05 March 2011

A little distant

Dress Urban Outfitters| Tights Primark| Belt Primark| Cardigan Vintage|

Firstly I am so so so sorry for not posting all week, I kind off don't have a reason excuse to why i haven't. I guess i just haven't been feeling up to posting and i wasn't really into the blog this week at all! but don't you worry i am back now and will be for a long time.

Anyway about the outfit! this is what i wore last night, I bought this dress about a year ago for my school prom but i ended up not wearing it so it's been at the back of my wardrobe for ages, but since getting a new chest of drawers i had to move everything from my wardrobe into them and i found it and fell in love again. I forgot how much i liked it. I mean it's quite simple but i like that cause it's easily dressed up and easily dressed down too. So i went for the dressed down option teaming it with my big blue cardi that seems to be glued to me and my spotty tights, I also put a belt round it as it's not very fitted in the waist area so it just hangs a bit badly on my shape. I also wore it with my wedges but i didn't get a picture to show you. you can't really see the detail at the front of the dress which is annoying but it's kind of high neck with lovely cut out detail like the back.

I'm sat here with a cup of tea which is nice! I haven't had one  today as i went to town (how did i live without my early morning tea?!) but yeah I should be getting on with some art work which is kind of why i did't post this week, I got told i got a referral on my project which basically means i failed. So on Friday we had to work back in to the projects and i asked why i failed and they said that my project was good blah blah but i needed to work back in to it? made me more confused at least tell my WHAT you want me to do and whats bad about it so i can work back in to it. Urgh i don't know! It put me on a downer all week so thats why i was a bit distant. Oh well I'm sure it'll be okay! I might post some of my work as i did love this project (also why i was so annoyed as i enjoyed this project and actually worked really hard) it was a illustration project on Marilyn Monroe!
So i hope you all have a lovely Saturday night. I want to say a massive thank you to all of you for following and supporting my blog! I have just gone over the 300 followers mark and i couldn't be more grateful! I do love doing this blog. Hopefully I'll get a giveaway sorted soon.

Not to pressure you (lolz) but my Ebay items are all ending tomorrow so if you haven't already, please do have a look to see if you like anything it would mean a lot


  1. I LOVE your outfit - the dress is beautiful!!
    I hate it when people don't give you 'feedback' how are you meant to improve etc xx

  2. Can see why you fell back in love with the dress! I really like the colour and the cut out detail at the back
    Glad your back I've missed your posts this week & good luck with the project :)

  3. That sucks about your art, at least you get to improve it though - sometimes you just need that kick up the bum to produce something simply amazing! I got a D for my A level art because I forgot to put references into my essay so a third of my grade was a U, if my art teacher had of warned me then I'd probably ended up with a better grade so just make sure you keep pushing your tutors for help!!

  4. That dress has the most amazing back x

  5. I really like that dress, I can't believe you didn't wear it before it is so pretty on you especially with your gorgous long hair. That sounds really silly about the art project, you should definitely talk to your lecturer again and ask what is it that needs to be worked on etc x

  6. lovely dress! its beautiful! i've seen a black version on motel...but im too poor to get it ahaha!
    what dress did you end up wearing? i have my prom this year...and im so stuck! ahaha!
    Krissy xoxo

  7. You're so pretty! I remember trying on that dress in Urban and like you said it was really baggy, plus the colour looks a lot better on you than me! I fell in love with the detailing to the back.

    I hate it when tutors don't give you response you want, its so frustrating! I'd just prefer a simple, straight forward answer! Just keep sticking at it, don't let it get you down even though it can play on your mind. I get pretty shit grades for my essays but I just have to keep going for it, over thinking can stress you out so much that your creativeness doesn't seep through. Just think to yourself 'I can do better' and you will, but try and get an answer out your tutor so you can progress.

    Also just wondering what photograph you would like me to draw? Just send it me via email and that will be fine :)

    Katie. x

  8. Thanks for the follow! I'm following you back, you have a great blog and I love your dress!

  9. I love the back of the dress, it's so cute! That navy cardigan really compliments the colour of the dress, great post!
    Love your hair by the way, I wish mine was that long!

    Sian xx

  10. Hey rose!!! I love this outfit, and the back is amazing.. I am now going to check out your eBay items, but I'm afraid the only chance of me buying one is if my mum treats me as I'm very low on cash! XXX

  11. gorgeous dress! love how you dressed it down with the cardyxxx


  12. good luck with all your art work! i wanna see it lady! lovely dress, the detail is just stunning xx

  13. The back of the dress is lovely; it reminds me of the back of my prom dress! Sorry that you've been on a downer, hopefully all your art stress will turn out ok in the end! Congrats on the followers :) x

  14. the thing with any kind of art is - it's subjective. i found it really difficult to understand feedback without a tutor directly saying "that part was a bit crap and will let you down".. that statement actually did happen, and came from one of the best lecturers i've ever had. i'd keep asking what you can do to improve, what it was that let you down etc. it's so difficult being criticised but it's something you'll get used to i think, it definitely came with time for me. you should share your work more, with online friends, irl friends, anyone - the most valuable advice i had from uni was to do that. get as many opinions and ideas from 'fresh eyes' as possible. don't give up! you're great. xo

  15. love this outfit! you have great style and your stunning as well


  16. i love how the dress is simple then you have the amazing back
    i love your blog its so cute but with an edge!

  17. i just loveee the back of that dress :)



  18. your blog is amazing!
    i love the dress and how it is cut out and i love the tights as well. it just works.

    stop by: http://lesketchpad.blogspot.com/

  19. cute dress! i almost bought it in black, but by the time i decided i wanted it my size sold out :(
    this colour really suits you x x

  20. I love the dress and the cardigan!! :)



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