21 November 2010

Sunday blog week 9

 I almost completly forgot about Sunday blog!

001. I don't think i've ever felt in a worser mood right now. i don't know whats wrong with me i'm just..not myself?  I feel like crying right now

002. I went to town again today with one of my friends that i haven't seen in ages! It was lovely. But i wasn't feeling too great and i was feeling really faint earlier in the day. I think i'm going to go to the doctors about it, i think i'm probably anaemic. which will mean i'll have to have a blood test! ew ew ew noooo. lets hope i'm not!

003. My week has been good. I was only at college for 3 days and we started the Fashion project which i couldn't be more excited about! and then i had thursday and friday off. it was weird because i missed being at college! I'm loving it SO much right now i just want to go back. can't believe i'm even saying this?!

004. right now i'm sitting at home drinking tea with my cosy granny jumper and my scarf watching deck the halls. don't you just love cheesy christmas films! i've got a lot of work to do but i don't think i could face doing it right now. i think i might cry! as you can see from the last photo ..i seem to have given up with work!

005. sorry about the very boring and quite depressing but i'm really not in a good mood. and i'm really not feeling this blog right now :( i have only got 1 page view today and it just all seems to be going downhill! i think i'll be fine tomorrow! lets hope

006. don't you just wish you could change time? I was meant to go to a party last night at my new college friends house but i didn't go because by the time my friend got out of work we were already half hour late and i wasn't feeeling great and i was exhausted. And i know regret SO much not going, it's put me in a bad mood because i really should of gone? she probably wont invite me to anything again so it's really upset me. maybe i'm just being paranoid? urgh
I've just realised how red i look in these photos? no idea why! my cheeks look so red haha
anyway i will stop being depressed and let you get on with your sunday evening! i hope everyones had a good weekend? Tell me about it xo


  1. there once was a blogger called rose,
    who had pink, yellow, red and green toes,
    she gave biscuits to a tramp,
    on the way to buy a lamp,
    and she also liked carnivals.

    i hope this cheered you up sweet <3


  2. You need to get yourself a cuppa, get some chocolate and watch home alone. Trust me that will make you feel better xxx


  3. i hope you'll be okay again, sweetie ♥

  4. I have this quite often, like a lapse in confidence and self belief. You will push through it in the end don't worry :) I cured it last time by going home to my mum & dads house for the weekend, eating some nutrious food and snuggling with the cats.

    R x

  5. Wintage Net Voodle- Thankyou lovely! it did cheer me up ;) made me laugh haha <3

    Ray- I had a roast and a cup of tea, made me feel alot better xx

    Susanne- thank you xx

    The Robyn Diaries- yeah! I'm feeling better aleady actually haha. i did have some good food, a roast nom nom,and now my cat is on my lap! so all is good x

  6. Don't feel so sad over page views. It's the weekend. Maybe you should question why you blog, is it for your own enjoyment or so others will like it.

  7. Vintage Dreams- I wasn't really sad over page views, I mean i was just saying i normally get more. I was sad over other things. I do it for my own enjoyment but i do want people to like it? doesn't every blogger.

  8. hello, i just found your blog and have beeb looking at your posts. those shes you made are amzing! i wish i knew how to make shoes! i hope you feel better, i was aneamic and have to take iron tablets and stuff now, its not too bad, jus make sure you have a sugary drink when you feel low :) i hope we can follow each other.





  9. I love your blog !!! dont leave !, its one of a handful that i read, as its genuine and i like your style of writing. :) KEEP IT UP ! :)

  10. Becky-May- aww thanks! oh good idea about drinking sugary drinks! followed you x

    Anonymous0 Thankyou! and i'm not leaving don't you worry :) xo


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