30 November 2010

nothing to say

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Ring- Pack of 4 Topshop on sale £1
Snood- £7.99 from H&M

The title kind off says it all really, I don't have much to say tonight!.
the picture is awful, but i hate doing a blog post without a photo! i have no make up on and i'm literally feeling like death right now haha.
It snowed last night in Brighton! i thought i was going to have a lovely snow day today but instead i had a icy walk to college and a cold day today, so not as good! but i do love a bit of winter weather! I came home put on my warm socks and had tea and then chicken stew..yum. I was going to do an outfit post tonight to show you how i wrap up warm for snow but i came home and just flopped on to my bed and haven't really gotten out (apart from for the tea and stew) I'm feeling a bit ill tonight too, got a sore throat and a runny nose which is annoying! please don't be ill for snow day please please please.

But i've seen a lot of people doing video blogs on their blogs, So i thought i would do one! I'm a bit nervous actually cause i've never done a video blog before. But before i do one i need something to talk about! so i thought i'd get you all to ask me some questions you've been wanting to ask me. Anything really, why i started this blog what i do at college ect ect, So if you would like to leave them in a comment and if i get enough i'll do a video blog this week or next week. depends if i get round to it! but if i don't get enough questions then i might still do one and just ramble on haha. oh and you can also email me at rosedl@hotmail.co.uk and ask me some questions or on Formspring..Well i'm not sure if i should post my formspring on here because of the amount of abuse some people are getting. but anyhoo i'll do it.  http://www.formspring.me/Rosedl

so hope you all had a lovely Tuesday, and get the questions rollin in


  1. Chicken stew sounds so perfect right now.

  2. What inspires your outfits the most? I always wonder cause i get most of my inspiration from blogs and college life.. :) x

  3. Aw I love your blog and your outfits are so cute :)

  4. Trust your yesterday was a lot better than mine. it snowed in my area but not enough for us to not go to school, so upon my arrival to school I find... the school heating system is broken :| x

  5. Helen- it was very tasty

    alice-lily- thanks for the questions, hopefully I'll get some more to answer haha! x

    stefany- thanks! x

    Lauren Ellingham- that was like my day today actually! snowed but not enough to have off college, and the heating wasn't on. not good :( hope your day was better today x

    kirstyb- thank you xxxx


Thankyou for all the comments, I read them all!