27 November 2010


i just typed a whole paragraph and deleted it. sometimes i amaze myself at how stupid i am. so i will start again! I need your help, I'm in desperate need of a new coat and I've seen quite a few that i love but of course i can only afford 1 so i need your help in deciding which one is the one to go for. So i'll list a few and you tell me what you think!

1.so first one is this leopard print coat, It's not my usual style at all! but i've been really wanting a fur coat recently and my friend at college comes in in her lovely warm one and i have a lot of envy of it. So what do you all think? i think it's a really nice leopard print not too bright if you know what i mean? and it's on sale at the moment. £29.99 from New look

2. next up is the duffle coat from New look. Everyone needs to own a duffle coat right? i know theres a lot nicer ones on the market. Which you'll see in a bit. This one is quite a nice length though. I don't like coats that are too long because it makes me look really short. This ones a little expensive for a new look coats it's £49.99 

3. this is one i'm really thinking off getting. I've been looking for it in the shops for ages but i haven't found it in my local new look. I saw Lily from llymlrs had it and it looks so lovely on! but it doesn't look too great on the website. I really wanted to try it on in the shops but yeah annoyingly couldn't find it. and now on the website they only have size 14 and up. I'm hoping it'll come into stock again because it's just so lovely. I really love the camel colour right now so this is great. and it's pretty cheap too. £39.99 from New look

4.  I've seen this coat a lot in topshop and every time i see it i want it more! it's such a lovely colour and such a nice fit. like the leopard print coat it's not my usual style but i'm in love with it! especially the fur collar. only downside is the price, It's more expensive then the new look coats but it's probably worth it right? £89.99 from Topshop 

5. I've mentioned this on my blog a few times now. but i thought I'd mention it again! I still love this coat. But i realised i haven't actually seen it in my local Topshop? hmm. again it's not my usual style but I'm trying to be a bit more.. different with my style. so maybe this coat is a thing i need! again it's quite expensive but i guess it's a good price for a good coat. it's £89.99 from Topshop

6. So now onto Urban outfitters. The shop i am obsessed with at the moment. I haven't actually seen this coat in the shop but i really like it! it's a kind off new take on the duffle coat. I like the length and the hood! and of course..the colour. the price is again expensive £125 but i think it would be worth it!

7. so i tried this coat on the other day and i fell in love! it's kind of the same as the one above, but it's alot longer. I loooove it and i think this is one of my favourites. I've asked for it for christmas but i'm not sure if i should go for another one on the list. I love the hood on this coat it's quilted and lovely.

so those are all the coats i'm loving right now. A lot more then i thought actually, It's going to be hard to choose! so thats why i need your help! what do you all think? what ones would suit me the best. 

No outfit post today as i'm actually still sitting in bed watching TV and drinking tea, I've got a lot of work to finish but it's too cold to get out right now. it's meant to snow at 12 today, but it's 10 past 12 and i see no snow. So fingers crossed it doesn't. don't get me wrong i love snow but i'm just not prepared today. I'm meant to be meeting my friend for lunch but i really don't know if i can be bothered to get out off bed, this cold weather is making it harder and harder each morning! especially college days. Anyway thank you everyone for all your comments on my post yesterday! made me happy.
if i get time i might try and get a outfit post for today, but i don't know if it's going to happen.


  1. choosing a coat is such a hard decision because you're gonna be wearing it alot of the time so it has to be the right one and keep you nice and warm! i adore the ones with leopard print and you can never go wrong with a duffle coat :) too many cute coats i can't decide on a favourite, good luck choosing! :) xo

  2. Love the red coat with the fur collar!

  3. I think my fave stand-out coat has to be the red one with the fur collar. Lovely! I really like leopard print fur coats too, but what's stopping me from buying one is that my boyfriend will hate it and the trend probs won't last til next winter.
    And on the other hand, the camel coloured one and the last duffel are really nice and will go with loads of things!

  4. It is hard to choose a coat. I do like the camel duffle coat and the red coat and I agree with Pookie they will go with lots of things and last a long time where as the fur coat I don't think will go with as much.

  5. Jennie- i know i always find it SO hard to find a good coat and one i actually like. i know i'm finding it hard to choose haha I think i might have to go for the duffle coat xo

    Carina- me too!

    Pookie- yeah it's really nice that one, oh never thought about the fact leopard print wont last till next winter, Thats a good reason for me not to get one so thanks! i think I might go for the camel coloured duffle coat!

    Helen- yeah i agree, my final decision is either the camel duffle coat or the red coat..descisions decisions!

  6. I hate when that happens! (When you type a paragraph and you accidentall y delete it. OR when the page freezes.) I like the second coat!

  7. i hate getting out of bed in winter, i wish i could hibernate! i really like the UO duffle coat but not for the price, my second favorite has to be number 3 as i'm loving camel at the moment :) x

  8. Love that coat in the fifth picture. It's amazing!


  9. amaris- i know it's so annoying!

    head over heels- omg that is the worst thing, so do i i wish i could hibernate in my bed! i know it's a lovely coat but the price is kind of out of my range haha! and yeah i love the camel one too x

    abigail ny- yeah it's so nice!


Thankyou for all the comments, I read them all!