21 December 2010

Almost christmas

is everyone excited, I KNOW I AM! It's now 3 days till christmas eve. I love christmas eve the most because each year me and my friends go for a Starbucks on christmas eve evening. It's lovely! not sure if I'm doing it this year though. but it's like a tradition. If i do go I'll be getting a chai tea latte! mm there my favourite. anyway on to the point!
Thank you everyone so much for the help with my pictures! I wasn't sure what to do and i was so worried i wouldn't be able to post again. But no it's all fine! i think anyway. I signed up to photo bucket and so it should work. lets hope so otherwise i'll cry!
So i haven't got any new pictures but i thought I'd show you some of the pictures i took on Sunday and was meant to upload but didn't!

so it wasn't the most exciting of outfits. But i'm finding it hard to be inspired in this awful weather. All i want to do is sit in bed with a big jumper on and my woolly socks. But i tried okay i tried haha! I'm once again wearing my body con skirt..It's an essential to my wardrobe i don't know what i ever did without it! in fact I'm wearing it as I'm typing this too. so as i said it was a simple outfit but i wore my vintage scarf around my neck to give it a bit of something, then i put my woolly scarf on over the top because i realised it was about -10 outside and wasn't a good idea to wear a small scarf around my neck. I do love this outfit. it's so comfy and well i don't know but it's something i could wear over and over again (which i do).

I also found this headscarf in my mums room. I wasn't sure about it but i put it on and took a picture for you lot! what do you think? I thought i looked like a farmer with it on but meh who knows. and my hair seems to have changed colour in this picture! it looks ginger/strawberry blonde!
I'm still trying to find a good way of taking pictures. Because i don't own a stand or anything, i normally lean it on my tv or stand on my bed like the ones above. hmm I'm sure I'll work it out!

this is what my weekend consisted off really. I didn't do much at all and i kind off enjoyed it! i just relaxed with my cats and put the christmas decs up.  not an amazing picture of the tree because i did it in the evening, but I'm sure i'll be taking a lot more so don't you worry!

I've had some good emails recently. I love getting emails and one was from Wallpaperrose saying I'd won the christmas give-away! ah i've never ever won anything before (sad i know) so i was so excited when i found out. If I'd been home yesterday i would of found out sooner but i was at a friends so i found the email today! thank you so so much.

I hope everyones having a great christmas holiday and i shall defiantly be posting again, now that the photo uploading has been sorted! yay i am one happy person today. Today my day consists of tea drinking and baking with my mum, have a great day everyone!


  1. I'm very excited :)
    I can't wait for Christmas it's going to be awesome!
    Happy holidays!

  2. so cute :)

    i love your hairband, cute kitty ;D

    cant wait for xmas either rose xx

  3. Aw I think the colour of the hairband really suits you! And definitely not farmer-esque at all lol! Also I love your swallow necklace it's so cute x

  4. ooooh as a scarf head, i'm excited that you're trying out another scarf-head look, i say keep it! (obv)
    and what's a chai tea latte?
    at first i got it confused with tai chi and i was like hmmmmm isn't that some sort of fighting style? "fighting style latte?"

    starbucks on christmabob eve sounds awesome, i love it when they've got the mellow lights on and christmas songs on low, it's so festive.

    sorry i've not been commenting lately, i'm slowly catching up on everyone's blogs tonight!

    love, emma xx

  5. Cool photos! I really like your outfit, especially the hoody, is it from american apparel? I love their hoodies, I've got one in pink but I really want another in a more muted tone.
    Adorable cat you have btw.

  6. such a cute, laidback outift. i love the head scarf, you don't look like a farmer at all ha! and your cat is just tooooo cute ha! xx


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