24 December 2010

Christmas Eve


i did actually just write a whole start of this post but for some really annoying reason it decided to delete it all and the pictures? so you know what i don't think I'll do it again! it was only about a top i bought from a charity shop so yeah. I'll carry on with what i was going to say before below
oh i know remember what i was going to say. It was thank you all so so so much for supporting my blog since i started it in September! wait i can't remember when i actually started it. I think it was early september but thank you everyone. I was never confident or happy with myself and the way i looked before this blog and you've all made me grow in confidence and i am just so happy! I love this blog. And i can't wait for it to grow, Happy christmas everyone! 

this is what came through the door this morning! My wallpaper rose giveaway prize! I was so happy. 
It was lovely for it to come on christmas eve and the way it was all packaged just put a smile on my face!

isn't it just lovely! everything about the packaging was great. the little sticker saying merry christmas was great too haha!
So now onto what was actually in the the package!

(for some reason this post is being the most annoying it's EVER been. Everything hasn't gone right, the writing is annoying the pictures keep disappearing when i re arrange them and it's REALLY annoying me urgh)
I love it all. the locket is lovely and it has a little tea pot on it as well so it's just perfect for me! and the little pearl. ah i love it! I'm actually wearing now because i love it so much. I'm also wearing the earrings now too! Roses for rose hahah! these are lovely and so cute and small. I love the colour too. I'm glad to have these to add to my jewellery collection. So thank you very very much!!

so what i'm wearing today is my shirt i bought in the summer! I haven't worn it since my birthday meal in september so i thought it needed a good wearing! It's normally something more dressy but i decided to dress it down as normal. I paired it with my body con skirt that i never take off and my american apparel jumper which also i never take off. And i added my £1 belt from primark. tada a simple outfit for a day in town! I also put on my new necklace too! it really goes with this outfit i love it. I also have the earrings in on those pictures but of course you can't see cause it's not of my face. I also put on my new duffle coat! which i have to say is SO warm and kept me very cosy while elbowing people out the way to get my last minute presents. very bad idea i must say! next year i WILL be more organised.

the start of the wrapping! just need to finish it all off. That is how I'm spending the rest of my day doing. I need to wrap all my presents! then I'm off out for a bit. So i hope you all have a lovely lovely Christmas and i will probably wont post tomorrow because I'll be busy eating and...eating! but i should be back boxing day or the day after? who knows! sorry for the long post. I had a lot to say it seems! lots a love and a merry christmas!


  1. the necklace is lovely! congratulations on winning that giveaway! and i'm madly in love with your outfit today. <3

  2. Aww i love your outfit here, and the jewellery is gorge, lucky!
    Merry christmas!


  3. great shirt! merry christmas rose xxx

  4. I really love your outfit and am thinking about buying a hoody like that cause i have £50 to spend in American Apparel, from that 'groupon' thing! Merry Christmas xx

  5. Aw you look lovely, I saw that top in Topshop recently and I was so tempted to try it on as it's gorgeous! I love your pendant too! What a fab giveaway! Happy Christmas! x

  6. Lovely outfit! Happy Christmas darling x

  7. love this outfit! the necklace/top combo is beautiful! xx

  8. Gosh!! I love you necklace! and your coat.... just is just wow!! :)

    Happy Holidays!





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