22 November 2010

Moody Monday

Hey hey people! I am feeling a lot happier today. even though the title of this post is 'Moody Monday' it's only because i couldn't think of a post name, and me and my friend were being moody all day today for no reason (ever get those days your moody but you don't know why?)so yeah i just want to say a HUGE thank-you to everyone that cheered me up yesterday buy commenting on my post! it really was great. After i had a hot chocolate i did feel a lot better anyway! i think i was just really tired. Anyway i do have a outfit post today! but god did it take long. Every photo wasn't going right i either looked miserable or like a ghost soo it took a long time for me to be satisfied with anything! and I'm trying to find a good place to take a photo because of course i take them myself, would be a bit embarrassing asking my brothers or parents to take a photo of me. I normally lean it on my TV but it seems to be a bit high up! so yeah i'll work on it ;) I've got quite a few photos in the end. Some from Macbook because it's just so god damn easy!

so this first one is from Macbook, but i wanted to show you what i did with my hair today. I thought i'd try something different because my hair is just SO boring right now. I had it up all last night so it had gone quite curly so i decided to clip it to one side of my head and have my fringe in a middle parting? hmm not sure if i like it, because it doesn't really stay like this all day. But i think i might try it again!
so on to the outfit...

Skirt H&M| Cropped T-shirt Topshop| Tights Primark|Jumper American Apparel| Scarf Beyond Retro|

 Sorry about the awful photos. i ended up having to stand on my bed to take them, they lighting in my room is just so awful! I might try and start taking pictures in the morning, i find it hard though cause i get up at 8 now and then leave at 9 so i don't normally have time to take any pictures..I'll work at it though!
anyway my outfit today was a simple one because i wasn't too fussed about wearing anything that nice to college today. but in my surprise this outfit turned out ok! I tried to dress it up a bit with my new scarf from Beyond Retro. I do like outfits like this, simple yet fashionable. The scarf does make the outfit in my opinion because it would just look so plain and boring without it! and of course i wore my trusty Black boots AGAIN. I really need to get a new pair of shoes. I've seen a lovely pair of brown boots from Urban Outfitters that i really want. not sure if i can wait till christmas? I wore some thick tights today, I hate wearing thick tights because i've realised (and this picture defiantly shows it in my eyes) that they make my legs look quite chunky and small..hmm but they are so cosy, I think i'm just being over critical of myself yet again! anyway i hope you have all had a lovely Monday! I'm just glad my Monday is over because i do hate Mondays. Tomorrow at college we're watching past years Fashion shows to get a jist of what ours is going to be like! i'm so excited. I really want to model the body adornment piece we make but i'm not sure if other people would want to do it. some people don't want to but i think it's SO fun!
 also thought I'd add 2 pictures at the end. One of my AMAZING hot choclate nom nom, and it's in such a cute cup too
and of course a picture of my cats, my friends always tell me they think I'm going to end up becoming a mad cat lady when i grow up, wouldn't mind that? I love ma cats.
Anyway thank you for all the comments and stuff! and i shall be blogging tomorrow.


  1. glad you're feeling better sweet.
    and i want them hoodies you get from AmAp, i've asked for one in each colour for christmas :)

    love love <3


  2. lydia-lee- Thankyou x

    Wintage Net Voodle- Thankyou! i think it was your poem that cheered me up hahah. ohh yeah i really want another one in a different colour, but theres so many to choose from! xx

  3. these are such cute pictures! I'm kind of obsessed with your blog <3 you are too adorable, I love your photos. so simple and classy!


  4. Glad to hear you're feeling better :) Your hair looks gorgeous like that. I like the subtle waves.
    Love your scarf!

  5. Glad your feeling better :) can you do a beauty post please? your makeup etc, and what you use? thankyou G x

  6. Chelsea Lane- Thankyou so much, it makes me so happy when people say thinngs like that haha xx

    Charlotte Elise Jay- thankyou :)

    Anonymous- thanks! oh good idea. I don't wear any like good makeup if oyu get me ? just cheap stuff..but i'll do a post like that x

  7. i love the addition of the scarf!


Thankyou for all the comments, I read them all!