28 December 2010

A little lost

I feel a bit weird cause i haven't really blogged or read any blogs in days! I caught up a bit this morning but yeah. sorry about that! I've been spending time with my family.

So i hope you all had a wonderful christmas!  I know i did. I was very grateful for  what i got and it was such a lovely day, very relaxing day with just a small amount of my family. I watched films and eat till i couldn't fit any more in. the food was AMAZING! and i am a very foody person. I eat like a horse so Christmas day is always the best. As i said i caught up on blogs and everyone seemed to get amazing things for christmas! I did have pictures of what i wore on christmas day and pictures from christmas day but annoyingly and weirdly? my camera didn't want to save them. So i now don't have any i am very upset about it! maybe i could recreate christmas just for you lot haha. But do not fear i have some pictures of me today! 3 days ...after christmas! oh well. it'll have to do

Jeans Topshop £40 | Top Marks and Spencers (mums) | Necklace Wallpaper Rose |
so this is what I'm wearing today! it's a lazy day today my cousin and auntie and uncle and new baby cousin (SO EXCITED I LOVE BABYS) are coming down today. So i didn't make much of an effort!. i got these jeans for christmas and i love love love them. I've wanted them before and i did feature them on my blog and i am so happy i've finally got them. I don't think I've worn jeans in over a year now or something so it's a nice change! haven't really styled them yet but I'm sure they will go with a lot of things in my wardrobe! the top is one i don't seem to take off at the moment. It's so comfy and loose and goes with everything it's my mums and it's  from marks and spencers. I've also got my Wallpaper Rose giveaway price! I absolutely love it. and don't take it off it goes with everything! so thats my outfit for today. i thought I'd also show you some of the presents i got! not that i got that many because most of it was money which i couldn't be more grateful for (£250 smakers to spend)

Wah nail art pen!
Urban Outfitters frame

they are just two of the present i got! i couldn't find the rest because some of them are put away. But i am so happy with my wah nail art pen! one of my brothers bought it for me. I've already tried it out and it's so easy to use! everyone should get it if you love doing a bit of nail art like i do. And it's not that expensive either (£6) the other present was also from my Brother but the other one. It's a black frame from urban outfitters! ah i love this too. It goes with my bed and it's so lovely. I'm going to hang it on my wall with my collage of photos i've done (well started) so i didn't include all of my presents because I'm thinking off doing a haul video sometime this week! or in the near future, because I'm not sure if i'll get  it done as family is here till new years day. and i doubt i'll be in much state to do a video on new years day, but we'll see! one last photo i have for you is my nails.

leopard print! using my nail art pen. still practicing but i'm sure i'll get better!  I used Beauty UK nail varnish which i am in love with because it only cost me £1.99 and it's such good colours and stays on for a while too. I'm using the Jade no.52 and the lilac colour for the dots. I don't know the number of the lilac colour because all the writing has rubbed off the bottle. 

So i hope you have all had a lovely christmas! and that you all fat from turkey, i sure am. 
I'm spending my day playing with my new baby cousin and eating a big meal. it's like a second christmas actually cause we have presents to give out! yay i am excited. I will post again tomorrow hopefully if i get time in between eating and playing with cousins.


  1. Glad you had a Merry Christmas sweet, in response to your comment on my blog, I know hasn't it been ages! I've spoke to you a few times but not as frequently! We must sort that out haha ;) Love love love the frame, Urban Outfitters is amazing! Where did you get the pen from?! UO aswell? I checked River Island but they didn't have it, waa :( hope you're well, love you lots! xxxx

  2. I'm glad you had a lovely Christmas sweet! I feel a little lost in the blogosphere too, it's really strange feeling out of the loop, but I'm sure many others feel the same. I absolutely adore your jeans, I was tempted by those last week but stopped myself because I know I'd never wear them ): I love that frame, it'll look lovely against the white in your room! xxx

  3. hey girlie:) thats frustrating about your camera! glad you had a good christmas:) your oufit is pretty loving the coloured jeans and that urban outfitters frame is pretty! xxf

  4. your nails look wicked! the pens get so much easier to use after a while! hope you had a good christmas :) xxx

  5. Oh I love those trousers! And I've been meaning to get one of those Wah pens for a while now. x

  6. Its so horrible when your camera doesn't save pictures, i also get so annoyed&upset!
    Must say you have beautiful hair, lovely! + your outfit is so cute, you look very ethreal. Like if you were to wear a daisy chain as like a headband, and a peace necklace, you'd look so retro and 70's chic is gorgeous! just a thought haha!

  7. your jeans are so cool and you look lovely in them :) congrats on the giveaway the necklace is super cute! and i also love the frame :) i want so much stuff from urban outfitters for my room, it's all so sweet! xo

  8. Those jeans look lovely, you can't beat a pair of Topshop skinnies, they last for aaaages! It looks like the nail pen works well too, although I'm a bit cack-handed, so don't know if I should buy one!

  9. your hair is so long, it's really lovely :)
    and I love those trousers! and the necklace is so cute!!

    xx Iris

  10. oh my,
    i must get myself a pair of those jeans.

  11. Glad you had a good Christmas, definitely have another Christmas Day to make up for the camera loss - ha! Any excuse eh? Love the jeans and really want to try out a nail pen too, love making my nail leopard print.

    Have fun in the sales! I spent FAR too much today

    R x

  12. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    ive been craving those jeans for atleast four months! i need them, they look so osososo amazing on you and i love the white tee with them!

    so jealous rose!

    love the leopard nails, they look so proffesional! sorry i cant spell ;D


  13. your hair is sososo nicexxxx

  14. Just found you blog and i love it, those jeans look amazing, i really love the colour of them. Your necklace is stunning as well :)

    Stacey xx

  15. amazing outfit!
    you have such an amazing fashion sense!

  16. OOoooo you got nice things!! I really wanted that nail pen. Love the jeans, really suit you. Xxx

  17. wow! love those trousers, serious envy over here! hope you have a good new year :) x

  18. i absolutely adore those jeans on you! the colour is lovely and they fit you so perfectly! sounds like you had a lovely christmas, the frame you recieved is beautiful. xx


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