23 June 2011

Stripes once again

Top H&M
Shorts Urban Outfitters Levis
Belt Old from Topshop
Ok i did do this post before but for some reason on my laptop it wasn't working properly. I think it was working for others though, I'm not sure. Anyway i deleted that one and I started again so sorry if you saw the other one and are now seeing it again haha.

Yup i am wearing stripes once again, I'm sorry i just can't not i love them too much! this was an outfit i wore yesterday to just pop into town with my friend as her textile lesson was cancelled. I Was rooting round my coat hangers and saw this belt hanging up, I completely forgot i owned it! i am so glad i found it though as it is very lovely. I got it a few years a go from Topshop and it came in a really nice lilac colour too. Wish I'd bought that one! so yesterday was a lot nicer then today, Well it has been sunny today but literally every half an hour theres down poor of rain and it's just ridiculous. I think i might cry soon and curl into a ball of depression due to no tan. Oh well turkey a week tomorrow!

Tomorrow is my friends sisters 21st so that'll be good. I'm planning on getting extremely drunk.. I mean it's a 21st right i can't not? its just at a restaurant cause my friend owns the restaurant and it has a terrace so it'll be lovely. IF it doesn't rain. Right I am now sitting in bed watching Harry Potter i thought Michelle would be proud of me for doing so hehe! I'm going to come right out and say it and shoot me if you will! but i have never really gotten in to the whole harry potter craze. And i so wish i had! I do like the films and i wish i had gotten into it when it all came out and shit. but i didn't! so i have decided to watch all the films back to back, but i am still only on the first and it's already 4 so I don't know how far I'll get. Yup i know i am not a true harry potter fan! any-who hope you've all had a lovely day today and i hope it's been sunnier in places more then it has in brighton (H8 U BRIGHTON) 


  1. Those shorts look so nice paired with stripes and gotta say nice belt rose! Never been a fan of harry potter myself either, I remember the craze and enjoyed watching the first couple in the cinema, must have been about 11 then but gave up after the 3rd I think. It's like Twilight, not big on that either! Read 2 and a bit of the 3rd books and gave up haha. Hope you enjoy your friends sisters b'day, sounds like it'll be so lovely on the terrace. Wishing you good weather! hope its sunny for ya xxx

  2. love the outfit,the belt is lovely!

    and i love your blog! now following :)

  3. wahh love the belt. v cute. enjoying your stripes as always ;) also sick of the weather, if you think brighton is bad try living up norf! bloody nightmare xx

  4. We Are The Crowd23 June 2011 at 17:44

    i love the shorts, high waisted ones are great and i don't usually go for stripes but this jumper is lovely :)

    Mollie from we-are-the-crowd.com

  5. Love the belt darling and those stripes look lovely on you with the shorts!

    Eda ♥

  6. Lovely things on your blog love!


  7. You have the nicest room evz Rose! Little creepy but hey...! Your belt is super cute, adds something so fresh and Marc Jacobs-esque to the outfit (: I'm going to buy a new Breton striped top tomoz, you've made me need a new one. Oww I'm proud of ya Rose, nothing beats Harry Potter in bed hahaha. Accidental innuendo oops. Totes prefer Ron bahahha ;) xxxx

  8. Ha, got to love the stripes! They look great with shorts, so I don't blame you. In fact, my latest "I Wish I Was Wearing" post looks very similar! Great taste ;)

  9. im a major stipe lover too! love your belt too. have fun at the 21st party xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  10. Plans for over indulgent alcohol consumption always tickle my soul. Loveliness!
    your shorts are goooooooooorgeous x

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!

  11. this is definitely the perfect kind of outfit!

  12. Wonderful post. Stripes are a classic. In love with it!

  13. Totally chic! Love that belt!

  14. My boyfriend LOVES the films of HP, I was more the book kind of gal, but he made me watch all 6 before we went to see the 7th one... I have a feeling I've have to do it all over again before the final installment comes out in July.

  15. Dein Header ist ja wunderschön! Hast du das selbst gezeichnet? :) i love it ♥

    wir berichten gerade über einen superschönen Vintageshop in Frankfurt. neugierig?
    dann schau doch mal vorbei ♥ Laura & Anki

  16. The stripes look amazing with the shorts - gorgeous yet simple outfit! =D

  17. Love the jumper, this outfit looks lovely. I think if my dad wasn't such a huge HP fan then I probably would never have gotten into it myself, I like it but I don't love it...it's just always on because of my dad ha x


  18. Amazing belt! Looks great with the Levi shorts and the strips :D

  19. I seem to keep going back to stripes as well, love them!

  20. love it!


  21. Cute shorts :)


    Please take a minute to look at my vintage boutique;



  22. cute belt! it looks really old school because of the white! its been raining quite bad in london too but thats expected tbh haha

  23. Simple yet a gorgeous combo, I really need to add to my striped top collection, they are just so versatile!

  24. perfect look! love that awesome belt


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