04 May 2011

May Day

Cardigan, Shorts Topshop|| Vest H&M|| Belt, Tights, Bag Primark||
This was my outfit from today, simple plain and probably not an outfit i actually like! but at 7 in the morning with little sleep i wasn't really caring that much. But i thought I'd show you this outfit cause i am wearing my new shorts from Topshop. I wasn't sure about them as they weren't exactly what i wanted (was looking for the more distressed ripped ones but hey ho these will do) they were pretty cheap only bout £23 with student discount so i thought why not! i think they are better without tights though to be fair so hopefully you will see them in a better outfit photo soon (plz weather warm up a bit for me)
Today was a nice day, college was nice a little hard and VERY boring at points as i had a bit of a Art history lecture..most boring thing i've ever sat through. Chewed most of my pen off due to boredom does anyone else do that?
the new project is hard, it's a mock FMP so all you art people will probably now about them. So the brief is really well..brief! not much info and we kind off have to make our own brief in a sense. And i am not very good at independence lolz i sometimes like to be told what to do especially in briefs. but you know what i think this might be a nice change so i can do what i want!
Right on to other stuff. I went shopping after college today and i bought a few things
this skirt i bought from H&M for £6.99, a bargain in my eyes! I like it cause it looks like the AA ones but it's a nicer colour. 
I love these rings already and I've only had them a few hours, cost me all of £3.99 from H&M! I love them and will be wearing them to death i think.
so that is what i bought, I am quite happy with my purchases. I did also buy a cardigan but for some annoying reason the picture of it wont upload! oh well i'll save it for tomorrow
Right i am off to paint some flowers, I'm trying to do loads of work for my FMP so i am cracking on with it! it's a good theme and i am going down the textiles route so i think I'm going to enjoy it. once i get over the whole first starting bit. Does anyone else get that? find it so hard to actually start but once you get into it's completely fine. especially in sketchbooks the first page is always so daunting hahaha


  1. love the shorts & the rings.
    i always hated starting a new sketchbook, it would never turn out how i wanted it too! good luck with your new project x

  2. I love your new shorts! They really suit you. Love the skirt too.. I wish there was a H&M in Winchester.

  3. I really wanna get my hands on that skirt! Lovely colour. And those rings!

    Jesus, I wish I could get away with wearing shorts like that. If only I had model's legs like you! (Bit jealous, but whatevaaa!)

    I love the outfit, it looks effortlessly cool :)

    R - hello scrapbook

  4. i don't think i could survive without H&M.
    that skirt is a beaut! + i like your outfit even if you don't ;D xoxo

  5. I've got this skirt too, I love it, it's so cute :)

    These rings are so nice, but they're always too big for me :s

    xx Iris

  6. lovely outfit & great buys! xoxo


  7. Love those turquoise rings and I agree about the skirt, very AA xoxo

  8. I agree I sit there for at least an hour just looking at the blank page not wanting to fuck up and make it go to waste! We have those breifs at uni and I hated them at first because I felt like they were always 'too open' and it was hard to kind of choose one idea and roll with it. I've always enjoyed being given a breif like a structure to plan things out because I'm proper shit at organising myself!

    Those shorts are really lovely! They look great with tights by the way too, and that belt! I also saw those rings in h&m but they didn't have my size so I was gutted!!!

    I've got tons of work to do too, gonna make my self a cup of the good stuff (tea... rebel!!!) and then get crackin' - so difficult to fully get in the zone though isn't it? esp online cuz I tend to open microsoft word, go online, drift onto clothes websites and then realise word has been open for hours without a single word!

    Hope you get your work finished and update us on what you think you're gonna do for your new project! :D I'm interested to know xxxx

  9. That skirt is gorgeous! Wish i had a h&m nearer to where i live xo

  10. Those shorts are amazing on you. I agree about the H&M skirt I thought it was AA when I first saw it, such a bargain think i'll have to try pick one up myself x

  11. Your room looks so cute!, it has that country vibe going on!

    Can you do a room tour/room picture type thingy? and a what's in my bag post please?

    Bella :)x P.S I LUV YOUR BLOG!

  12. Love both your outfits! Especially the skirt in the second and the gorge rings! :)


  13. oh those rings are so gorgeous! x

  14. Love the skirt, and those rings are beautiful and so cheap! Good thrifty times. Totally know what you mean with the pen thing. Many a biro met their maker whilst I was at uni :) x

  15. love both outfits! i bought those rings the other day but bought the wrong size boohoo! xx

  16. the h&m skirt is awesome. i want iiiit. you'll get used to writing your own briefs, it was so daunting at first but my second year of uni i was SO thankful to be able to write my own. if you need any help with proposals or anything lemme know! im no expert but y'know xx

  17. I've got the same two rings, I love them. I also love the cardigan you're wearing in your outfit, I'm off to see if I can find one too!

  18. Superb shorts! Like your wonderful blog! Follow you) follow me?

  19. Those shorts are fantastic! Hehe, i'm having a tad bit of a stress over my FMP too!
    Great blog :D

  20. those rings are a complete bargain! xx
    ps - love your header too :)

  21. I love this cardigan!:) really lovely!xx


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