23 November 2010

Headscarf or no headscarf

Another outfit post today! except it's done with my macbook because my camera ran outta charge. but first i'll tell you about my day. I think i like these posts. Outfit posts and then telling you about my day? do you lot mind me telling you about my well..Boring days. mostly filled with college? hmm comment to tell me what you think

Anyway today was a good day at college, i was a lot happier so there for i had a good time! a good laugh with Hannah made it a lot better. for this new fashion project (or as the tutor likes to call it sculpture project?) we've been put into design teams, so the whole class has been split into teams of about 10 and we all work together in designing a collection of 'body sculptors' made out of paper. So my team got Africa and British empire, so Victorian really. I love my group! we all get on so well so it means we've all got good ideas on what we want our pieces to look like. Me and Hannah have a laugh together too so it's all good! today someone did spill ink ALL over my A1 design sheet so i was a little peed off because now i have to spend tomorrow doing it all over again when i could be getting on with extra work. but yeah apart from that my day was rather good! Now on to the outfit.

T-shirt Topshop| Blue cardigan Beyond Retro| Head scarf Beyond Retro| American Apparel jumper| H&M skirt| Primark tights| Denim and fur jacket Topshop|
so today i wore the same sort of outfit as yesterday, I'm not the kind of person that has enough clothes for each day of the week thats just me. So i normally wear outfits similar but i change them a bit. Like this one, I wore the t-shirt and skirt yesterday as well as my American Apparel jumper but i ALWAYS wear that so that doesn't really count haha! so yeah i wore those today too but i changed it a bit by wearing my  blue knitted cardigan from Beyond Retro, annoyingly today though the collar started to unravel because it's been knitted. But i might just take the whole collar off anyway! i always need your help! I wore my scarf from beyond retro today as a headscarf and i wanted some thoughts on it? What do you think..does it look good or just not right? Tell me! i quite liked it but i kept thinking it was going to fall off so i had to clip it down with a lot of bobby pins, but it stayed in place for most of the day!

so a bit of a short post today. Haven't got much to say! but yeah just thank you for all the comments once again! it's so great i love it. and i should probably try and plan what i'm going to wear tomorrow. tempted to wear the same thing but i can't..3 days in a row isn't good. I might wear the headscarf again though! not sure if it will go with any of my other clothes. we shall see! hope you all had a good Tuesday


  1. the outfit looks so comfy. i love a cheeky wee head scarf...feel that it really lifts an outfits. your uni project sounds too much fun! xo

  2. Sweet outfit m'dear - I've tried wearing scarves in my hair before and they get so frustrating when they magically seem to un-tie themselves... I think your scarf looks nice but if you don't feel confident about it then maybe it's a no-go?

  3. 3ate4- thankyou!

    beewaits- it is indeed comfy great for a long day at college, i'm not at uni, its college :) and yeah so excited to start it xo

    spence- thankyou! i know i had to pin it down in advance JUST in case it indone. but luckily it didn't. I think now i've worn it once i feel confident about it ;) so i think i will keep wearing it xx

  4. i always rock this look so i say KEEP IT!
    rep for us scarf heads :)

    love love <3


  5. I think the head scarf looks great on =)

  6. Wintage Net Voodle- haha scarf heads! yeah i think i'll keep at it <3

    Amaris- thankyou!

    Asha- Thanks!

  7. definitely for the headscarf :) i wear them alot i feel like it just adds a little extra to more simple outfits. your hair is super long im very jealous!!xx

  8. very sweet outfit! i like it very much =)

    xoxo Alanah

  9. like the skirt!

  10. you look so pretty with a headscarf! your cardigan is so lovely, too.

    thank-you for lovely comment you left on blog by the way, i deleted the post because i thought i sounded really sorry for myself, haha, but i realy do appreciate it! xxx

  11. Sian- yeah i do love my headscarf now! makes a plain outfit that bit more better haha. And thankyou! took me long to get it this long xx

    Alanah- thankyou!

    Emma- thanks x

    Jazzabelle- thankyou lovely, thats ok you deserve it i love your blog. and we all get down days don't we but i'm glad your back! xo


Thankyou for all the comments, I read them all!