20 June 2011

Sunday blog week 35 done on a Monday

couldn't find any pictures of me to use so heres one of me and my cat the other day

001. another late Sunday blog, I'm sorry about that. I'm kind off thinking off giving up the Sunday blog feature as well.. I don't really think it really works.. I dunno i was just thinking it earlier and maybe I'll give it up, but then i have no regular features on my blog. But i don't really mind

002. I was going to post this yesterday but i had no picture to use. Probably because i was feeling extremely hungover and not in the picture mood. So yeah i went out on Saturday for my friends surprise birthday thing which wasn't a surprise cause she knew about it but it was okay, I left quite early because i wasn't feeling great and wasn't in the mood to walk home in the rain so left earlier. but it was lovely to see a few of my old friends that i haven't seen in bloody ages! it's nice to catch up. I told myself i wasn't going to drink but i did..And i hadn't been out in ages because I've been so busy with college that it seemed to take more of an effect then it usually does hahah. Oh well!

003.so yesterday i spent my day in bed all day, i watched UP and then played sims 3 and thats kind off what I'm doing again today. I'm not feeling too great for some reason its the kind off illness where you don't know whats wrong with you, you just don't feel..Right. So I've decided to spend my day in bed again

004. tomorrow is my last day at college which is really great! it'll be sad-ish cause some of these people i wont see for ages and might not see them again but then again it'll be nice not to see some of them ( hehe i am so nice) but I'll miss my good friend from college so hopefully I'll see her this summer. It's a picnic AW my college is well cute. So i should probably get up today actually so i can go get some food for it. I'm thinking pound shop...

005. this week is probably going to be a lazy one. All my friends still have college for another 3/4 weeks so i probs will be lounging around but i do have a friends 21st party on Friday which will be fun! it's my friends sister but she's like a sister to me so it'll be lovely. Got to try and think of something to wear never been to a 21st before!

006. so I've decided to kind of re think my blog, not re think just..Well i am not going to be posting loads of crappy outfit pictures and i will try and make them as best as possible before i post otherwise i am just not going to post. So it's either good photos or just not blogging. So hopefully I can start to work my camera out and get the best quality it can provide.

007. Im also slightly panicking, i thought my holiday tickets were booked as i am well was meant to go on 1st July. BUT i found out yesterday we haven't booked the ticket cause my passport wasn't ready. but ugh i don't know, Please someone ease my mind and tell me there will still be tickets for a holiday that is 2 weeks away..PLEASE! i mean it is still in school time so maybe that means there will be. If i don't go i think i'll literally cry for a week. I've been looking forward to this!!! waaaaah

Thanks again for listening to my rambling, this is kind of a weird Sunday blog I'm not feeling myself so i don't really know what I'm talking about but i do want to say a massive massive thank you to Michelle for mentioning me in her latest blog post i have never had so many page views before so its really nice of her to do so. and I gained like almost 10 google friend followers and more bloglovin followers. alotta love for Michelle right now!!

Edit- I got a ticket it's all worked out better as i am now getting a flight just 3 hours after the others, a week on Friday i go! so excited i need a tan


  1. Your cat is such a cutie!



  2. beautiful picture, your cat is well cute!
    ahh, UP! I love that film, so emotional :')
    Krissy xoxo

  3. Love the black and white photograph and your kitty is cute. I always end up posting late on a sunday when I haven't blogged during the week because of work, life etc. Lovely blog, I follow you!

    Eda ♥

    Would love for you to vote for me:


  4. Your cat is lovely :)
    Hope you feel better soon! It's probably all the stress and tiredness from the year at college that's catching up with you. x

  5. I'm rethinking my "regular" blog features at the moment too, not sure if having such a rigid structure is working out so well, I think I'd prefer integrating my Week in Photos into my daily/almost daily outfit posts (:

    Crazy that you're finishing college for the Summer! I've completely lost track of time now that I'm done with Uni, and have been for more than a month. Hope your holiday all works out sweet, I don't think I'm going away at all this Summer now!

    And you are most welcome for the link! <3

  6. i love your blog and your cat is so cute!

    hope you feel better soon. x

  7. I wouldn't worry about being able to book a flight, I only just booked a holiday today and I leave on Saturday so don't panic :) x

  8. Very sweet kitty. I don't tend to have regular blog features - I know too well they would never end up being regular enough x

  9. i love lazy days, i actually really want to buy sims 3! It reminds me of my youth i love just decorating the house! (saddo i know) Don't worry about the flights the kids still wont have broken up for school so i' sure your be fine! xxxx

  10. Wooo glad you got your ticket problem sorted! I was the same when I was going to berlin, I had to get my passport sorted and it took 6 weeks for me to get one, had to have a bloody interview to proove my identity too which lasted like 5 minutes haha. But yeah, you'll have a smashin time im sure love. Also dont give up the sunday blog posts, ive always liked them. I remember months ago just reading them and reading them.

    And ooooh you should do an outfit post with it, it'll look great on you! would look so nice with your denim levi's!

  11. i like your blog:)


  12. super cute! love it :)


  13. Such a cute photo of you and your cat! Ah, sorry to hear your not feeling great, hope you feel better soon! Ah i love playing sims 3 when haing a lazy day! xx

  14. I love your blog hun :)
    that pic is soooo cute xD



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