29 June 2011

Wed 29 Jun

Jeans Topshop
Top and Belt H&M
Bag Beyond Retro
was almost going to not post this blog post just due to the fact i am, once again wearing stripes. I'm sorry i just can't not! they go with everything and i feel so comfy in them.
Boring outfit i know, I went for comfort today as all i did was go to town and eat a mcdonalds and then come home at around 5, I'm so adventurous i know. The weather was weird it was in between so one minute it was cold and windy then it was boiling hot, So i kind off was stuck on what to wear! got way too hot in my jeans earlier seeing as they are so tight. 
I don't think I've ever posted this bag on here before, I've had it for quite a while and i did wear it to death a year ago or maybe 2 can't quite remember when i got it. It's from beyond retro and literally only cost me like £15. Which i thought was pretty good. I loved it before but now I'm not so sure. I guess it's okay! I felt like a change today so decided to use it instead of my usual tapestry bag that i use all the time now.

Just realised in the last photo there is a group of mugs on my bedside table, does anyone else seem to gather a collection of mugs through out the day. I do..I end up with about 5 and if i don't bother to take them down that day i end up with more and more. I need to clean my room i do i do.

this photo is making me happy, i finally borrowed it off my friend Millie and i am so excited! Lol becoming such a Harry Potter nerd but i just love it. I am not a true HP fan though as i have never read any of the books and I'm going straight to the last haha. So bad isn't it! don't shoot me all you potter fans. I'm taking it for the flight to turkey to keep me occupied and then when i get back to England i am going to hopefully buy the rest and read them all in order! But i just NEED to know what happens to ron and hermione I'm going to come right out and say it but i am obsessed with Ron. Ok I'll stop as i am very very very late on the Harry Potter bandwagon so you don't all need to hear about my obsession

Okay i have one last thing to say! If i get time..For a little good bye thing  (for a week) I'm going to do a little video blog! hehehe aren't you lucky bastards. So SO SO i need you all to ask me some questions for me to answer! I tried this once when i had less followers and people reading my blog so it failed a little and only got asked 1 questions, so plz be nice and ask me some! anything you want to hear about me I will answer. you can ask me on here, Twitter, or tumblr so go awn you know you wanna!

Thanks again, I am very almost (sort off) close to 500 follows and i couldn't be happier and still in a little shock! Hope you've all had a lovely day and hopefully i will get the video done tomorrow. If not i will save the questions if i get any, for a day when i get back to England so don't worry your effort wont go to waste! 

Love, Rose 


  1. Those jeans fit you like a dream, hun! Ooooh, I really need new jeans! Mine are all loose at the bottom - eugh.
    Can't stop complimenting you when you wear stripes, lovely! It looks so great and 60s on you.
    Also - YAY! Harry Potter!

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  2. Keep going with the stripes - why fix something that isn't broken? I seem to collect empty glasses wherever I go, the whole kitchen cupboard ends up in my bedroom!

    Have fun on holiday, I'm so jeaous! xx

  3. LOL@ Lucky bastards, hahaha!

    I have some questions please....

    What is your favourite perfume?
    Your favourite beauty items/makeup etc.
    What are some of your most favourite books? (as many as you like)
    And what are your favourite foods/snacks and drinks?! We know you love tea!

    :) And the stripes are in dude, keep wearing em' i say!


  4. wow your hair is so long!
    i just have one question: how/where did you get scouted for modelling? :)
    Hannah xo


  5. Can't go wrong with a striped tee! :)
    loved the outfit, an your hair is to die for!

    Laurencollinson x

  6. i have that top also and it is one of my faves xxxx

  7. i love the top with those pants! they look great on your body!


  8. I want to invite you to check out my fashion blog, if you like ;)

    With love, Samm

  9. Same here, at the end of the day my room is full of dishes, cups, glasses... ^^

  10. Love the striped top and your hair is so pretty!

  11. Your hair is sooooo nice! And your outfit is really cooool. Ellie xxxx

    ps check ma blog : ohmyellie.blogspot.com


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