06 April 2011

6th April

Couldn't think of a title for this post so I'm going to be boring and name it by the date.

I'm blogging from the garden! can you believe it. It's so so so so warm today in Brighton so i got out of college early came home and I'm now drinking tea in the garden. It feels nice! I could definitely get used to this, bring on summer! I'm trying to work on my tan as i am pale as a ghost and it's pissing me off. I don't tan very well i normally just turn red which isn't very attractive. Anyway due to the amazing weather i decided to take outfit pictures out in the garden. Not great quality cause i only took them on my mac but oh well at least there is some sun in the pictures.
excuse the college name tag. I hadn't taken it off (thats how eager i was to get out in the garden haha)
had to include a cat picture didn't i? I'm wearing my breton stripe top AGAIN! no change there. It's so classic and simple and i just love it so i will wear it a lot I'm sorry, I then just teamed it with my usual body con skirt and my topshop cardi that i didn't picture here cause it was actually too hot to wear it. I did also wear tights and loafers but you can't get a tan through tights now can you?

the sun is making me sleepy so I'm not concentrating much on this post haha! But i am very happy right now i had a lazy day at college and a lovely afternoon in the sun! I also found out that i think i've passed and gotten on to second year. I don't want to get my hopes up cause I wasn't sure if i had or not (it's all confusing) but i did get called back to talk about my presentation which is bringing my mark down. Blergh stupid presentation! I hate it.

Anyway i shall leave you all to have a lovely sunny afternoon but i will leave you with the link to my ebay as i am a hassler like that! so check it out HERE


  1. I've been out in the sun today too ^_^ the weather's crazy nice in the UK today,
    Love the outfit :)

  2. cute outfit :)
    and good luck for your presentation thingy!

  3. i wish my hair would grow faster and be like yours!
    and oh man presentations are scary scary.
    and and and and and and omg catttttttttttt! you know i love your cat xx

  4. Aw these are lovely photos of you! I can't believe how sunny England was today - we've had nothing but non-stop rain and wind! It's been like this for the past 2 days and doesn't look like it's gonna stop. So jealous.

  5. oh i agree the sun is so bright and gorgeous down here atm! ITs meant to last until saturday- so enjoy it :-) No doubt it will be raining soon!

    Love this outfit on you btw- the breton stripped shirt just matches your hair and complexion so well!

  6. Sorry I've missed a few of your posts, been really busy this week! bloody killer, but your blouse from your other post is sooo nice!

    Your outfit is great, that top is a real keeper, it'll be with you for some years to come I'm sure! I turn red too haha, it takes a while for me to tan, but I do like pale skin, I think its really lovely. I saw a woman the other day who was ORANGE.. and I mean seriously tango'd! I was like 'whoa! steady on!' haha.

    It was lovely today wasn't it!? I was so warm, can't wait to wear some sheer tights... gotta find some to match to my paleness! aaargh!

    Hope you're all good too!

  7. Love this outfit, classic and simple.. just perfect! The weather in England was so nice today, has really made me excited for summer! N'aww, love your cat so cute! + i can totally empathise with the whole going red instead of tanning, i'm exactly the same.. i just look like a lobster! Hope your good! xx

  8. gotta love breton stripes :) you look beaut + yay for sun xoxo

  9. You look great,looove your hair!

  10. The weather is amaaaazing in London too, and spendina lot of time in the garden also :) Will check out your ebay, i'm intrigued!

    And your hair is amaze! Really want my hair that length :(

  11. I wish I could have been out enjoying the sun :( This weekend I Will!
    aaw adorable cat :)

  12. Cute outfit and your hair looks amazing!

    It's so warm here in germany, too. Summer is finally kicking in :D


  13. Love this outfit :) That top is great, I always wear my striped tops over and over again!
    So jealous of your hair as well!

  14. hahaaaa i was walking around with my college badge on all day today after i finshed school, I didnt even realise until laaaattteee!!! cringe haaaa xxx


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