28 November 2010

10 things i love

I got tagged by the lovely Emma at vintage net voodle to do '10 things i love' post. I've done one like this before but it was longer. and i thought i'd do another one so you lot can get to know me and what i love!

1. Gossip Girl
I don't really know what to say because there is no words to describe my love and obsession for Gossip girl, now some of you may think i'm exaggerating, but no. I LOVE IT! don't you just wish you had their lives? on a bad day or a rainy day if i have gossip girl then my day is instantly better. I like to sit in bed with tea and my cats and watch it. wow writing this is making me want to re watch all the series, hmm maybe if i get stranded in snow this week that can be a plan. 
2. Tea
now who doesn't love a good cup of tea? if you don't then i am offended. no i joke but i'm addicted to it. I drink it twice a day EVERY day and i couldn't live without it. the phrase 'tea makes everything better' is something i live by. 
3. Family and my Home
I love my family. We have bad times, really bad times and good times but we all still love each other. I'm a triplet so my brother mean a lot to me, we don't get on that well and we aren't really close but deep down we love each other. I don't think i could go a long time without seeing my family or even calling my mum. I'm still living at home because i'm 17. but when i go to university or move somewhere i will defiantly be missing them.
4. Cats
I adore animals, I have 3 cats and 1 dog, and i love my dog ever so much (she's 12 so i've had her almost all my life) but i have a love for cats, a very obsessive love for cats. I love nothing more then sitting at home and stroking my cats, my friends tell me all the time that i'm going to be end up being a crazy cat lady with 100's of cats. i'd actually quite like that, apart from the crazy part. but 100 cats..why not!

5. my room and bed
i spend literally all my time in my room. My house isn't exactly the biggest, i mean i'm not complaining cause it's not small but it's not that big. so i love having my own space to just sit and right my blog and tweet! and since i got my double bed i'm in there most of the time. I do my college work on my bed i eat on my bed i drink tea on my bed. see a pattern forming? so yeah i love my room and my bed!
6.  Textiles
I have a passion for textiles. I did textiles at school for 2 years and i fell in love with it. I love creating things and the satisfaction of when you've finished something and you think 'oh wow i made that'. I love it! i also love making things on a sewing machine. I love being creative!

7.  Twiggy
gotta love twiggy ay! she's amazing, and so beautiful. still at the age she is she looks amazing! People keep telling me recently i look so much like her, i personally don't see it but it's one of the best compliments i've ever been given. I Love her so it's so great. she's very inspiring. also just read that she was born on the 19th september, a day before my birthday! wahey.
8. London
I love London. I wish it was my hometown but sadly it's not! I love the exciting lifestyle everyone lives there. some people think it's crazy that i love how busy it is there. but thats the fun of it! it's so exciting, everyday would be something new. I know one day i WILL live there. i'm hoping to go to Uni there when i finish College.
9.  Winter
some people think i'm crazy when i say i love winter. yes it's cold and rainy but i love it! i love wrapping up warm to go out in the cold. wearing multiple layers and sitting in Starbucks having coffee to warm yourself up. who couldn't like that? it's great! and winter means..Christmas!!
10. Starbucks and Costa
I love Starbucks. Sitting in there on a rainy day having a chai tea latte or a hot chocolate with your best friend. it's just lovely! I love warm drinks, ie tea hot chocolate.. and on the note of winter i love all the winter menus for Starbucks and Costa, it makes winter just that little bit better


  1. Wow we have a lot in common, I love
    Gossip Girl
    Home & family
    My cat
    My room
    And I would love to go to London.

  2. love this post thanks for sharing xxxxx

  3. Tea & Cats & Costa. Fully agreed. x

  4. i live in london so it gets a bit meh!
    especially these tube strikes!. ruining my plans!.
    i liked this post though :) x

  5. Helen- haha we do like alot of the same things!

    kirstyb- that's ok

    beewaits- best things ever!

    cotton- oh i am jealous you live in london! but i guess things do get a bit annoyed there like tube strikes! and thankyou!


  6. Beautifull post! I’m new on blogger and your blog is awesome!! If you want to follow me I’ll follow you back :D xoxo http://martinathesolarflare.blogspot.com p.s i also LOVE gossip girl

  7. awwh thanks for the tag lovely.
    i've just tagged you in another! aha only do it if you want sweet.

    tea <3

    i wish i lived in london too, my boyfriend lives there, it's so exciting, i hate coming away from there!



  8. i love cats and starbucks too... but then who doesn't :)

  9. Voodle- No worries! and wow he's lucky living there. My uncle lives there too and i am always jealous haha xx

    Stevie- haha nicely said! who doesn't x

  10. Oh yes, tea is quite nice and relaxing. Especially with that photo. And I love my bedroom too! It's the best place to, again, relax.


  11. Love your blog! Check out mine-


  12. gossip girl! tea! london! starbucks! girl after my own heart x

  13. Tea, GG, Chuck Bass, Bed, Cats and London - this could be me ha. Love it! Except I hate winter - sorry I'm too much of a sun worshipper to like this cold weather lol. Fab post :) x

  14. Angelica Ng- it sure is! and yeah bedrooms are greeeat

    ellie walker- err thanks

    danniekate- love all of them!

    helen- haha! i think everyone loves those things. if they don't then id on't know whats wrong with them, how can someone not liker Chuck bass ay? oh i do love abit of sun too don't get me wrong haha, thanks x

  15. In love with Gossip Girl, especially Ed Westwick makes you really feel good to be british :) I love starbucks but i can't say i'm a costa girl unfortunately.

    Just starting up a new blog, maybe follow if not don't worry about it :)




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