26 November 2010


 Hello people! first on the agenda today is to say sorry to everyone. I have not blogged since..tuesday i think it was! Haven't done that in a while but i've literally been so tired and un inspired at the moment. I don't know what came over me! I think it's the lack of funds and extra work load. Started the Fashion project so I've got a lot to do! I shall be up and running on the blog front soon enough. I'm having a lazy weekend because I'm literally exhausted. So i've decided to do absolutely nothing and just pot about around the house and getting some extra work done on this project. I want to aim for a distinction in this project seeing as it's Fashion and it's what i want to do! so i need to do some work. so as you can see from the picture above i am wearing my head scarf AGAIN. it's been stuck on my head all week. I've never realised what a good thing a head scarf is to own. It makes an outfit so much better and adds a little something special to it. It can hide bad hair days or greasy hair days. just marvellous my hair looks really blonde in that picture! i'm really tempted to change my hair, i want to dye it either dark brown or blonde but my mum would kill me. OR get a fringe I'm not sure! maybe something new for the winter months. talking of winter months it's supposed to snow this weekend luckily at the moment it doesn't seem to be snowing but who knows it could. I'm kind of hoping it wont because I'm not prepared for the coldness i don't think. if it snows i might just hibernate in my cocoon of a duvet for a few days, sounds like a plan to me.
so the picture below is just a random one really. But i thought i'd show you my nails! i'm proud of myself i've stopped biting them and they actually look quite nice in the photo! I've never had good hands/nails I've always bitten them and i always have red finger tips (something wrong with my blood vessels at the end of my toes and fingers according to my doctor? who knows what it is) but it's not nice! but they look quite nice in the photo. I've been trying to take care of my nails and hands in the winter months because mine always go really dry and red. anyone got any good tips on how to stop biting nails?or in my case the skin around the nails. if so please tell me! it would be much appreciated.
Nail Varnish, Barry M| Ring 'borrowed' from my mums jewellery box|

So sorry for the very random post. Not much to say really! I'm sitting in bed drinking tea and catching up on misfits and gossip girl. EEE gossip girl is getting good isn't it!!
I've seen alot of bloggers do follow friday so i thought I'd give it a go!

1. Jennie - I know Michelle from Daisybutter has mentioned Jennie before but i thought i would too! it's such a lovely blog and i love how she wears such cute dresses and lovely jewellery. so go and have a look at her blog :)

2. Irene - This is a great blog. I love Irene! she is a textiles girl like me and she has such a lovely blog :)

3. Emma - SUCH a lovely person and always takes time to comment on peoples blog. her blog is just lovely and it's always on my top read list. everyone go take a look <3

4.Lydia - last one is Lydia-lee her blog is so simple and well written. She has such great style but still adds her own individual style to it. have a look at her blog, she's also having a great giveaway too with some amazing prizes, so take a look!

So theres some people i think you should have a look at!


  1. I'm trying to grow my nails too, as I'm a biter. I want to be able to wear all the amazing shades of nail polish.

  2. awhh thankyou for the mention, those are some very kind words, i'm made up!
    i'm going to tweet you too :)
    thankyou very much!

    scarfheads UNITE!

    love <3


  3. I'm loving your blog! Saw Emma/Voodle tweeted about you and I'm so happy she did, I love discovering new blogs! I love your style, great outfit posts! I heard your nails have more bacteria on them that a toilet seat, might just be a scare tactic but it might help with the not-biting! :D

    Burn the Blonde

  4. Great blog, very origanal (:
    check out my blog too !


  5. Good luck with your college project, I'm sure you'll do great in it! I wish I could wear scarves as headbands, I just look horrendous in them haha (: xx

  6. This might sound weird, but I just want to stick you in a room and do a photoshoot. I love how your features photograph.

    As for nail biting, maybe you could moisturize and push back your cuticles? If you don't have hanging skin, maybe you won't bite. Or chew gum.

    My hands get dry and crack in the winter, too. BOOO

  7. helen- mee toooo!
    Voodle- no problem i LOVE your blog <3
    Sarah- aww thank-you! more bacteria then a toilet seat omg, eww better stop biting them
    Becky- thanks! Love your blog too. I'm a follower now
    Michelle- Thank-you! I'm excited to start it. And i'm sure you don't!
    alyse K.- oh wow thanks! I'd love to do a photo shoot. one of my dreams haha. i try moisturising an pushing my cuticles back but i'm so lazy with my nail keeping. Hopefully I'll get better!

    thanks for all the comments, Wish i could comment back properly i hate the way blogger doesn't have a way of writing back nicely?

  8. Hello....I just saw your blog link and wanted to say hello...I was a nail biter long ago...I actually stopped when I got gel put on my nails at the salon...something about crunching down on a hard substance stopped me right in my tracks...good luck:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥


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