09 April 2011


I never know what to call these posts anymore. But because of the AMAZING weather today I've decided to call it sun hehe so imaginative. This is the outfit i am wearing today
some more outside pictures for you! the sun wasn't out in my garden this morning as i get it in the afternoon mostly. but oh well it's still lovely! I'm off out soon to go sunbathing and i am determined to get a tan!! lol at my tiny garden, god i wish i had a big garden with grass and all! but i can't complain at least i have somewhere to sit. I'm going to be spending a lot of time in there this easter as i have loads of art work to be getting on with and it'll be nice to do it out in the garden! I'm wearing my levi shorts again i can tell already these are going to be glued on to my backside for most of the spring/summer! may have too stock up on some more in different shades of blue! I'm wearing it with just a plain strap top from H&M and my topshop cardi. I love this cardigan it was great for the transition between autumn and winter and now it's great for spring as it still keeps me warm but is thin enough to be cool and not over heating! rambling on a bit i'll cut it short. I love this cardigan! I'm also wearing my leopard print belt for a bit of print as otherwise it would be quite a boring outfit. you can't really tell in the photos (or maybe you can) but i put some tan on the other day and omg it went wrong NEVER again am i wearing fake tan. I'll just be pale and interesting as they say hahaha!

Hope your all having a lovely Saturday even if the weather isn't that good. It's meant to be 22 down in Brighton today so i am looking forward to that! and the fact that i don't have to get up on Monday morning is making everything a lot better. Oh i also found out that i did make it into second year at college! I am happy all the stress is over i can have a clean slate when i go back and work extra hard (got told of for talking too much mwahhaa) but yeah i have decided that i am going to be a extra good student (not that i don't work fucking hard?) but yeah i'm going to make it my life as it's what i want to do and stuff. I am bit pissed of with myself as i was meant to go for breakfast this morning and it was nice and sunny and it would of been nice! but i over slept and missed it ugh. I never normally over sleep but i must of been more tired then i thought i was! anyway have a lovely saturday you lovely people.

oh another quick note my ebay things are all ending tomorrow it'll be lovely if you check them out!


  1. yay the weather is lovely! bet it will be lovely for you to sit in your garden and do your art work this summer! Congrats on getting onto your course again for next year too xx

  2. At least you garden isn't solid concrete like mine is. It's less like being in a garden more like being in a soviet prison yard :)

    Enjoy your time in the sun


  3. congrats on getting into the next year love! i knew you would :) hope you enjoy your weekend in the sun xx

  4. well done on getting into your second year! i like your garden it's cute, i'd love to sit in my garden but the grass needs cutting so it's a bit of a jungle

  5. You have such awesome hair 0:) Love this outfit & we totally need some Levi shorts too!

    We're now following you- please follow us back! :)

    T & J



  6. The only thing that stops fake tan streaking on me is patting! I rub it in then pat pat pat all over for a few minutes, and no streaks when I wake up. Just a tip in case you hadn't tried it, might be worth a shot!xx

  7. Love your shorts and that belt!
    Do you do international shipping with your ebay items?


  8. Ooooh, love the shorts, they fit you perfectly! + i definetely agree the belt really makes the outfit!
    +oh gosh, fake tan is always a nightmare for me too!:') I always make friends/family put it on for me, haha. You're rocking the 'pale and interesting' look, dont worry!;)xxx

  9. Well done on getting in to your second year :) Love your outfit too! x

  10. Well done on getting into second year! I love your belt!
    Thanks for reminding me that I need to put some things on ebay while I'm at home!

  11. Such a lovely outfit! Enjoy the warm weather! xo

  12. glad you had nice weather - i wish it was time for me to wear shorts!

    stop by sometime<3

  13. You look so lovely, very summery! GIVE ME YOUR LEGS WOMAN!!!!!! They're so long! Ohhhh fake tan is a no, no for me too! I used some johnsons baby one before and it was really oily and left me patchy! I do like pale skin but a tan is lovely too, but I hate the orange look! I'm looking for some pale nude tights to just make my legs look healthier though, im so pale I can't find any to match... american tan is a no go!

    Glad you got into your 2nd year; knew you would! Yeah I bet you're less stressed now! Enjoy the sun! :) xxxx

  14. Adore that belt! Lovely blog, I'm following :)

  15. loving the shorts! They look gorgeous on ya :) loving the weather woohoo hahahah xx

  16. I LOVE those shorts, my H&M ones aren't high waisted enough :( What fake tan did you use? I had loads of fake tan disasters until I splashed out on St Tropez and boom I was perfectly tanned :)

    Well done on making it into 2nd year!!

    Chloe... x

  17. such a lovely look.
    love the simplicity together with the different colours - totally rad!



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