22 December 2010

Winter Coats

So today i went into town with my mumma and did a bit of christmas shopping, I had to keep getting sent away while my mum looked at things for me which was funny, But i don't think she ended up buying anything, I think she's going tomorrow! I always get money because i like to spend it in the January sales, (who else is as excited as me for the sale!!) i love them and i always travel up to London to spend my money. I saw so many things i wanted today but i just couldn't afford anything.
I need your help again! seeing as you were all so good at helping me on my last help post i thought i'd ask again! this time it includes clothes. The only problem is i don't have pictures of the clothes so it might be a bit hard? but I'll carry on anyway

So as i was walking through town we went into Comme des Garçons and i fell in love with this camel coloured coat. It kind off looks like this but more.. well just amazingly beautiful! if you get me and fitted with a double breasted buttons! I'm not sure but i just fell in love. It was £230 but had been marked down too £165 now thats pretty good i think! and if i was too buy it i would go down on boxing day and hopefully it'll be marked down more. So yeah theres that one. The other dilemma i have is to either get a vintage duffle coat from a shop in the Brighton Lanes and costs £20. A big price difference, it fits perfect and it's a dark blue one with checked hood and inside it fits well and isn't too long either! it's the right length i am in such a dilemma!. The only problem with getting the expensive coat is the fact i go to Art college and would probably get it dirty and it's a posh coat to wear to nice things, which isn't what i need i need a practical coat. But i love it too much! so i know this isn't great cause i don't have the exact pictures of anything but if you could help me i would be so grateful! 

right so i also have some pictures of what i wore today! I haven't worn this coat in ages so i thought I'd give it an outing today to my usual denim jacket which seems to be glued to my back. I'm not that keen on this coat I'm not sure about it..I used to love it it's just not my style anymore! but anyhoo this is what it looks like
Scarf Beyond Retro| Coat Topshop | Skirt H&M |
Thankyou again for all the comments you all give me! makes me smile a lot. and it's 2 days till Christmas eve.. I AM EXCITED! i hope you all have a lovely christmas. Tomorrow I'm off for a Starbucks, Lunch and some charity shop shopping with my best friends. Hopefully it'll be good! if i buy anything I'll post about it. I'm supposed to be buying christmas presents but ya know..Everyones needs a treat!


  1. Friggin love your hair, stop being so fit? ;) I think the camel coat your describing sounds sweet, I'd definitely buy it! I know what you mean about practical coats too, I wear my bloody Forever 21 one (ha) although our uniform is strictly navy or black coats. My excuse is that the leather is black hehe :) I think you should probably wear something different to college though, as a camel coat like that is too precious to splash paint on! :)

  2. i think if you really love the camel one and it does get reduced further after christmas then you should go for it! i would probably also invest the £20 in the other one though, i studied art too and i know how easy it is for your stuff to get ruined at college x

  3. The coat is really cute, I love the duffel detail on the front :) Good luck with the charity shopping :)

    L x

  4. I think that camel coat sounds beautiful!

    i love the one your wearing too :)

    gorgeous hair, xx

  5. don't tell me about sales! i went shopping with my mum on Mon&Tue and we ended up without buying nice things just because ''we'll wait until January sales'', lol

  6. i love that duffle coat! i am really into camel too at the moment. that scarf is just gorgeous! xxx

  7. You look great :)
    nice blog, Marry Christmas!

  8. You look great :)
    Marry Christmas!

  9. Oh i would go for the camel one it sounds beautiful and an amazing price in the sale too!
    Love your outfit here it looks fab!

  10. adorable outfit but i am mostly obsessed with your hair!


Thankyou for all the comments, I read them all!