12 June 2011

Sunday blog week 34

I've missed a few Sunday blogs in recent weeks so i want to apologise for that, I don't really know why I'm normally not busy on Sundays so i get them done but i guess i was.. I can't even remember (wow i have bad memory) anyway this is a schedule post so i hope it works as i am probably still in London right now so i thought I'd write it now and yeah yeah yeah ok.

A week in photos well technically it's a few weeks in photos due to missing some:
woo organised Rose. I finally got myself a diary to keep track of everything. It seems to be working this one is from Muji
trying on a maxi dress in Topshop. After this i realised never to buy one..I look awful in them. This was from London a week ago
one of the best restaurant I've been too. Carnaby street London
Saturdays event at Brighton Fashion Week. Crap photo i know
mm baking cookies, they ended up tasting pretty good
Brighton University Degree show (i so want to go there now)
Love the fact i have a video box 5 seconds from my house at the end of the road. 
never thought this would happen, looking at this made me smile ALOT
Wow so a lot of photos from a few weeks, well i guess there should be more seeing as i haven't done this in 2/3 weeks? but any hoo i hope you enjoy them.
I've had a pretty good week this week, especially Thursday. It was one of the best I've had in a long long time! also found out i got a Merit on my project so i am overall a merit now which means i WILL progress on to extended diploma and concentrate on textiles! woo. 

So yeah as i said at the start this is a scheduled post as i am currently in London (yay) off to do a photoshoot with Joy clothing! for their 2011 lookbook or something. Very very excited something like this is what i need to bring my confidence up even more! obviously i am shitting myself but not as much as before. I need to learn to control my nerves and insecurities.

Also wanted to say as i don't really say it enough  thank you to all my followers! I did reach over 400 followers the other week which i think is crazy. Can't believe 400 people read my blog? anyway yeah thank you all! and thanks to all the comments i got on a recent post.. I reached like 37. Most I've ever gotten before! hehe yeah thanks again. 


  1. I went to the brighton degree show last sunday! it was really good, hope you're having a good time in london :) xxx

  2. It's great feeling organised, I tend to be good at organising/planning but never actually doing what I planned. Looks like you've had a yummy week! Congrats on being listed as a model too :)


  3. i think the maxi dress really suits you! and cant wait to see the photos from the photoshoot! ben and jerrys cookie dough ice cream...yum. :) xx

  4. I love using a diary, I feel so much more organised now I have a Filofax!
    Glad everything's going so good for you, you deserve it! x

  5. i couldn't live without my diary! looks like you had a good few weeks and good luck with the shoot, i'm sure you'll be fine! x

  6. I've been thinking of investing in a diary for ages, but haven't got round to it!

    I think the maxi dress looks lovely on you



  7. I hope the shoot went well!
    I love Joy clothing and i'd love to here about how it went! x

  8. ah i was meant to go to brighton fashion week - but i had to go to a wedding instead x

  9. thank-you for the comment my lovely,
    i've heard so much about brighton fashion week from other bloggers, it looks wonderful, i'm so gutted I didn't go!
    aww you really shouldn't be jealous of my camera, it's how you use it.. not what you've got hehe.. ooh your a model now eyy! thats pretty cool xx

  10. These photos are great, looks like you've had a lovely few weeks! Carnaby street is great, love it down there and that food looks delicious! Brightion Fashion Week looks amazing!! + as for becoming a model, well CONGRATS! Cannot express my jealousy xx

  11. A photo shoot! How exciting - let us know how it goes!

    And oh man, I am so craving some ice cream now. x

  12. Your blog is really lovely- I've just discovered it. I really like your header!

  13. aww rose you're so sweet. i keep diaries but i forget about them for months and months and then get annoyed, fail. i actually think that maxi dress looks really good on you! you have the right figure for them. hope the photo shoot went well xx

  14. I have a friend that was modelling in BFW! and I'm going to Brighton Uni in september! (Not to do art..but still) eeek!!

  15. I actually really like the maxi dress on you! :)


Thankyou for all the comments, I read them all!