24 May 2011

Nerves get the better

t-shirt orginial American Apparel, Shorts Urban Outfitters, Tights Primark
here is a picture from the other day of how i wore the Twiggy t-shirt. Pretty simple but i quite liked this outfit! 
t-shirt H&M, Cardigan and Jeans Topshop
i didn't go bare foot btw i had my office sandals on
this is what i wore today, I don't think I've done an outfit post yet with these jeans I have tried before but jeans never seem to look nice in photos and make my legs look un flattering thats why I ended up giving you a mirror photo picture as it worked better and showed the whole outfit. Ugh can't wait to get a good camera! 
Not really got much to say at the moment I am so tired and college is getting pretty stressful so i am feeling exhausted most nights. 
One thing i do have to say is i got a call from Strike today saying there is an opportunity for a shoot on Thursday. thats all the details I've got so far buuut i am shitting myself why do i have to suffer from nerves? I've never done any modelling before so i am pretty scared about it. I'm hoping i can actually go as i have college but might just call in sick. I also have to travel to London all on my own and get to East London...Gah never done it before but I'm hoping it'll be a good experience to get me started as i will have to do this a lot. I haven't even sent off the contract yet and they've already got me work! I like this.

So thanks again for all the congrats your all lovely. sorry for the rather boring post i am not in the best of moods (over tired i think)


  1. I like your style, it's very vintage :D Good luck with the modelling too :)


  2. gorgeous outfit, really love that top! good luck for thursday xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  3. You never look unflattering in your photographs! You always wear jeans so well and your DIY is great stuff! Glad the modeling thing is working out, and can't believe they've got work so fast! Just be yourself and it'll come naturally I'm sure, you have a lovely face and you'll find 'what works' I'm sure. Plus there will be experts to put your nerves at ease! I had my first driving test and I was dead nervous but the instructor was lovely and clamed me down straight away - It'll be like that. Plenty of girls/guys have been nervous so they'll understand. Hope you have a fantastic time too and the experience of traveling to good ole' laaandan will be good for you in the future too!xxx

  4. Eee! I hope you make it to the shoot and have a great experience. I'm sure they're doing the test shots for your portfolio.

  5. I love this tee shirt, it looks great!
    I hope you can come on Thursday, it's so exciting! oh and if you get lost or something feel free to send me a message on twitter @irisinlondon and I'll help you out :)

    xx Iris

  6. those jeans are lovely and i'm incredibly jealous of your legs! well done for getting a job so soon, i hope it all goes well! (including the journey, sure you'll be fine!) xx

  7. good luck!! you will be fab!!xx

  8. I love that Twiggy shirt, Rose! Think it looks super cute and very 'you' with the American Apparel R's too (: Oh you should totes go for the shoot! If it's at Holborn Studios, everyone is so sweet and friendly, and the studios are lovely. xx

  9. I love your outfit, those shorts are so pretty! I hope I can find some that are similar, been looking for ages :\


  10. Good luck!! Love these outfits :D x

  11. I love the twiggy shirt and your hair is so long and beautiful!
    - Gaby
    From Rags to Glam

  12. I love the dotted tights with the shorts (and the top goes brilliantly too of course!)


  13. Rachel Nightingale28 May 2011 at 00:36

    Hi there! I'm Rachel and I've just started reading your blog. Congratulations on your modelling contract! Moving to London was one of the best decisions I've ever made and I absolutely love living and working here. Hope you will, too. No need for nerves, everything will be fine. Just take a deep breath and follow your dream...

    Wishing you all the best,
    Rachel Nightingale

  14. good luck! :) and thats a cute outfit! :)
    following now :) x

  15. You always look amazing! Good luck lovely. x hivenn


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