27 March 2011

Sunday blog week 25

001. I wasn't sure if it should be week 26 cause i actually didn't do a sunday blog last week! and this is the 26th week. Oh well it'll just have to be week 25 (OCD not coping well with that) lol joke i don't have OCD but i am picky about things.

002. today was a loooovely day in Brighton . the sun was shining again! i spent most of the morning and afternoon doing art work well TRYING to do art work! i got a bit done but i mostly sat and watched friends with a tuna sandwhich and copious amounts of tea. But then i went to meet my friend for a little bit and sat in the park. It wasn't as hot as it had been  but it was still nice and warm! so many people out and about in shorts and vest it's starting to feel a lot more like summer!

003. My week has been good, college was okay! It's starting to get a lot more stressful as deadlines are in a few weeks. have to get a merit! I'm taking some advice from a lot of people as so many people have said this to me but i am going to start believing in myself more (maybe that'll help?) so i am saying this..I CAN get a Merit and i will. Now lets hope this works hahaah

004. Next week is going to be spent mostly in college again, depressing that i don't get much of the sun being in a studio 9-5 apart from my 20 min break and my hour lunch.. Oh well it's still lovely to walk home in the sun. BUT the exciting news is i am getting a blackberry on Thursday! which i am very excited about. Haven't had a good phone for ages and it's really good as most of my friends have blackberry's and i can bbm them.

005. So i hope you all had a lovely weekend and are having a lovely sunday evening. Lets hope the weather was nice where you are! I've been good with blogging this week I have posted a lot more regularly then i normally do it's been nice! i do love this blog.
not to keep going on about it but i am really poor at the moment and need some money hahah! but if you haven't already if you want to please check out my ebay account for some of the clothes i am selling! thank you.

2 to follow this week
new blog i came across http://popsyblog.blogspot.com/
and of course the lovely Ella who has been so nice to me this week! http://www.ellamasters.com/


  1. I love Brighton, wish the weather would spread to London :-)

    & your header is amazing, loooove the hair creating the words haa! xxx

  2. your hairs soooo amazing im so jealous

  3. of course that it would help, i am sure you'll do fine in school. I love your blog. :)

  4. arghh your hair is so lovely and long, gimme some!

  5. That sounds nice :-) I love your hair!!
    And really lovely blog btw :-)


  6. Awh! you look so pretty, your hair looks great and so, so long! Your outfit seems quite simple but stunning, the addition of the belt is great stuff.

    The weather here was proper shit! I'm ill too so I had to leave work early (not complaining though :p ha). I can't wait for some more sun! Seems like its gone away for now.

    Yeah, just believe in yourself! Nothing worse than running yourself down, if you think you're terrible then the work you'll make will be terrible. It's happend to me where I'm thinking 'I'm proper shit at this' so you tend to just create something for the sake of it rather than caring about what you're doing, but trust me that'll pass! Embrace your work and yourself! (wow, sounds like some poster at school lol)

    Katie. x

  7. I love your hair so much! I wish mine would grow that long, I've been growing it for 4 years now!
    I wish I'd had chance to enjoy the good weather. Hopefully it will keep getting better though!
    Good luck with your work, I'm sure you will do great! :) xx

  8. i feel your pain with being stuck inside with such beautiful weather! good luck thought with it all xx

  9. I am envious of your amazing hair. Love this blog I'm definatly following.

    Xx Annie


  10. i'm discovering your blog with this post, and i like it a lot
    it's cool to know about a person in 2min, i mean just internet allow that =)
    i'll follow you ! see u xx

  11. I bet Brighton looks just laaavely at the moment! I'm thinking of doing a weekend in Brighton in the Summer with one of my best friends (: Hope college is all going good and YAAAY for joining the BB hype! xxx

  12. You are sucha sweetie thank you for the link on there :) i hope you get a merit sweet you deserve it, you look beautiful in your picture :) i hope i get into the brighton fayre you have tom come and visit :) xxxx

  13. ahhh you look gorgeous - love your header too! brighton is such a wonderful place, the food is just divine there.

    last chance to enter my giveaway! http://vickileestyle.blogspot.com/2011/03/200-giveaway.html



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