20 December 2010


Ok this is a bad post, but i didn't know how else to get help, every time i do a post i try to upload pictures on to the post and it tells me that i have used up all my 1gb space..WHAT!? i didn't know there was a limit to uploading pictures to blogger. anyone have any idea whats hone wrong? and how to fix it. thank you for your help, And i will be doing a proper post when i get back from some shopping. But i thought I'd do this just so i know if anyone else is having the same problem and can help me!


  1. I don't know about the bandwidth, but you should set up an account on Flickr and upload the pictures using the image URL. It's a bit more work, but it should solve the problem!

    Hope this helps xx

  2. I've had blogger for ages and i've uploaded like millions of photos with a big size :/ i dunno what's happening! possibly empty your picasa web albums?! (when you click on add photo to blogpost) xxx

  3. there's a upload-limit you probably have to create an external account to upload pictures to and add them by URL :)

  4. Alyse- oh that does sound like a good idea, thanks for the help xx

    Irene- wah i don't know why it's happening to me :( i tried deleting some but then it says it will no longer appear on my blog if idelete the picture? I Don't know! thanks anyway xxx

    Susanne- oh how do you create an external account! x

  5. oh i had no idea that there was limit either - hope you get it sorted x

  6. i use photobucket and add them by url. hope that helps

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  8. tinypic all the waaay! use it :)

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  9. Thank you everyone for the help!! X


Thankyou for all the comments, I read them all!