke the screen. It still works, but I really need to get the screen repaired 'cos all it does is show black! Argh. I can understand your frustration!

    x Michelle

  5. sorry about your camera. . .love the outfit and i wouldnt worry about the broken playsuit and ring, if anybody asksits shabby chic haha x

  6. You look so gorgeous here! I love the outfit! Shame about the camera I'm like that too because you know you dropped it and it's your fault but it frustrates you and you think' why did I do that'!!

    it's so weird i've only just realized that you live in Brighton! Because I'm guessing you go to bhasvic? Or Vandean and we prob have mutual friends as I nearly went to bhasvic and I know people that go there now! Now i'll prob find out that you mean like Brighton in wales or something and i'll feel like such an idiot! haha


  7. Well techinically i don't 'live in brighton' i live in newhaven but no one knows where newhaven is so i just say brighton as it makes more sense! But i'm at sussex downs-lewes and i went to lewes priory :-) how about you? xxxx

  8. Sorry to hear about you breaking the camera, I'd cry too! At least you're only 10 pounds off buying a new one, although it is annoying you wanted to spend your money on clothes. Your hair is looking lovely as always, and so strange I have that exact same ring but I got it in the Topshop sale! x

  9. i like your style


  10. If it makes you feel any better, if you follow me on twitter '@courtzmelv' i also post alot of down/depressing tweets (promise i am happy soem of the time;D) I'm sorry you broke you camera, i cried when i broke mine, it's so infuriating right? I'm really loving your outfit, casual, comfy AND still styish, can't get much better than that! Try and enjoy your day off tomorrow lovely! Also, you look gorgeous in your photos! xxx

  11. Awesome, will definitely check out your ebay :) & sorry about the camera, is it only just the lens that is bust, or did the whole camera get damaged when you dropped it?

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  12. Sizzling hot chocolate
    and coffee with a dash of liquer.
    A snowfall
    winter in paris
    chocolate chaux en hiver
    ballet slippers hanging from
    the ballet bars
    a grammophone left playing
    while no ones in the room


  13. Your outfit looks so comfortable!!! That playsuits lovely too, if I had it I'd wear it a hell of a lot also. I have clothes like that though; ones I tend to wear more than others. I can't help it even though people may think I'm a bit of a tramp.. ha! Who cares! :P

    Also sucks about your camera, I did the same thing with my SLR the other week, got the money back for it but had to pay a lot extra to get another one. These things happen though so try not to beat yourself up about it, you're only human after all! We make mistakes and learn from them. Good luck with your ebay, hopefully you can get a few quid for the cam and some for yourself :)

    Yeah I'm like that at the moment with one of my friends who lives by me which is funny as I'm closer with my friend who lives in Bolton uni halls. It's just growing up I think, I'm not sure why it's happening but I just think let fate take its toll, I might bring it up next time I see her but she works 2 jobs now so it's difficult. Hope your enjoyed starbucks though! I never do pressies with friends now, I haven't for some time. I think it's that thing of they just enjoy the fact you're there for them and sharing time with them on their birthday. I think company is better than material items. I hope everything works out with your family money troubles too!

    Katie. xxxx

  14. sorry to hear about your camera, that sucks! love the ring!



  15. I really do love this outfit- so cosy!
    Hope you feel better soon!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog the other day, I dont know why my posts werent appearing, but I lost a few followers (I'm guessing due to lack of posting) but I'm trying to post more! P.S love the new header! XXXX

  16. wonderful, wonderful outfit ♥

  17. Ah that's such a shame about your camera :(
    I love your header <3

  18. i love your hair and your tights!

  19. your blog is beyond perfect


  20. I actually like this outfit, I think it looks great even thogh its simple. sometimes simple outfits look better then the "i-tried-too-hard" outfits, but thats just my opinion.

    and i got you, you're not childish it is very annoying when stuff like that heppans but i am sure your expactations will be fullfiled soon. and also the struggles with the money issues. I really get what you're about.

    btw, i am a big fan of your blog. you've got great style. x

  21. Hey Rose, you won my giveaway!
    Congratulations :)
    If you could send me your address to furandgoldx@gmail.com I'll get it packaged up and sent to you asap xx

  22. i hope you feel better soon!
    love the outfit, and i am in love with your new banner! amazing. XX

  23. Love, love, love your new header - it's amazing! Did you draw it yourself? Aw bless you that sucks about the camera, I hope you manage to fix it or find a cheap lens x

  24. Oh shucks! So sorry to hear that about the camera. Bummer, especially because it was your aunts. Hope you're feeling better now and able to get replacement lenses soon.

    Really like the chunky scarf. My friends tend to understand if their presents are a little late or non existent. Just explain to her, I'm sure she'll understand

  25. You are a useless blogger!

  26. Don't worry about moaney tweets hun!
    I love comfy outfits too xx


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