25 April 2011

Sunday blog week 29 done on a Monday

Well i guess my 'blogging break' didn't really last right? Oh well! I like to blog so i don't want a break from it really

001. Photo was taken the other day I didn't have any nice ones from today so I am sorry about that. But yeah I'm kind off really tired right now and a lot is happening and I'm stressed! All is good though i just made a hell a lot of money on Ebay so i am looking forward to spending it on some things i desperately need

002. my weekends been good i spose I sunbathed for most of it and got a little burnt but i am no where near as tanned as i hope to be :( lets hope it happens soon! spent the night at my friends watching only way is essex last night, didn't end up going to the beach cause we were too lazy to go and had a lot of revision to do. Well i didn't i had my sketchbook but ya know i didn't do any of it!

003. today i spent the day shopping. I got 2 things which is a little disappointing but I'm going again Thursday so i hope to get a bit more! I need to stock up on some good summer clothes. It's weird I haven't been shopping in months literally. I didn't know....how to do it hahaha! was weird. But i bought a dress I've wanted for a while and i will feature it in a post next week.

004. so it's college tomorrow and i literally feel sick tio the stomach about going back ( thats probably really not a good thing) but i just think it's depressing going back! stuck in a studio all day while the weathers really nice :(

I was going to do some week in photos but the photos wouldn't upload and i am actually falling asleep writing this.
I hope you all have a lovely week this week! Only 3 days at college and have a 4 day weekend so i don't know why I'm complaining so much!


  1. i think you look adorable, your hair looks brilliant x

  2. your hair looks lovely here x

  3. i dont want to go back to college either, but theres only about 6 full school weeks til summer!

    your hair is lovely xx

  4. I know what you mean about forgetting how to shop, I went into town the other day because I still had a little bit of money left before payday and I just didn't know what to do with myself x

  5. Love the hair, lightened it?? Xxx

  6. love photo and your locks are beautiful!!

    *following your blog*

    Eda <3

  7. You look as lovely as always !
    I don´t want to go back to college either.


  8. Love your striped top and header, it's amazing! Did you draw it?

  9. lovely blog. And I abosolutley adore your hair! Wish mine would grow :/ I'm following :)

  10. Stunning photograph rose, I've started selling on ebay too and made £8ish, it's such a sad trill when something sells; even if its for 99p ha! I'm proper jel (see what I did there.. ha) of your brenton tee. I've got a short sleeved one but it doesn't half as good!

    Yeah you must show that dress you picked up! I'm in need of some dresses atm. Hope college went okay, I go back to uni next week but I've been popping in during the break to get some work done but most of that just consists of us chatting and going to costa or a tea! Gotta be done, gotta have some fun! I hate being stuck in the studio, seeing the same bloody things every day! x

  11. Love youre blog!
    I'm following now!
    wanna follow me?


  12. Major hair lust!


Thankyou for all the comments, I read them all!