09 May 2011

Time goes fast

Hello people! I am back. Sorry for just randomly leaving without an explanation but i just felt the need to put it on private for a bit till i got my head together. I mean i wasn't gone for long was i? only a few days but it did help. Before i left i got some anonymous hate and it put me in a bad mood and then i thought blergh forget it i just want to stop this blog so i decided to put it on private for a bit. but i'm back! not sure for how long I'm thinking of maybe going for a bit again as i am in a lot of stress due to college and should be concentrating on that more then this.. but then i could say the same as twitter, facebook, tumblr ect so ya know!
not really a good outfit photo really is it? Hmm oh well! I thought I'd show you all my new cardigan though which i posted about last week when i went shopping but never got round to getting a picture of it..I love it! I mean it was £38 which is a little ridiculous for a cardigan but i don't really mind. And I've been needing a cream cardigan for SO long! been wearing this outfit a lot recently just because its so comfy and practical for college.

Not much else to say really, I should be back to normal from now on but I'm not sure..We'll see how it goes.
Also I am thinking off buying a good SLR camera and would love it if you could all recommend any good ones that you use or something, I have around £250-£350 to spend so not really that much for a camera i guess. But yeah would love to hear what you all use! 

Thanks for sticking by me and i will hopefully post again this week.


  1. you look so darn different here rose! but a good different, you always look beautiful :) glad you are feeling a little better. oh, and i'm definitely planning on coming to brighton in the summer if you'd like to meet up? xxx

  2. aw you look lush, it's a simple but good go-to combination. and the cardigan looks lovely.

    i use a lumix dmc fz18, its about four years old though. it goes on amazon for around £200 i think? and newer models go for a bit more... and if you can afford a newer model definitely get one! my stepdad has the most recent model and its TONNES better than mine! i keep trying to steal it lol xx

  3. glad you're back :)

    those shorts are really lovely!

  4. Glad you're back! :) That image is stunning, you have a natural beauty. How's the casting and stuff going too? I really like your outfit! Nothing boring about it or anythin, those shorts are well nice! I saw that cardie but they didn't have it in my size, it felt so nice and light!

  5. You look lovely, as per :) These kind of outfits are my favourites at the moment! xo

  6. The cardigan is really pretty. Don't worry about anonymous hates lovely. You look amazing i use soe shitty cheap Nikon camera but i guess it does it's work <3

  7. Aww, forget the haters, Rose! They're obviously people who have nothing better to do with their life than spread negativity. Screw 'em ;D

    Glad you're back, and with such a cute and casual outfit, too!

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  8. i love the cardi! it looks so soft! like baby material..you know soft material for baby blankets? :]
    anywho you look priiiiidyy xx

  9. aww you look gorgeous :D
    your soo naturally pretty - unfair haha
    loving the striped top - gorg :) x

  10. I can't believe all this hate that goes on! Don't let them get to you, they're just small minded idiots, with nothing better to do than make other people feel pants. Ignore them!

    You're gorgeous, talented, and lovely- remember this, let the bastards have their 'fun' they've got nothing on you. x

  11. p.s. totally forgot to comment on the outfit- you look fab apu x

  12. Nice post :D .I love your pictures :). If you like my blog, you follow me. I'll follow you too :D.
    Alla moda e con stile

  13. Am glad you're back Rose (: Linked to you in one of my outfit posts last week! I really like that cardigan, I always like to splurge a little more on knitwear. I'm saving for a lovely DSLR this Summer too sweet, I just can't decide which one to go for! Am thinking £300-£400 is a reasonable price for investment! xxxx

  14. Glad your back too!, ignore the hate, they are just jealous.

    On another note, i can't believe how expensive topshop has become!!!!!! its like harrods in there lol.


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