21 June 2011

why weather why

Stripe T-shirt (H&M)
Lace Shirt (CharityShop)
Jeans (Topshop)
Jacket (American Apparel)
Hello lovelies, (not going to lie i fucking hate the first 2 pictures sorry for how bad they are) Isn't the weather shit. Well it is in Brighton, I'm kind off sick of it i have to say and i can't wait to get away and go to Turkey. Ugh come on sun i want you back! 
My outfit today was kind of a 'omg i am so tired i can't be fucked to think' outfit, And in the end i actually quite liked it so maybe i should go for the tired dressing more..
I haven't got as many photos as i thought i did as the full body ones came out so bad i can't actually face putting them up. So the outfit isn't shown that well on here so i might take some again to show you.
anyway i had to dress in the kind off mis match of the weather, It wasn't raining at the time but it wasn't warm either so i put a hoodie over my lace shirt just in case the weather turned against me and pissed down, which it did may i add. 
I quite like this outfit (in real life NOT in these photos) doesn't seem to be an outfit that photographs too well but i don't care right now.
spent my day at college and it was shit we had prize givings and i got no fucking prize and then we we're meant to have a picnic and it rained so we couldn't LUVIN THIS SUMMER WEATHER. Then i met my friend in town and then got home by 1 and since then I have been watching Made in Chealsea and Rizzle Kicks on youtube I'm a lazy shit i know. I think college and the stress has kind off caught up with me and i am just sleeping it off! Feeling a little better now then i was yesterday so thats good.
Also thanks again for all the comments on my last post, I'll tell you i got the tickets in the end for Turkey which is all good! i am going a week on Friday SO excited! I guess i wont be posting that week as i don't think i have wifi and i kind of want a break from internet etc

I talk too much but anyway i need your help, I have a photography summer project and it's based on re inventing yourself the brief is to take 4 photos of yourself in these situations

1. re invent yourself and photograph in a way that depicts your childhood career. not going to lie i wanted to be a farmer..so thats going to be a weird one to do

2. re invent yourself as a new superhero. UGH don't wanna do this one i have no ideas!

3. if you were an animal what would you be

4. if you could re invent yourself as a building what type of building would you become? think about your own personality.

I have no ideas right now so that is why i am asking you, what do you think i could do!

Love, Rose 


  1. amazing lace shirt!
    ahh speaking of made in chealsea, i just watched all the episode available and i love it!
    it's like the british version of the hills..but yeah haha!
    you are so lucky to go to turkey, escape out of this shitty england weather!
    Krissy xoxo

  2. When I read the "farmer" this photo popped up in my head http://www.the-trades.com/hprice/SimpleLife.jpg dunno if that is any help :)


  3. Sounds like such a fun brief!!! I want an AA hoody so badly, that exact one in fact but they are just so much, payday I think! x

  4. you are gorgeous!

  5. Cool project

    I would:

    1) Always wanted to be a vet
    2)Superhero: Being female i guess the obvious would be wonderwoman or superwoman..i would chose batwoman ! haha, and ride in a blackmobil.
    3) If i was an animal i'd be a golden eagle
    4)A building and my personality: IMO i am a classic/traditionalist so i would be the Hampton court palace!, with lots of history and articehture.

  6. You could be an Incredible for the superhero one - that seems pretty simple to do.

    I just LOVE the way write and I equally love the fact that you don't give a flying fuck about swearing! Haha... I think some other bloggers are really conscious of doing it but I don't see why they should be so I love the fact that you do it and don't apologise for it!

  7. Lovely outfit Rose! I've just been watching made in chelsea too, its fucking hilarious, so cringe.
    My little sisters are actually starting their art foundation in Sept too, I've been trying to help them with ideas for the project, although I don't think I've been all that helpfull. They never set us interesting projects like this back in my day at City. xxx

  8. your blog is so cute
    follow follow follow!

  9. For the building one, why don't you get a mini version of like erm *example the eifle tower, put it close to the camera and then do that trick where you stand back and put your foot up, but in the pic it looks like your foot is on it? If you get what I mean?? You know how people do it pinching things. Anyway have fun on your hols!! I have those jeans! Look so much better on you than my hippy self xxx

  10. I think the outfit looks lovely, I wanted to be a farmer too! xx

  11. I actually think this outfit looks lovely, when i first saw your photo i thought you looked a bit like rosie from MIC!!! how odd lol =D. Turkey!! sounds like fun. I'm going to South Africa for 3 week in december, be a hot christmas indeed!!.


  12. The weather is poop - it's raining as i type. :(
    I really like your outfit, I'm a sucker for stripes! x

  13. Aw, the first two photos aren't so bad! Super cute casual outfit, lovely. You always have such effortless style.

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  14. Basic, but nice! I love it!



  15. love stripes too girly.
    would really rather like to have your hair and long legs please.

  16. I cant stop watching made in chelsea, its absolutely pants and soooo staged but I just cant stop watching it!

    I like that belt


  17. I am in love with the shoes. Your blog is fantastic!
    fly on

  18. Love the lace shirt - what a great charity shop find! And ha love Made in Chelsea too - it's so addictive x


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