02 May 2011

Sunday blog week 30

Once again i am sorry for doing this on a Monday. The bank holidays and things are messing with my head! i completely forgot it was Sunday yesterday.  The photo is what i am wearing today shorts are H&M and so is the top actually! walking H&M advert aye. So i am going to do the whole week in photos again cause i quiet like doing that. I'll try do it most weeks but sometimes i don't get as many photos. But yeah here you go!

Week in photos
Aren't these mugs cute? Had to get a picture. This was just before the casting i went for a cup of tea with my mum. It helped with the nerves i have to say!
I know i know i work so hard at college. This was on Thursday when i was meant to be doing a tonal drawing of a flower..But this was much funner
After my little moment there i did end up getting a bit done, not finished yet.  It's a little sketch so nothing great
who i spent my day with yesterday, I love my little cousin Chuck (Charlie) and it was a really lovely day
if you've never tasted this stuff you need to. Well thats if you can go to turkey and get it. My best friend came back from turkey the other day and brought me this back. It's sort of Turkish cotton candy. literally omg so addictive and THE best thing I've ever tasted. right ok i'll stop now! 
so i hope you've all had a lovely long weekend i certainly have!
Can't leave a post without mentioning the royal wedding right? I wasn't going to watch it as i am not into the whole royal stuff but how could i not! Her dress was stunning and it made me a little emotional (look at me?! I'm a changed person) i was mocking the whole thing before but i was SO glad i watched it i really got into it and loved it. So you lot have proved me wrong everyone went all out and it was a lovely event that i think people will all remember for a long time!

My weekend was good i went out Friday got a bit too drunk and probably embarrassed myself and got punched in the face by my friend. By accident but it fucking hurt! and then slept saturday Sunday spent the day looking after chuck and with family and then saw my best friend last night and came home today to sit in bed eating scones and tea watching antzs and putting off doing work. A nice weekend! how was yours?


  1. i like the flower top from UO! its so pretty!
    and your little cousin is so adorable!!
    Krissy xoxo

  2. I thought that turkish candy floss was a box of tissues! lol sounds like you've had a fab week


  3. ooh does that stuff taste like Turkish delight? I love that!
    I really like those shorts!!

  4. i always forget what day it is while holidays!

  5. Your cousin is adorable! And that mug is fabulous.


  6. there's so many bank holidays at the moment i'm so confused with days but i adore that top, you should definitely get it! x

  7. Those shorts so lovely and go well with the vest top! Proper 'loling' at that picture with the magnifying glass haha, I'm sure I've used one of them before! Those tea cups are beautiful too, really sweet. I haven't even heard of that candy before; I'll have to check it out!

  8. the babies name is chuck? oh my that is lovely :) you look beauts in the pic with the magnifying glass :) when i come to brighton we are going to have fun :) excited looks like you have had a lovely fun filled week i love all the outfits as well you lovely lady xxxxxx

  9. i love the teacup! the shorts from UO look great on you! hope the casting went well!

  10. Oh My Gosh, how did the casting go? do you know the results yet? the top is gorge but UO is so expensive! everything seems to have gotten (even more) pricey recently, you should make one- rape up the college facilities plus as its a flower you could always pass it off as part of your project??? :)


Thankyou for all the comments, I read them all!