14 June 2011

I guess the sun is back

Playsuit and belt Primark
Blouse Charity shop
Wow isn't it amazing weather today, Lol starting a conversation off about weather..I'm very british.
well I'll carry on cause i started! Brighton beens fucking amazing today the weather has been the best for ages probably because all of Sunday and Monday it was raining/grey. But yay i finally got my legs out again! I love not wearing tights although i did have a rather bad shaving rash on my legs today cause i am stupid. I didn't realise how hot it was going to be and my legs were hairy so i quickly shaved using just tap water on my legs..Yup bad idea worst shaving rash EVER. right on to something a bit less gross

This is what i wore today, I got boiling so i ended up taking off the lace shirt. but yeah pretty simple an all black outfit in weather like this..I like to be stupid. Today was an okay day i got a lie in from college which was nice! normally in at 9 but was in at 11 today and finished by 1 so it was good, All we did was take a guided tour around the exhibition our college puts on every year which i have to say is pretty good! and then i went to town to meet my two friends i actually ended up taking back the shirt from this post just because i am so stingy and i thought i would get a lot of wear out of something else more practical. Especially something i can wear to Turkey.

luckily my scheduled post worked on Sunday! I was actually home only a little bit after it went out so i guess i could of written it then but oh well. London was fantastic best photoshoot I've ever done (lol only done 2) but omg it was good. It pissed down with rain again (i think i have THE worst luck, the only two photoshoots I've done and both have rained) but it was still great and i loved loved loved the clothes i wore! it was for JOYs range called Louche and it is going over to germany or something? not entirely sure i should probably find out but it is going 'global' the women said. So yay! She said I'll get a lot of work out of it. Which is exciting!

Wow i seem to have a lot to write about today, I love doing these posts..It always calms me down as i can get all my thoughts out and stuff (and i do have a LOT of thoughts) anyway yeah I've not got college all week so i think if the weathers stays nice i will be working on my tan. AND trying to finish this essay :( I left it till last minuite once again so i have till Friday to write a 2000 word essay on artists i know nothing about yet wish me luck i think I'll need it. I am off to London again on Friday i think! gawd been so much lately. This time it's just to get my passport sorted and everything in time for Turkey in about 2 ish weeks ( SO EXCITED) and it'll be nice cause me and my dad can go for lunch after woulds. I like it a the moment I've been spending a lot more time with my dad. I do miss him sometimes cause he's a firemen and a security guard he does work a lot and i don't get to see him that much.

I'll stop talking now as i should be doing my essay right now anyway, but i hope you all had lovely weather like i did today! 


  1. I love that playsuit, and I'm so glad the modelling is going well for you (despite the rain) xx

  2. Gorgeous outfit Rose, that lace shirt really brings the outfit together nicely! I'm also so British, i love the hot weather! Good luck on finishing the last of your work! xx

  3. I just finished writing the longest essay of my life. We could use a shot of vodka couldn't we. You look splendid... such a treasure you are! x

    hope to hear from you*!

  4. uh, that'd be the perfect outfit for me tomorrow. unfortunately i cant have it lol.


  5. Love the outfit - glad to hear the photo shoots are going good. I love the Louche range in Joy - gorgeous shop x

  6. I love our oufit :) really good to hear that the photo shoots are going well as well. unfortunately when i went to brighton last week it poured with rain xx

  7. Glad to hear the photo shoots are going well... and ooo going global eh?

    Love your outfit... :)



  8. Rachel Nightingale14 June 2011 at 20:59

    Hi Rose!
    My Swedish friends all say it's a very "British" thing to start conversations with discussing the weather :)

    Brilliant news about the photoshoot for "JOY" and I'm glad the modelling is going well for you. Sounds to me, they're starting the Louche campaign in Germany, then expanding to other countries afterwards.

    Best of luck with your essay too - multitasking is the way forward... sunbathe and do your essay at the same time :)

    Take care

  9. Lovely outfit - i think the tan belt just ties it all togther!


  10. I love your outfit it's so cute and your hairs gorgeous :) that photo shoot sounded so fun, glad you had a good time :)


  11. love the playsuit. make the most of the weather. typical englsh weather, bet it aint gona stay like this in a few xx

  12. going global woooo thats big stuff, congratulations :) that lace shirt was a good charity shop find, i'm very jealous. also jealous that you're off college all week & can sunbathe when i'm at work, boooo. enjoy the rest of your week :) x

  13. I love this outfit Rose, the lace shirt layered on top but left unbuttoned is such a nice touch! I was in all black today too - only my work uniform, nothing fancy! - and it was so so hot haha. Gosh I'm so excited for you with all your modelling work, keep us posted and remember me *coughcough* when you're at the top ;) xxxx

  14. love the playsuit and lace.
    I hope the weathers nice on friday I really want to go to thorpe park and if its rainy then i will be pissssed!

  15. I love how you paired them :)

    just found your blog and I'm following dear *


  16. love your lace shirt, and congrats on going global, cant wait to see the photos from the shoot :) xx

  17. Wow global! That's brilliant Rose! Also got a lot of love for those lace shirt, you've paired it just perfectly with that playsuit. Yeah I've been spending a bit more time with my Mom which has been nice, the older I've got the less attatched I've become so it's just nice to have lunch with her. Also shaved with cold water on those sort of occasions and it doesn't half sting the legs! haha

    Katie. x

  18. amazing outfit! i love your shirt especially! haha i love get your legs out weather :) ronan x


  19. Lovely blog darling- following :)


  20. lovely outfit!


  21. adore this outfit !

  22. Absolutely in love with this outfit! So classy.


  23. beautiful blouse from the charity shop! what a lovely little find
    love http://www.wonderingwolves.blogspot.com/


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