19 December 2010

Sunday blog week 13

It's weird to think next time i do a Sunday blog it'll be boxing day! Hmm that might mean i won't do one. But i probably will. oh and before i do the picture someone asked me..well wouldn't say asked actually but they said to me 'your sunday blog post is interesting but it's blatantly copying lily melrose' ok so i do a sunday blog and so does she. But I've seen a lot of blogs that actually do sunday blogs like this and if i remember correctly i did link her when i first started this sunday post saying i got the idea off her! is that such a crime! i didn't actually answer the question cause i don't go on Formpsring anymore the amount of abuse people get is just ridiculous. I don't get that much but still! so i hope i cleared that up.  Maybe i should change or just scrap it i don't know.

001. photo i took today. Having another lazy day today! this morning i went round to my best friends house for just a catch up and then i came home in the snow! it's been snowing all day in Brighton today but it's still not that thick. we seem to have had the least out of everyone, well from what i've heard on twitter and stuff!

002. for the rest of the day i am going to be baking with my mum. she's making a christmas cake but i think I'm going to make the recipe i saw on Lyzi's blog.  I love her blog so much and it looks like such a nice recipe so i shall give it a go and report back!

003. I forgot it was a sunday blog this sunday haha, so i do have pictures of my outfit (even though it was a very very boring outfit) so i might do another post later in the evening. And i do have some pictures of my christmas tree and my cats! so we'll see.

004. My christmas holidays have been very lazy and boring so far. but thats what i love about them! thats what the holidays are for. Tomorrow i think I'm going christmas shopping because I've left it all to the last minute once again so i need to get cracking.  It's weird but I'm actualy missing college! I love it and it's weird not being there. I have some good friends there so i miss them, It's nice my college because a lot of my friends go to big colleges that are more popular..not sure if thats the right word but yeah! and mines a more smaller college so the class is smaller and we all get on so well it's lovely.

005. I'm watching Annie at the moment with a cup of tea! ah love Sundays. I don't know what I'll do without xfactor though!

006. so i hope your all having a great weekend and are having a lovely christmas holidays! how much snow has everyone had? I'd love to know!  thank you to all the comments on my last two posts again! It makes me smile i love it. And thanks to everyone that follows I'm almost at 130..NEVER thought this would happen so i appreciate it a lot. Enough with all the cheesiness.

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  1. you look so pretty!

    be sure to check out all the latest fashion-train giveaways this month!

  2. Hi there,

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  3. thanks for linking me sweetie! :) ah my holidays have been lazy and boring too but i haven't been enjoying it at all! i'm desperate to finish my christmas shopping but the buses aren't running now and my taxi (aka my pa) is off to work tomorrow! fml, glad your having a good time though :) i love annie! hope you get all your shopping done xxx

  4. ah fab post and great picture!
    I have just finished watching annie too- woohoo for channel 4's christmas tv,ha!

  5. Wow, I am so flattered to be linked by someone with a blog as gorgeous as you! Love this post and I totally agree about the Christmas feeling.. My bank balance is dangerously low even though I have loads of shopping to do too xx


  6. It's nice to just chill out isn't it (: I love Lyzi's blog too! I'll be sure to check out the ones you've linked.I already adore Irene's, Gem's, Michelle's and Emma's blogs (: Hope you're all good. I'm now following (:

  7. Just found your blog. I love how easy it is to read & your nose ring looks hottt!

  8. thanks for the mention m'love <3
    i think the whole of the christmas holidays feel like a bunch of sundays strung together! but i frickin' love it!

    AND it's snowing loads, i just went into the kitchen to get some midnight sugar puffs (how cool am i) and noticed my car, that i parked three hours ago is covered in snow again.

    it better stop, i'm supposed to be in london for new year :'(

    love, emma xx

  9. only just realised you mentioned me here, thanks hon!

    i'm having a giveaway of an alexander-wang esque clutch bag, i know you'll want to check it out ;D



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