29 November 2010

Sunday blog, done on a Monday week 10

Sorry for the late 'sunday blog' I completely forgot about it. so it's a 'Monday blog' now haha

001. This is a happy picture? Don't think I've smiled on a Sunday blog before. haha how depressing does that sound! but i am very happy today, It's been such a good day at college! I did lots of Fashion designs and i realised how much i enjoy doing Fashion illustration, when they're completly finished (going over them with fine line and wash hopefully) then I might post them up to show you!

002. on the note of college I'm ABSOLUTELY loving it right now. I love my design team we have such a laugh, me Hannah and Lawrence just joke most of the time. and still get work done..what a bonus! I'm really nervous though because on the 16th december were having a fashion show to show case our Fashion pieces that are made from cartridge paper. And i have to model..aaaah scared! I'll let you all now how it's going, I will be taking pictures of the piece we make when we start to make it which should be soon

003. so the week i have planned will be a week full of college, BUT it's meant to snow tonight and maybe i'll have a day off tomorrow..I'm really hoping i do! the weather forecast did tell me it'll be heavy snow Thursday so i'm kind off looking forward to that. I Do hate snow sometimes but i've seen so many peoples blogs and they've all had snow and it just looks lovely. not sure if i have the correct clothing for that kind of weather though!

004. so as it's christmas ever so soon (eeeee excited) I think tomorrow I'll do a christmas wish list, full of lovely christmassy thinks that i am hoping to get. I normally get money for christmas but i might ask for presents this year cause it's always nice to have something to open under the tree! I don't think i've been this excited for christmas, i'm not sure why i am? I mean i normally am excited but this years it's gone a bit over the top. haha! even though I'm now 17 i still love it. sitting down with the family having great convesations and eating loads..whats not to love?
not concentrating that much on this post i apologise! but Miranda is on and it's making me laugh alot.

Just want to say a massive and i mean a GIANT thankyou to the lovely Irene from irene and da blog
she mentioned me in her blog post and i have had a lovely lot of new followers, page views and comments. Makes me so happy, so much love to her <3


  1. I am overly excited for christmas. My first one in the country for 4 years! (always on holiday normally) I can't wait to wake up in my own bed for once and run downstairs with my brother to open the presents and stockings. I am 17 by the way, not 7 haha x

  2. It's snowing heavily here right now, I think it'll be really deep in the morning. So exciting.
    I've just been watching Miranda too and they finally nearly got together. God it made me laugh though.

  3. Lauren Ellingham- oh wow i've never been on holiday for christmas! aww thats sweet x

    Helen-oh really! i feel like having a day off college for once. So i'm hoping it snows tonight! haha i know got to love Miranda!

  4. I'm so jealous of your hair :) I am also very excited for christmas! cute blog <3

  5. really REALLY cute hair piece charlotte x

  6. Thanks for following my blog :) Right back at ya - yours is so cute. And you look so pretty in this picture - where is your hair band/scarf from? x

  7. Becca- Aww thanks! it took me long to get it to the length it is haha. and saaame, got to love christmas! x

    Jazzy E-thankyou x

    charlottemartin- thankyou!

    Helen- no problem, you've got such a lovely blog. aw thanks! and it's from Beyond Retro for £3!! x

  8. i'm actually excited for this christmas than i have been for any other christmabob.

    and thanks for putting my blog button on your blog, i appreciate it sooooo much m'love <3

  9. d'aww thanks for mentioning me gorgeous!<3
    love your hair, your so so pretty it's unreal! i know someone whos doing making stuff out of cartridge paper and so far it's amazing. yours will be better x 100000! and christmas! EEK!<3

  10. oh! how pretty! i really like the shirt you are wearing, it's so wonderful.

  11. amazing!I like you hair!
    Hi! my name's martina and I come from Italy...I would like you visit my blog and if you want...follow me!I wait you and your tips!!!kiss kiss ^^


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