10 May 2011

Shorts are a daily need

firstly i am sorry for wearing my breton stripe top AGAIN, oh and on that note thanks to the lovely michelle for mentioning me in her breton stripe top outfit post!

I'm back! no blogging break for me..It's just boring without this blog so i did say before i wasn't sure how long I'd be back for but i'll have you know it will be for a long time! i like to blog so i don't want a break form it just yet! even though right now it is distracting me from my work.
But i need your help so college work can wait.  I bought these shorts today in Urban outfitters like my other Levi shorts but black! I've been wanting a pair for so long and i finally found a good pair..but i want everyones opinion on them as i am quite indecisive about things. I know the photos aren't great but what do you think? are they a nice cut..I quite like them because they are REALLY high waisted which is what i like in a pair of shorts. but yeah everyones thoughts are welcome and you will be helping me

Sorry for the very short post I am meant to be doing sketchbook work and probably shouldn't even be on the computer but i had to show you them, and i had to tell you some exciting news! as i was writing this post i got a phone call from Strike Model Agency asking me to come in for an interview up in South London!!! literally in shock right now..Me a model? nah.
But it's put me in the best of moods so i just thought i'd tell you all! I am so excited, No idea why they asked me to go for a casting as i am quite short? but any who YAY! I'll keep you all updated on it! now it's the challenge of trying to get the day off college next week AND deciding what to wear..

Edit- I forgot to mention i reached 400 followers yesterday so thank you very very VERY much! it means a lot that the whole 400 lot of you lovely people read what i ramble on about.


  1. They're really lovely! I love high waisted shorts, too, so I can see why you like them so much. They fit like a dream and are super versatile since they're black!

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  2. the shorts are lovely!
    i've been looking for a pair for ages! they're either all too big or too small :( i suppose thats the problem with vintage things...

    congratulations with the casting thing!! xxx

  3. they're like the perfect shorts! if there's was an urban outfitters near me i'd be off right now to get a pair.

    congrats and good luck with the interview! x

  4. I love the shorts, you should definitely keep them. They're really nice :)
    Congratulations on the interview! I'm sure you'll do well :) Keep us updated on how it all goes!! xx

  5. You should most definitely keep the shorts! I want a pair! I love high waisted ones, mine are always too big because I get the bigger pair. I have no idea why I do that!
    Oh how exciting! Good luck with your interview.

  6. You have a fabulous figure, they're lovely and I do love the colour, I'm unsure on the cut around the thigh area...make sure they're comfy because there is nothing worse than walking around in the summer in uncomfortable shorts! Lovely blog ♥

    Eda ♥

    *following your blog*

  7. They;re amazing love the high-waist too if you like it keep it love looks lovely on you <3

  8. This is going to sound so random, but I love your pillowcases and bedding Rose (: Feeling so inspired by interiors at the moment! Your new shorts are gorgeous, I would kill for legs like yours. SO excited and proud, in a sense, of your modelling interview! Wishing you the best of luck, EEP! xxxx

  9. KEEP THEM!!! ;) they are BEAUT!!! :)

  10. you look so lovely !

  11. defo keep, they're perfect for you x

  12. The shorts are lovely, black is a great alternative to throwing on the usual blue denim cut offs. Best of luck with the interview, you will do great you are gorgous! x

  13. cool blog! glad its not on private ! :) please do a room tour and whats in my handbag?

    Bella x

  14. I LOVE those shorts, been thinking about getting some black ones for a while, definitely a keeper! And yep, I'm always looking for the highest waisted shorts!

    Chloe... x

  15. Those shorts are beautiful! and trust me they are a great fit! however I know what you mean about being indecisive as I'm the same at times. But yeah, they're great! Well done on the casting, you're a beautiful girl and you don't look short at all. Your legs look really long! Hope your college work goes alright too! xx


Thankyou for all the comments, I read them all!