21 March 2011

Welcome back

Hello lovely people! I am back. I have had internet troubles since Friday which was REALLY bloody annoying and very inconvenient as i had loads of art research to do. But oh well I am back now! and all is good. God who knew everything revolved around internet! it was actually quite nice not being surrounded by distraction and i actually got loads of worked done and i felt really relaxed. And that i didn't want the internet anymore..But now that I'm back i have defiantly missed it! especially all the blog stuff. I hope to catch up on all your blogs and start commenting on them.

I want to say thank you firstly as i came back to a load of new followers and a lot of lovely comments. especially from Hayley saying I'd won her giveaway! which is a lovely surprise! so thank you for that.
Anyhow i am back and i am back with a outfit posts! I planned i t all for friday and then bam no internet. Oh well here you go!

Top and skirt H&M| tights and necklace Primark| Cardigan vintage|

so this outfit was from Friday at college! I bought myself a new stripy top..EVERYONE needs a stripy top!  so i am very happy with it. and I don't seem to be able to take it off haha, becoming one of those pieces i wear to death. I wore it today but with my topshop cardi! And I'm actually thinking off wearing it with my camel jeans tomorrow! really need to get some wear out of those jeans as i haven't worn them yet! the outfit looked better without the blue cardigan i have to say! and I actually spent the day without the cardigan on but i didn't get a picture!

Can't do a blog post without talking about college right? It is good! I had a great week last week with the typography project and thanks to not having internet i did extra work over the weekend which will be good! i do miss last week (I've realised i'm not good with change hahaha) we changed tables this week and i hate the people i'm siting with..No offence to them but they don't talk at all! and I'm a very talkative person. And last week i was sitting with the people i liked. Oh well! I'm sure it'll get better. It's a illustration project on fairy tales, well the dark side of fairytales! I'm looking forward to doing some scary illustrations. I'll keep you all updated!

I also want to say a absolutly MASSIVE thank you to the lovely Katie. As you have noticed i have a lovely new header! and it was done by Katie. I couldn't be more happy with it and i just want you all to take a look at her blog as it is amazing as is she! and so is her artwork. so thank you Katie <3

Hope you all had a great weekend! and I realised i haven't done a Sunday blog..Ah It's weird missing a week out! maybe I'll do it tomorrow. Thank you all for the comments and stuff it put a smile on my face when i came home! well apart from the one anonymous comment saying I'm a useless blogger.. Well F you.

Love, Rose


  1. yay! your back! (:
    love your outfit, especially your caridgan!
    beautiful colour!
    you're so skinny, jealous! ^^
    you're header image bit is amazing too!
    Krissy xoxo

  2. haha how can you be a useless blogger? what a stupid comment to make. you look lovely as always! glad to see you back :) x

  3. The header does look fab. You will have to post some pictures of your illustrations the project sounds excellent, I have been sitting doodling fairies all day haha xx

  4. I just love that cardi x

  5. Your new art project sounds exciting! I sculpted a zombified Snow White for my final A-level art exam, I had so much fun with that project!

  6. LOVE the header, Katie is so talented :)

    Hope you're well lovely! xx

  7. You look lovely hun, and i noticed your header straight away i love it, one of the best iv seen! :) xx

  8. Internet detoxes are always good, intentional or not! I always miss blogging when I've been away for a bit. I love your cardigan, it adds a lovely pop of colour to a Breton and bodycon outfit (: Your typography project sounds like so much fun, I'm a huge typography nerd haha! xxx

  9. Lovely outfit, I love the stripy top especially!
    The header is amazing! Katie really has got great talent! xx

  10. yay you're back! I really like all your posts, and it's precisely because you mention things like college etc basically your daily life but it's always interesting :) and your outfits of course! I have the same h&m skirt but it doesn't really suit me; bodycon is no good for me :/

    the drawing is amazing, it really looks like you! very pretty!

    xx Iris

  11. In reply to your comment- I'm going to Latitide, which festivals are you going too?? XXX

  12. In reply to your comment- I'm going to Latitide, which festivals are you going too?? XXX

  13. Missed your blog posts, although I understand the feeling of college taking over your life. I've been so busy and tired the past few weeks. I see we both rocked the stripey tops for college, totally agree they are much needed. It would be lovely with the camel jeans, wish I could wear mine but they're a size too big sadly! ps the new header is LOVELY and so pretty looks so like you x

  14. Welcome back,
    loving the outfit & definitely loving the header, it's amazing, katie really has a talent!



  15. Glad you're back! and it was no problem at all, just glad you liked it! :D Thank you for the kind words, means a lot!

    Great outfit as per usual too, looks really comfy with the chunky cardie! Your hair is looking really long and lovely too!!!

    Yeah I enjoy a good chit chat at uni but I'm kind of a shyish person but not to the point of not speaking to people. I think thats why I like uni so much, I get to have a talk with friends whilst making work! It's so much more fun!

    Katie. x

  16. love the outfit, gorgeous cardigan! X


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