18 December 2010

Bad day

I've had one of the worst days today. I don't even know why! it was one of those days where everything was going wrong. oh well! i think I'm just over tired and need to relax, glad it's the christmas holidays because i can relax and do nothing. i do have a lot of work to do but hay ho! instead of a 'week in photos' i did a day in photos! even though it was an awful day. so here are some of the photos

1. my pepper pig advent calendar. Never too old for a advent calendar right? especially a pepper pig one
2.the dusting of snow we've had in Brighton. not much but enough for my cousins not to travel from London. if you follow me on twitter you will have heard me moaning about this.
3.the pile of work i have to finish. I need to get a distinction on this Fashion project otherwise I'll be annoyed at myself!
4.my wooly socks! they are so comfy. but keep falling off because there too big
5. watching Friends
6.not moved from this all day
7. comfy lazy day clothes
8.nose ring and snood

oh and before i go i would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has commented on my last two posts! it made me so happy. specially as it's something i made and you all commented so thanks! you did make my day a lot better. I've had a very lazy day today. been a tiny bit bored because family were meant to come down but because of the weather they didn't which is a shame, But tomorrow I'll be venturing out to carry on (or start in my case) christmas shopping! I always leave everything to the last minute me. Tonight will be a lazy night again, I'm so tired at the moment so it's nice to relax after finishing college for christmas hols, I'm going to try and get all my work done and dusted this holiday and get it up to a  good standard because i keep missing out on a Merit in my projects by one mark! so i just need to step it up and get it all done. I'm determined to get either a high merit or a distinction on this Fashion project. I think i can do it! got the christmas tree yesterday but it had wilted a bit because my mum got it from her work because they didn't need it anymore cause  they all broke up for holidays. but it just needed a bit of water then we were going to decorate it today but all the lights aren't working. so tomorrow is the day! or tonight. my mum has just gone off to get some new lights. I will put some pictures up tomorrow! hope your all having a great start to the christmas holidays and haven't had too much snow. or have if you like snow! i normally do like snow but it's ruined the plans and i haven't seen my cousin and new baby cousin for over 3 months now waah! but anyway I'll post again tomorrow 


  1. i've had abit of a crap day too, keeping myself amused by taking pictures with my camera and now i'm watching horton hears a who-i have a life! haha;) lovely view from where you are:)

  2. You are never to old for Advent calendars esp Pepper Pig and of course chocolate ones. Great pics xoxo

  3. Lovely post :) I like your blog a lot x

  4. I always love reading your posts <3 my boyfriend has that same advent calender haha, he is a bit weird if im honest.. :) xx

  5. turns out we both had kinda rubbish days, eh chick! thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, cheered me right up. those socks look so cosy, think i may have to hint and the boy for an xmas present:) good luck getting your work done xx

  6. Love your bedding, very cute. Those socks look sooo warm xx

  7. Oh god! I understand you!!! My few last days were a bunch of shit!!! And its not getting better for next week cause its the holidays... and I work in a bakery!!!!!

    ps: I always love your posts!



  8. What great photos! I absolutely adore your bedding... where'd you get it?!


  9. peppa pig!!!
    ahaha on an earlier blog post of yours i saw it in the background and i was gonna say!



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