05 April 2011

Sheer shirt

 i am going to start with talking about the outfit normally i just ramble on and the last bit of the post is my outfit well not today people! so this is what i wore today I was opting for the more comfy outfit as i am just so tired. I wore my beige sheer shirt from new look that i haven't really worn that much before and i wore leggings!! first time in ages actually. I do really like this shirt i don't know why i don't wear it more often? I will start i promise! I need some new cardigans as i don't have many..Well i only have 2 i actually like and they don't go with everything in my wardrobe. I did have a look today but i didn't actually see anything i liked well apart from one thing that i REALLY need in my life. I saw it on Ellie first and i thought oooh thats so nice, it's the playsuit. and then i saw it in topshop today and i fell in love even more. It's not even that expensive (well for topshop anyway) i think it's 30 something. So yeah i want it bad! i also forgot to mention i got new brogues from primark. I love them! and wore them today good to have a plain pair of black brogues right and i haven't ever had heeled brogues before!

My week has been a good one so far, well kind off. It's assessment week this week at college so i handed my portfolio in 9.30 sharp on Monday and it has now been marked. If i get told i have a interview tomorrow it means i have got a referral and will have to go back in to projects to get myself in to second year. Which i am hoping i wont have to do but no doubt i will! so i am shitting myself right now cause i find out whether or not i get into my second year of college. Ah wish me luck please!

Thank you again for all the comments! I'm not feeling this whole blog at the moment. I know i moan a lot but this blog isn't going the way i want? I'm not sure. Blergh! hopefully my negativity towards it will go away soon cause i don't want it to get so bad that i quit blogging.
One last thing before i collapse in bed and fall asleep. Please check out some of the things i am selling on ebay it would mean a lot! as i have to pay to get my camera lenses fixed soon :(

Hope you all have a lovely week this week and hopefully I'll post again tomorrow. If my blogging bad mood goes away!


  1. love your hair and blouse, very pretty x

  2. Lovely shirt, your hairs real nice too! Glad your weeks started off well, hope it continues that way! xx

  3. Ooo loving the shirt!!! If it's about the playsuit-the tag, yes it's so lovely and summery!! Xxx

  4. love this outfit rose. you literally have an amazing figure im so jel x

  5. Love your blouse and shoes. You have gorgeous, long hair!


  6. gorgeous blouse and i wear mine with leggings and brogues! :)

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  7. i wish i looked that good when i'm tired!! ha. love the shirt :) looks so cute. hope your assessment has gone well love, let us know how you get on x

  8. The shirt looks lovely on you. I like how you've paired it with the leggings :)


Thankyou for all the comments, I read them all!